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© 2020 Air & Space Magazine. Privacy Statement Cookie Policy Terms of Use Advertising Notice California Do Not Sell My Info Smithsonian Institution Along with the MiG-27KIs, India purchased four two-seat "9-47 MiG-29KUBs" as part of the order, essentially a navalized MiG-29UBT, fitted out in much the same way as the MiG-29KI with folding wings, arresting gear, and so on. Initial flight of the first MiG-29KUB was in the summer of 2008. A follow-on batch of 29 navalized MiG-29s was ordered in 2010. The MiG-35/35D carries modern targeting and navigation system, quad-redundant fly-by-wire flight control system, radar and optical locating stations, helmet-mounted targeting/display system, communications and self-defense equipment, cockpit instrumentation and other aids that working together provide high flight safety, effective use of weapons, as well as handling of navigation and training tasks. Source roe.ru Mig-29g. Thank you. 29A is the stock fulcrum with no jammer, pretty crappy radar, all the typical A/A and A/G stuff (R-27s, R-73, R-60, 80mm rockets, dumb bombs, cluster bombs, maybe..

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* The Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum was one of the Soviet Union's most important combat aircraft in the last The MiG-29 was to replace MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-7, and Su-17 fighters in the Red Air Force's.. (19% VAT inc.) MiG-29 Fulcrum Landing Gear (Academy). MiG-21PFM/MF/BIS/SMT seat with safety belts. €5.09 MiG-35 will be the first Russian aircraft to be fitted with active electronically scanned array radar. The Zhuk-MA’s antenna consists of 160 modules, each with four receive-and-transmit modules. It is believed to offer a 160km (85nm) air target detection radius and 300km for surface ships.The aircraft’s suite of guided weapons includes Kh-31A anti-ship missiles with active radar seekers, the Kh-31P anti-radar missiles, Kh-29TE missiles and KAB-500Kr TV-guided bombs. Added, when equipped with an external optical / laser targeting pod, the fighter can use the Kh-29L air-to-surface missiles and KAB-500L laser-guided bombs. These weapons will allow the aircraft to engage aerial and land targets.The passive infrared homing head supports target lock-on before launch. Guidance to the predicted position is by the proportional navigation method. The missile’s combat equipment consists of an active proximity (radar or laser) fuze and impact fuze and a continuous-rod warhead.

21 USD. The MiG-29 is a jet fighter aircraft designed by Mikoyan aircraft (Russia) for an air superiority role. The MiG-29 entered service with the Soviet Air Force in 1983, and remains in use by many other..

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Pingback: Mig-35 Jet Fighters To Receive Platform-Less Inertial Navigation System | thaimilitaryandasianregion For the suspension to the carrier aircraft and launch weight of both modifications missiles used the same launchers rail and catapult type.


Let’s face it: Soviet jets are ugly, and MiGs are some of the worst offenders. The Vietnam-era MiG-17 and MiG-19 represented a utilitarian tube-with-wings-on-it trend; they were followed by the deadly MiG‑21, a rational sculpture of angles and cone. This one is different. The fluidly beautiful MiG-29 looks like its larger twin-tail contemporary, the slab-sided F-15 Eagle, to the degree that a Bolshoi ballerina resembles a roller derby star. Once the gallery is complete, the two air superiority icons will be exhibited together, Duford says, or the Fulcrum may pose with a more lithe rival, the F-16. Behind the scenes, he and his fellow curators are penciling the floor plan that will showcase the Fulcrum as the worthy adversary it is. The MiG-21 had a long production run—1959 to 1985—and the airplane was thereafter updated and MiG-21 illustration by Steve Karp; missile illustrations: Osprey Publishing/Adam Tooby; photo.. The defensive system equipment consists of radar reconnaissance, electronic countermeasures, and optical systems – notably the laser emission detector on each wingtip – which are able to detect and evaluate the approaching danger and operate decoy dispensers to counteract the approaching threat in the radar and infrared ranges.After automatic separation of the pilot from the seat, the recovery parachute canopy is inflated providing the pilot’s safe descent. A portable survival kit, which is separated from the seat together with the pilot, supports his/her vital functions after landing or water landing, makes the pilot search easier, and the ПСН-1 life raft supports the pilot floatation on the surface of water. Get a 19.000 second fighter aircraft mikoyan gurevich mig-29 stock footage at 25fps. 4K and HD video ready for any NLE immediately. Choose from a wide range of similar scenes

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On the website of the Moscow model-prototyping company “Guild modelers” were pictures made this company a full-size demonstration model of prospective Russian aircraft target designation pod T220 / E. The container is designed of “Scientific and Industrial Corporation” Precision Instrument Systems “(of” SPC “NGN”) and the known data, intended for equipping MiG-29 SMT, Mig-29M / M2 (MiG-35) and Su-35C. It is reported that the container has a length of 2.4 m and a diameter of 0.37 m. The model aircraft suspended container targeting T220 / e development of “Scientific and Industrial Corporation” Precision Instrument Systems “(c) www.gildmaket.ru. Translated by google – Source bmpd.livejournal.comIn the years since, the bits and bytes first assembled about the MiG-29 have resolved into a much clearer picture, in part because of the opportunity to examine the 21 Moldovan MiGs. Between October 20 and 27, 1997, the Fulcrums—14 frontline C models, six older A’s, and a single B two-seater—were disassembled in Moldova and the parts flown by C-17s to the national intelligence center in Dayton, where they were analyzed by the organization’s foreign materiel exploitation facility. What happened after that, NASIC isn’t saying. NASIC communications officer James Lunsford says, “We don’t want our adversaries to know what we know.” A few Fulcrums that could be made flyable probably went to Edwards Air Force Base in California for testing. At least one example found its way to Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base Threat Training Facility, known within the service as the Petting Zoo. It displays a host of foreign-made hardware for budding intelligence professionals to examine. As for the rest of the airframes and associated parts: classified, except for one early A model that took the 10-minute trip from NASIC to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. * RSK MiG saw the MiG-29SMT as a demonstrator for a "Chinese menu" of possible upgrades, ranging in sophistication from a simple airframe overhaul with fit of a refueling probe and low-cost avionics improvements -- to the full-blown MiG-29SMT configuration, possibly even adding the high-end N-010 Zhuk-M radar. In 2012, the Russian Navy placed an order for 20 "MiG-29KR" fighters and 4 "MiG-29KUBR" two-seaters, for operational service on the Russian Navy's sole aircraft carrier, the ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV. These machines appear to be very similar to their Indian Navy equivalents; deliveries began in late 2013, to be completed by 2015. The VVS intends to obtain the improved "MiG-35" single-seater and "MiG-35D" two-seater, with improved avionics, most significantly a Phazotron Zhuk-AE "active array" radar now in development, as well as extended range. Pre-production machines began flight tests in 2016, with introduction to service expected in 2018. An export version was announced in 2019.

The aircraft had three stores pylons under each wing, for a total of six. In the air-superiority role, it carried a mix of two "beyond visual range (BVR)" "R-27R / AKU-470" semi-active radar homing (SARH) air-to-air missiles (AAMs), with the NATO reporting name of "AA-10 Alamo-A", and four "R-60 (NATO AA-8 Aphid)" AAMs or "R-73 (NATO AA-11 Archer)" heat-seeking short-range "dogfighting" AAMs. MiG-29 - Izdeliye 9.12 (Fulcrum-A). La production du MiG-29 débuta à l'usine MMZ n°30 en 1982. Pour confondre les espions ennemis, l'appareil était désigné Izdeliye 9.12 par le constructeur et Izdeliye 5.. Download MIG-21 Soviet fighter in a public park at October 2, 2012, Warszawa, Poland. MIGs were the most succesful fighters of the Red Army in W - stock editorial photography #13520044 from.. Here is my next step: MiG-29 Fulcrum from Russia, Germany, Algeria, India, Iran and Peru Germany's Fulcrum already done but Germany's Fulcrum already done but i'm not very happy with indian one The outboard pylon on each wing was reserved for AAMs, and could not be used to carry attack stores. The inboard pylon on each wing was "wet" and could be used to carry a 1,150-liter (303 US gallon) external tank. A 1,500-liter (396 US gallon) external tank could be mounted on the centerline for ferry flights. Although the Fulcrum-A lacked the combat avionics systems for the strike role, it could carry dumb bombs and unguided rocket pods, and it is believed that some MiG-29 squadrons were equipped with the RN-40 tactical nuclear weapon.

Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum-A 1:72. by Shailesh Karkhanis on ARC Air. + Actions Info Kits. 21. February, 09:08. S B z.B. Passgenauigkeit, wie viel Spachtel war nötig, Detaillierung, etc. FSX MiG-29 Fulcrum Anti-Ship TP. Type. Complete with Base Model. Filename. mig-29_fulcrum_anti-ship_tp.zip. File size

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  1. The MiG OKB developed a number of TPFI design concepts, but the Sukhoi OKB won the competition for the TPFI requirement, resulting in what would become the Sukhoi Su-27. The MiG heavy fighter designs were never built. The MiG lightweight fighter design, with the bureau code number "9-11", won the LPFI award, and would become the MiG-29 as it is known today. The MiG-29 was to replace MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-7, and Su-17 fighters in the VVS "Frontal (Tactical) Aviation (FA)" component. The primary mission of the MiG-29 was to be battleground air superiority, though it would have a secondary attack role. The development work went forward under a team under Mikhail Waldenburg. The VVS was confident enough in the MiG-29 design to award a production contract along with the development assignment.
  2. OLS works like a human eye by getting the picture and later analysing it. NII PP, the federal space agency science and research institute’s engineers have chosen more short-wave bands for the matrix, which has increased sensitivity of the complex several times and has increased detection range.
  3. RD-33 engines generate 7% more power compared to the baseline model due to the modern materials that go into the manufacturing of the cooled blades. The engines provide a higher-than-average thrust of 9,000kgf. RD-33 engines are smokeless and include systems that reduce infrared and optical visibility. The engines may be fitted with vectored-thrust nozzles, which would result in an improvement in combat efficiency.
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A former associate editor of Air & Space, John Sotham is a hopelessly nearsighted frequent flyer, with thousands of hours logged in exit rows worldwide. He is a retired U.S. Air Force Reserve colonel and a former crew chief on the F-4D Phantom II and A-10A “Warthog.” He started collecting aviation books when he was eight years old. Any opinions expressed are solely the author’s. The VVS also obtained 28 new-production MiG-29SMT fighters in 2009 and 2010, these machines having been built for a deal with Algeria that fell through, and ordered 16 more in the spring of 2014, as a first installment on what will amount to a buy of 100 machines, with initial delivery at the end of 2015. This is a discussion on MiG-29 Fulcrum : The balance rests on us within Commercial Vehicles, part of the BHP India category; [quote=basuroy;3779461] They have also delayed setting up the necessary..

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  1. The system was developed by Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics, a subsidiary of Radioelectronic Technologies. General director Alexey Kuznetsov says the BINS-SP2 can operate at temperatures between –60° and +60° C, and at altitudes up to 25 km.
  2. Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG completes trials of next-generation MiG-35 multirole fighter jet https://t.co/Q5ULbmbA2L pic.twitter.com/mnGacisFO1
  3. or avionics and system components found in the Fishbed-N, including, but not limited to:

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Auf der Internationalen Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung 2006 wurde erstmals außerhalb Russlands die neueste Version der MiG-29 gezeigt: Die MiG-29M OWT verfügt mit ihrer dreidimensionalen Schubvektorsteuerung über eine erhöhte Manövrierfähigkeit. Der Abgasstrahl der beiden Triebwerke vom Typ Klimow RD-33MKB kann dabei in einem Winkel von bis zu 15 Grad nach allen Richtungen abgelenkt werden. Diese Neuheit wurde nach dem Erstflug des Prototyps im August 2003 anlässlich des Moskauer Aerosalons MAKS 2005 der Öffentlichkeit vorgeführt. Von diesem wendigen und in dieser Hinsicht vielen westlichen Kampfflugzeugen überlegenen Flugzeug – so kann die MiG-29 kurzzeitig auf ihrem eigenen Schubstrahl stehen (so genanntes Kobramanöver) – wurde eine große Anzahl von Varianten gebaut und erprobt. Die Tragflächenkonstruktion mit breiter Flügelwurzel bringt einen großen Teil des Auftriebs durch den Rumpfansatz, was die Langsamflugeigenschaften verbessert. Typisch für die MiG-29 sind die großen Klappen, die die Luftansaugschächte der Triebwerke am Boden abdecken, um ein Eindringen von Fremdkörpern zu vermeiden. Beim Start saugen die Triebwerke Luft über Lamellenschächte auf der Rumpfoberseite an. Am Heck befinden sich die Luftbremse sowie ein Bremsschirm. * RSK MiG followed up the MiG-29SMT with a similar effort to produce a second-generation two-seater, the "9-51T MiG-29UBT", essentially a company 9-51 MiG-29UB fitted with improvements developed for the MiG-29SMT. MisterCraft D20 MIG-29A Fulcrum. Scale: 1:72. Customer reviews. Add a review of: MIG-29A Fulcrum. Positive Hard to say Negative Kh-29TE Missile weight: 690 kg Length: 3900 mm Diameter: 400 mm Wingspan:  1100 mm Minimum range*: 3 km Maximum range: 20 – 30 km Engine: fixed thrust, solid fuel rocket Fuze type: impact Guidance system: passive TV Warhead: high-explosive penetrating Warhead weight: 320 kg

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 was a Soviet supersonic jet fighter and interceptor. Fighter Aircraft Fighter Jets Mig 21 Bulgarian Armed Forces Military Aircraft Framed Artwork Find Art Air Force Mig Jimenez. High quality pigments, washes, streaking, filters, oils, acrylic paints, modulation sets, DVDs, the weathering magazine and much AMMO by Mig Jimenez. The ammunition for modelling The cockpit, all text and artwork, has been fully translated from the original Russian labeling to English. Control over which cockpit language you'd like to use is achieved by a setting in the options menu.

The К-36D-3,5 seats are installed in all versions of the Su-30 aircraft; the К-36D-3,5M seats are installed in the MiG-29M and seaborne МiG-29К/KUB aircraft. The result was the "9-17 MiG-29SMT", which could be considered a revival and extension of the various MiG-29S upgrade efforts of a few years earlier. The MiG-29SMT featured a glass cockpit based on that of the MiG-29M, but with twin 15 by 20 centimeter (6 by 8 inch) full-color flat panel LCDs, instead of the smaller monochrome CRTs using the MiG-29M, as well as two smaller monochrome LCDs. Modern HOTAS controls were implemented as well, and the MiG-29SMT also featured a MIL STD-1553B compatible digital databus to link the cockpit and the avionics systems. An advanced navigation system, using laser gyros and a satellite positioning system receiver, was fitted, as well as built-in diagnostic systems to ease maintenance. The MiG-35 is powered by two RD-33MKBs that can be fitted with KliVT swivel-nozzles and a thrust vectoring control (TVC) system. The MiG-35’s combination of TVC and advanced missile-warning sensors gives it the edge during combat.

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MIG-29K (Fulcrum-D). 17.9k Ironghost 3.7 years ago. Download. Mig-29 for @HetaliaAerospaceIndustries . -1-folding wings -8-flaps DIS • I-75 • I-210 • I-211 • I-220 • I-221 • I-222 • I-224 • I-225 • I-230 • I-250 • I-270 • I-320 • I-340 • I-350 • Je-2A • Je-8 • Je-152 • Je-166 • Je-266 • MiG 1.44 • MiG-6 • MiG-8 • MiG-33 • MiG-41 • MiG-105 • MiG-LMFS • SM-12 • SM-50 • Skat • T-101 • MiG-110 The R-73 short-range, close-combat standardized missile was developed in the Vympel Machine Building Design Bureau, and became operational in 1984. The R-73 is included in the weapon complex of MiG-23MLD, MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters and their modifications and also of Mi-24, Mi-28 and Ka-50 helicopters. It also can be employed in flying craft which do not have sophisticated aiming systems. Unrefueled range of the MiG-29SMT was cited as 2,200 kilometers (1,370 miles) without external tanks, almost half again as great as that of Fulcrum-A. Multirole capabilities were provided by an improved N-019M Slot Back radar, with greater range, wider field of view, and the ability to track ten targets at once. External targeting and reconnaissance pods could also be carried. The MiG-29SMT could use all the advanced weapons that were qualified for the MiG-29M, with a total external stores load of 4,000 kilograms (8,800 pounds) on six stores pylons. Although early MiG-29SMTs retained the old RD-33 engines, full-specification machines were to be fitted with more powerful Klimov RD-43 engines with over 10,000 kilograms (22,000 pounds) afterburning thrust.

MiG 29 Fulcrum: Russian Mikoyan Gurevich Fighter Jet by Bulgarian Air Force. Russia, aviation museum in Pensa - Penza : Tupolev Tu-144 and MiG-29s and MiG-21 delta probe for Tu-144 flight.. * The initial prototype, number "901", performed its first flight on 6 October 1977, with MiG OKB chief test pilot Alexander Fedotov at the controls. It was followed by three more development prototypes, numbered "902" though "904", with shorter nose gear and other changes. The "903" development prototype was lost when its engine caught fire in flight on 15 June 1978, the pilot, Valeriy Menitskiy, ejecting safely. It was replaced by a new "908" development prototype, but ironically this aircraft was lost as well under similar circumstances on 31 October 1980, the pilot, Alexander Fedotov, also ejecting safely. Die MiG-29 war bei ihrer Indienststellung in Bezug auf die Avionik gegenüber vergleichbaren Flugzeugen im Nachteil. Das macht sich vor allem bei Beyond-Visual-Range-Taktiken (engl. für außerhalb der Sichtweite) bemerkbar. Da die amerikanischen Jets (F-15 etc.) zum Zeitpunkt der Indienststellung der MiG-29 bereits über ein automatisches Suchsystem für BVR verfügten, war die MiG ihnen im Fernkampf unterlegen. Im Gegensatz dazu war und ist sie immer noch einigen Kampfflugzeugen im Dogfight überlegen. MiG-29-Piloten, die gegen im Fernkampf überlegene Maschinen antreten, versuchen den Gegner in den Dogfight zu locken, um die Manövrierfähigkeit des eigenen Flugzeugs in Verbindung mit der Wympel R-73-Luft-Luft-Rakete, die mit dem Helmvisier ins Ziel geleitet werden kann, auszunutzen. Die Exportvarianten verwenden teilweise französische oder japanische Avionik.

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  1. * Although the VKS has more or less given up on the MiG-29, substantial numbers were passed on to other "successor states" of the Former Soviet Union -- including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Of course, many Eastern European nations received the MiG-29, countries flying the type including Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Yugoslavia -- with Serbia inheriting the ex-Yugoslavian MiG-29s.
  2. MiG-29 Fulcrum. Owned By. Russia will start deliveries of MiG-29 fighters to Egypt this year, President of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar said on the air with Rossiya 24 TV..
  3. Like radar, OLS allows the MiG-35 to detect targets and aim weapon systems. But, unlike radar, OLS has no emissions, meaning it cannot be detected.
  4. “All works under adaptation of our system to the Russia’s newest warplane successfully ended; as for today, BINS-SP-2 has passed the trials”, he said. The system will not only improve performance of the jets but make them capable to land on decks of aircraft-carrying ships, added the interviewee.
  5. Bald folgten weitere Prototypen und erfolgreiche Tests. Dennoch traten einige Probleme auf, die Änderungen notwendig machten. Zum einen musste das Bugfahrwerk etwas weiter nach hinten verlegt werden, da die Tests ergaben, dass bei Start oder Landung aufgewirbelte Fremdkörper die Schutzklappen der Lufteinläufe durchschlagen und die Triebwerke zerstören konnten. Weiterhin wurden unterhalb der Seitenleitwerke kleine Stabilisierungsflossen installiert, um Richtungsstabilität und Trudelverhalten zu verbessern. Nach der Optimierung der Seitenruder konnte ab 1984 auf diese Flossen wieder verzichtet werden. Eine letzte Änderung betraf die Bewaffnung. Die Doppelrohrkanone Grjasew-Schipunow GSch-30-2 wurde durch die einläufige GSch-301 ersetzt, was eine Masseeinsparung von 50 Prozent ergab. Insgesamt flogen alle 14 Prototypen über 2500 Stunden, wobei zwei Maschinen durch Triebwerksausfälle verloren gingen.
  6. AAG are complicated multifunctional complexes equipped by gas turbine engines-power units, AC and DC generators, plunger and centrifugal pumps. The purpose is to provide the start-up of the main engines and functioning of all electric, hydraulic and fuel aircraft systems in the air and on the earth.
  7. I don’t think the Philippines can afford 2nd hand F-16’s or F/A-18 C/D with their Current Budget. They might as well look to Russia for MIG-29’s in the Indian Air force configuration or MIG-35’s.The Other option is Mirage 2000’s from France. At least with the Mirage 2000, it would give them something to stand on on.

1:400 - MIG 29 Fulcrum. Made by. Land, Air & Sea. Choose a Material Smooth Fine Detail Plastic - €21.61. 3D printed in matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details Medium-range missiles R-27 (e), designed to intercept and destroy aircraft and helicopters of all types of unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles in a dogfight at medium and long distances, with individual and group actions carrier aircraft, day and night, in simple and adverse weather conditions, from any direction, against the background of the earth and the sea, with active information, firing and maneuvering countering enemy.

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In 2016 aerospace exhibition, held in Zhunhai Phazotron unvield a new AESA radar named Zhuk-AM/AME which is likely further evolution of FGA-35(3d) and renamed as Zhuk-AM/AME. According to Janes, the Zhuk-AME can track up to 30 targets and can simultaneously attack up to six aerial targets and has detection range up to 260 km and detection and tracking up to 160 km. The source added that the new radar weighs about 100 kg. The MiG-29 Fulcrum outside the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has a hornet's nest growing in its nose MiG-1 • MiG-3 • MiG-9 • MiG-13 • MiG-15 • MiG-17 • MiG-19 • MiG-21 • MiG-23 • MiG-25 • MiG-27 • MiG-29 • MiG-31 • MiG-35 • MiG-AT

The R-77, RVV-AE designation used for the export market and AA-12 Adder designation used by Western intelligence, is an extended medium range air-to-air missile featuring an active radar seeker to engage multiple airborne targets simultaneously. This missile was designed as the Soviet/Russian counterpart to the United States Air Force AIM-120 AMRAAM. The R-77 enables the Mig-29 and Su-27 fighter aircraft families to engage multiple airborne threats simultaneously thanks to its fire and forget capability. There are other versions fitted with infrared and passive radar seekers instead of active radar homing. Future plans call for increasing the missile range well beyond 150 kilometers.The acquisition also gave Western analysts, some of them working inside the grim edifice of this national intelligence center, a chance to study the fighter that they had been viewing from afar for 20 years. When it first showed up, in 1977, the MiG-29, like its very distant ancestor, the MiG-15, was a startling revelation: The Soviets were catching up with U.S. aeronautical technology. Aeroclassic MiG 21 Aircraft Hoodie Men Thick Zipper Sweatshirts Male Casual Hoody Cool Jacket Tops Harajuku Streetwear. MIG-21 Russian Aircraft military air force aircraft fighter T-Shirt Black The MiG-21BIS 75AP (МиГ-21бис Изделие 75) was the ultimate development of the MiG-21, fitted with the Tumansky R25-300 turbojet engine and a great number of other advances over previous types. The MiGs' intended for the Soviet PVO (Air Defense Force) were equipped with the Lazur GCI system (NATO: "Fishbed-L"), while those for the Soviet Air Force were fitted with the Polyot ILS system (NATO: "Fishbed-N"). It's fitted with instruments and electronic equipment ensuring capability to fly by day and at night, under fair and poor weather conditions. The MiG-21BIS is considered to be a third generation jet fighter. Some 50 countries over four continents have flown the MiG-21, and it still serves many nations half-century after its' maiden flight. Several firms offer upgrade programs for the MiG-21, designed to bring the aircraft up to modern standards, with greatly upgraded avionics and armament. The DCS: MiG-21bis simulates an aircraft built to the Fishbed-N standard. The Mig-33 is named the Fulcrum Plus or flashback and is essentially a spruced-up version of the Mig-29. A proposed MiG-35 (the Super Fulcrum, how original) is also in development

While a ground-up redesign like the MiG-29M was out of the question, major improvements could be made with less drastic changes that could be implemented in either new-build aircraft or as upgrades to existing aircraft. The Russian Air Force wanted to upgrade over 400 existing MiG-29s, providing a strong incentive. Both the Mikoyan and Sukhoi experimental design bureaus (OKBs in the Russian acronym) began work on PFI concepts, basing their designs on recommendations from the "Central Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics Institute (Tsental'ny AeroGidrodinamicheski Institut / TsAGI)". The PFI requirement was extremely ambitious, specifying long range; sophisticated weapons and fire-control systems; high performance; superior agility; and operation from short, rough airstrips.

1986 MiG 29UB / Fulcrum B. $4.650M. Note: All ITAR regulations and clearance requirements will be 1986 Mig 29UB 818 Total Time Since New 118 Since Complete Airframe Overhaul at Lviv State.. Nozzle assemblies of the GPT-2E (-1, -1M, -1I) type are designed to refuel combat aircraft in flight. The nozzle assemblies feature universal refueling couplings that conform both to the RF and NATO standards. This makes it possible to refuel the aircraft from the tankers equipped with the aerial-refueling pods of both domestic and foreign production. The Fulcrum-A was regarded as more agile than its Western counterpart, the F-16A, and was a particularly dangerous adversary in a low-speed turning fight. Its biggest limitation was poor range, sometimes being described as a "fighter for use over the airfield beacon". “We’re really fortunate to have this airframe,” Duford says, running his hand over the MiG-29’s right intake. “When we got it, it had Moldovan air force paint on it. It was done very crudely. When the restoration staff sanded in this area, they expected to find bort numbers [the equivalent of an Air Force serial number]. As they sanded, the outline of ‘08’ came through.”Breguet Atlantic (BR 1150 M) • Bristol 171 Sycamore • Dornier Do 28 D Skyservant • Dornier Do 228 LM • Fairey Gannet • Grumman HU-16D Albatross • Hawker Sea Hawk • Lockheed F-104G Starfighter • Lockheed P-3 Orion • Tornado

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The U.S. intelligence community first learned of the new Soviet aircraft from satellite photos in November 1977, about the time of the jet’s first flight. “Simply by looking at the size and the shape of it, it was clear that the Soviets were developing a counterpart to our F-16 and F/A-18,” says Benjamin Lambeth, author of the 1999 book Russia’s Air Power in Crisis and, in the late 1970s, a defense analyst at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. “From all the various intelligence sources and methods that we had for gathering electronic and other information, the U.S. government learned a fair amount about the airplane early on, and it was clear we had to do something.” What the Air Force did was to begin development of stealth technology and electronic systems that could hunt and target multiple aircraft at once; in 1981, it issued its first formal requirement for the next generation of fighter technology, an Advanced Tactical Fighter, which eventually became the F-22 Raptor. * Following the Finland visit, commentaries on the MiG-29 ran wild in the Western aviation press. Critics sniped that it was a warmed-over rehash of Western designs and technologies, but the reality was that the fighters of the era drew on a similar pool of design concepts, and resemblances between them were almost inevitable.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Change ) * While the 9-12 MiG-29 Fulcrum-A was going into volume production, the MiG bureau had been considering a refinement of the type, the "9-13", with tests of kit on various modified Fulcrum-As leading to the first flight of a new-build prototype in 1986. The new variant retained the "MiG-29" designation, but it seemed visibly different enough from the original Fulcrum-A variant to be given a new reporting name of "Fulcrum-C" by NATO. The main difference was a swollen spine, which led Soviet MiG-29 pilots to call the Fulcrum-C the "Gorbatyi (Hunchback)". MiG-29 Fulcrum. Страница в магазине. 8 апр. 2013 в 20:22. mig 29 fulcrum. this game will not run! at first it said it could not detect 3d graphics and now it just gets an error and closes, anybody.. The MiG-29UBT featured a swollen spine to store more fuel, with the larger dorsal airbrake and the beavertail of the MiG-29SMT, and also could be fitted with a bolt-on inflight refueling probe. The front-seater's cockpit layout was very much like that of the MiG-29SMT; the back-seater still had flight controls, but the rear panel layout also featured a large CRT to display TV or infrared camera imagery provided by external pods. While the MiG-29UBT could be used as a trainer, its focus was clearly for roles such as precision strike, with the back-seater targeting and guiding smart munitions while the pilot flew the aircraft. No radar system was fitted to the MiG-29UBT demonstrator, but production machines were to be fitted with an advanced multimode radar. East German MiG-29s actually flew for a time with the Luftwaffe of the reunited Germany, not just for aggressor training but for first-line operational service; they were given some updates, but were out of service by 2006. The Czech Republic and Hungary retired their MiG-29s, replacing them with the SAAB JAS 39 Gripen; Poland partly replaced their MiG-29s with the F-16, but updated others to keep them in service. Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic, and Ukraine have updated their machines to keep them in service.

The KAB-500Kr, KAB-500-OD corrected air bombs are fitted with TV/terrain-matching homing heads and various types of warheads. TV homers with target data processing correlation algorithm can “remember” target location and correct bomb’s flight trajectory until the impact on the target, thus realizing the “fire and forget” principle. Such homing heads can help defeat low-contrast and masked targets provided that terrain reference points and target coordinates related to them are available. The KAB-500Kr, KAB-500-OD corrected air bombs make part of weapon systems of such front-line aircraft types as Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, Su24M, MIG-29 and others. MiG-29s were painted to resemble the F-15s they were training pilots to engage, with wingtips and stabilator tips painted yellow with a black outline which visually altered their shapes making them.. The KS-129 oxygen system is used onboard the MiG-29K (KUB), MiG-29UPG, MiG-35, Su-30МКМ, Su-30МКI(A), Su-35, etc. Source zvezda-npp.ruThe weapon uses the Azov 27N or later 27N1 semi-active laser homing seeker using an annular airfoil and optical design similar to the Paveway I/II series. It will provide similar characteristics to the baseline Paveway I/II seeker. The cited CEP is 7 to 10 metres which is consistent with this style of seeker and the bang-bang control loop technology involved. * RSK MiG has promoted land-based counterparts to these Indian Navy variants in the form of the "MiG-29M1" single-seater and "MiG-29M2" two-seater. These machines retain the folding wings of the naval fighters but have some changes in kit. A demonstrator was also flown in 2003 with RD-33MK engines featuring vector-thrust nozzles that could be rotated 15 degrees in any direction. Myanmar did place an order for twenty MiG-29K machines in late 2009, but the exact configuration of these machines is unclear.

Mikoyan MiG-29 (Fulcrum) Lightweight Multi-Role Fighter Aircraf

he rail trigger APU-470 is used for the deployment of missiles under the wings of the aircraft, and the ejection device AKU-470 for the deployment of missiles under the fuselage and under the wings. Both retained the "Fulcrum-A" reporting name. While production quantities of MiG-29s are unclear, it appears that a total of about 840 Fulcrum-As was built for the VVS-FA and for export. Flugzeug Mikojan-Gurewitsch MiG-29UB 9-15 Fulcrum-B Walkaround. Noch mehr Detailbilder, Walkarounds und Modellbau Referenzen findet Ihr bei Scalenews * The failure of the MiG-29M and MiG-29K to enter production meant lean times for the MiG OKB, whose fortunes seemed to be on a steady decline in the new Russia. Outside observers wondered of the great name of MiG might be headed for extinction, as it steadily withered during the 1990s while the Sukhoi organization was awarded new fighter contracts. The only business was in "MiG-29SM" upgrades of existing aircraft, this being a modest update to add air-to-ground capabilities, initially with TV-guided missiles and bombs being carried, their seeker imagery fed into the cockpit display. The MiG-29 Fulcrum outside the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has a hornet's nest growing in its nose

The defensive system equipment consists of radar reconnaissance, electronic countermeasures, and optical systems (notably the laser emission detector on each wingtip) which are able to detect and evaluate the approaching danger and operate decoy dispensers to counteract the approaching threat in the radar and infrared ranges. Source fighter-planes.com Re: MiG-29/ΜiG-35 Fulcrum: News #2. GunshipDemocracy on Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:40 am. AMCXXL wrote: Russia does not need second quality carriers as Italy , Spain or France.. MiG-29-Fulcrum-Farewell-USA-2003. East Germany (DDR) bought 20 MiG-29A and 4 MiG-29UB two seaters just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, for the Luftstreitkräfte der NVA (East German Air Force) A unique specialty of the R-25-300 was the addition of a second, emergency, reheat (afterburner) stage. When activated by the pilot, this stage allows the engine to produce around 100 kN of thrust at Mach 1. Due to the risk of severe engine damage, this mode is limited to three minutes of use in emergency war-time conditions.

Obwohl die MiG-29 bereits 30 Jahre alt ist, wird das Modell nach wie vor gebaut. Die Serienfertigung wurde von Anfang an für hohe Stückzahlen ausgelegt. Das Flugzeug befindet sich in einem ständigen Modernisierungs- und Diversifizierungsprozess. Eine Vielzahl verbesserter Modelle wurde seit dem Ende der 1970er-Jahre gebaut. Bei der MiG-33 handelt es sich weniger um ein Nachfolgemodell als um eine kampfwertgesteigerte Version der MiG-29. Weitere bekannte Varianten sind die MiG-29 SMT (einsitziges Mehrzweckkampfflugzeug), MiG-29 UB (zweisitziger Trainer) und MiG-29 K (für den Einsatz auf Flugzeugträgern geeignet). Die MiG-29 K wird auf dem einzigen Flugzeugträger der russischen Marine, der Admiral Kusnezow und auf dem indischen Träger Vikramaditya eingesetzt. Die neuesten Varianten sind die MiG-29 M und ihre zweisitzige Version, die MiG-29 M2, bei denen insbesondere die Feuerleit-, Ortungs- und Bedienungssysteme verbessert wurden. Die MiG-29M wird auch als Mehrzweckvariante bezeichnet. Neben den stärkeren RD-33K-Triebwerken verfügt sie über ein vierfach redundantes digitales Flugmanagementsystem. Außerdem ist ein Doppler-Bordradar Fasotron N010 sowie ein Infrarot-/TV-/Laser-System OLS-M eingebaut. During 2015 Aero India Phazotron showcased a placard of zhuk FGA-35, the radar in the placard looking like Zhuk-AM/AME instead of then FGA-35/FGA-35(3D) (Which was besides the placard. and was also marketed for HAL LCA. Source wikivisually.com

The Molniya (now Vympel) R-60 (NATO reporting name: AA-8’Aphid’) is a short-range lightweight infrared homing air-to-air missile designed for use by Soviet fighter aircraft. It has been widely exported, and remains in service with the CIS and many other nations...(mig 1 , mig 3 u falan saymiyorum) arasinda en on sirada olan migler, sirasi ile mig 15 sabre, mig mig 19 farmer, mig 21 fishbed, mig 23 flogger, mig 25 foxbat, mig 27 flogger, mig 29 fulcrum ve.. OLS solves the problem of blurred vision. At speed, each piece of dust can cause harm to the glass of the OLS. The new OLS uses leuco-sapphire, the next-hardest material after artificial diamonds, making the lifetime for such glass much longer. According to NII PP engineers, leuco-sapphire is clear for all the OLS emissions and doesn’t corrupt the signal, an important factor for the optical systems.

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Mikoyan will commence production of the MiG-35 fighter at the Sokol aviation plant in Russia in 2013 or 2014 as part of the bid. The path towards upgrade of Russian MiG-29s was torturous. Limited funding kept the Russian Air Force from making any commitment to upgrades for years, but in 2005, with the economy doing fairly well from oil exports, the service decided to begin an upgrade of the MiG-29 fleet, focused on adding a strike capability. This upgrade actually featured avionics developed for the Su-30 / Su-27 upgrade to reduce cost and logistical overhead, and retained the old N-019 radar with some upgrades. The airframes were overhauled and reinforced to carry heavier warloads.

The DCS: MiG-21bis comes with a full suite of documentation to help you become proficient with the aircraft. The manual weighs in at around 200 pages; and covers every system or function in great detail. Quick-start guides and other reference material (video tutorials) will also be available.The NPK-SPP OLS-UEM is an state-of-the-art electro-optical sensor designed to search, detect and track a wide range of airborne targets offering a clear picture to the aircraft’s pilot. The imaging infrared (IIR) OLS-UEM sensor combines a 320×256-pixel infrared sensor and a 640×480-pixel TV camera achieving the infrared search and track (IRST) capability need in air-to-air engagements. Besides, a laser rangefinder allows to know the distance from the target with high accuracy at ranges between 200 meters to 20 kilometers. The OLS-UEM has been designed to detect airborne targets at ranges between 15 to 55 kilometers. It provides a coverage in azimuth of +/- 90-degree and +60-degree to -15-degree in elevation. The OLS-UEM sensor has been selected for the Mig-35 multi-role aircraft and is mounted on the nose section in front of the cockpit. A simplified version called OLS-UE is available for the Mig-29K, Mig-29KUB, Mig-29M and Mig-29M2 aircraft. Source deagel.comPeter “Stoini” Steiniger was a former West German fighter pilot and graduate of the prestigious Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. Returning to Germany, he flew the F-4F, an export version of the legendary McDonnell Douglas Phantom, which would continue in German service until 2013. As a lieutenant in 1986, he and his fellow pilots had been shown satellite photos of a sobering new Soviet design. A scant five years after reunification, he was living a surreal twist of history: He was not only a mission-ready Fulcrum pilot, but also JG 73’s operations officer, busy coordinating exchange visits. “For example,” Steiniger says, “I would pair this young, pumped-up, and all-excited F-16 pilot with an ‘original’ NVA equivalent to go out and fight one-on-one neutral [basic fighter maneuvers]. We had hundreds of missions like this, with thousands of lessons learned in debriefings with our counterpart [in Western aircraft] hanging on our words and staring at our video tape…most of the time in astonishment.”OFZAB-500 allows the wearer to carry out maneuvers with large congestion. The bomb can be used on a large number of combat aircraft of Soviet and Russian-made MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29, Su-17, Su-22, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, Tu-95, Tu -16.

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Duford lifts the strap on a barrier so we can take a closer look. Unlike the Fulcrum moldering outside NASIC, this example has been beautifully restored and rests in climate-controlled comfort, basking under klieg lights, resplendent in a freshly applied paint job that feels satiny to the touch.The Vympel Kh-29 / AS-14 Kedge is a Russian supersonic equivalent to the French AS.30 and US AGM-65 Maverick, and is primarily intended for interdiction and close air support,  maritime strike roles, and attacks on hardened concrete shelters and structures. An APU-58 or AKU-58 launcher is used, on the Su-27/30 Flanker (up to 6 rounds), the MiG-27 Flogger (2 rounds), Su-17/22 Fitter (2 rounds) and Su-24M Fencer (3 round). Multiple variants exist.Available in several versions, differing use of two types of homing – semi-active radar (PARGS) and heat – and two types of propulsion systems – with standard and increased installed power. Modifications PARGS are designated R-27R and R-27ER, with TGS – R-27T, R-27ET, with propulsion of increased energy available – R-27ER and R-27ET. Trying to pin down the status of the world's MiG-29 fleets is difficult. Some states have retired them, while some still have them in service, and in some cases have updated them to keep them current. Further complicating the issue is that there's been a lot of trade in old MiG-29s, the post-Soviet states being a source of MiG-29s for African and other states.

The production of a number of aircraft accessory gearboxes of the single-engine type has been deployed at the enterprise for foreign aircraft with the engines RD-33N and etc. – KSA-52, KSA-53 and others.  Source koavia.com• continuous spherical review of the environment; • detection of objects representing a threat, determination of their angular coordinates; • formation of signs of threat.Philippines has a thing about being 100% pro USA that actually constrains them and overrides logic my takeThe crewmember protection against the dynamic pressure G-loads at ejection is provided with the protective gear, windblast shield, forced restraint in the seat, seat stabilization as well as the selection of one of three operation modes for the energy source depending on the suited pilot mass. At the aircraft speed exceeding 850 km/h, the MRM steady-state mode is adjusted by the automatics depending on the acceleration. The MiG-29 Fulcrum is a Soviet air superiority fighter Developed in the 1980s by the Mikoyan design bureau, with peformance on par with the USAF F-15 or F-16 in most aspects

The KS -129 oxygen system is designed to provide one or two pilots of the front-line aircraft with oxygen during flights at the altitudes up to 20 km. (KS -130 oxygen system is used at the altitudes up to 12 km). The oxygen source is the BKDU -130 onboard oxygen-generating system, which produces oxygen from compressed air tapped from the aircraft gas turbine compressor. The Indian Navy was similarly an early export buyer of next-generation MiG-29s, obtaining 12 multirole "9-41 MiG-29Ks" for use on the carrier VIKRAMADITYA -- formerly the ADMIRAL GORSHKOV, which India purchased from Russia. The carrier was refurbished, being given a "ski jump" deck, and went into service with the Indian Navy in 2012. МиГ-21И Аналог • MiG-21I Analog 25. MiG-29SMT Fulcrum. Photos by Dmitry Dyakov, Andrey Zinchuk, Aleksey Fedorov The engine operates on high-impulse solid propellant and has a high-tensile steel case. Russia’s Vympel weapons designers have developed a one-of-a-kind air-to-air missile, which NATO has dubbed as AA-11, for use on foreign fighter planes. Techically and militarily the new missile, meant for quick-action dogfights, leave its foreign analogues far behind. Vympel experts have also made it possible for the new missile to be easily installed on all available types of aircraft. The AA-11 can also be used on older planes which will now be able to effectively handle the US’ highly maneuverable F-15 and F-16 jets. The AA-11 missile is based on all-new components, use new high-energy solid fuel and an advanced guidance and control system which has made it possible to minimize their size. Their exceptionally high accuracy is ensured by the missile’s main secret, the so-called transverse control engine, which rules out misses during the final approach trajectory. The transverse control engine is still without parallel in the world.The MiG-35 presents super-manoeuvrability, a capability to fly at supercritical angles of attack at increased level of sustained and available g-loads and high turn-angle rate, which requires a greater thrust-to-weight ratio and improved wing aerodynamic efficiency.

The MiG-21bis is a delta wing, supersonic, fighter-interceptor jet aircraft. Much like the AK-47 became the everyman's rifle, the MiG-21 has been operated by more than 40 countries worldwide.. MiG-29 UB Ласточка FULCRUM B RUSSIAN AIR FORCE ACADEMY 1/48. The Academy's Fulcrum has a very good quality Cartograf decals. There are also a lot of caution decals and no.. * The MiG OKB continued to make further tweaks that resulted in a set of "MiG-29S" demonstrators, which retained the NATO "Fulcrum-C" reporting name, since external appearance remained largely unchanged. The MiG-29S featured a modernized "N-019M" radar, a Is-101M processor, and an improved jammer; only 16 were built. De-tuned variants were offered for export, including the "MiG-29SD" and "MiG-29SE"; it doesn't appear anybody obtained them. The Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET) of Rostec State Corporation presented an active phased antenna array radar Zhuk-AME designed for multipurpose MiG-35 fighter jets, the press service of the company said. The MiG-29M could also carry the advanced "R-77" (NATO "AA-12 Adder") AAM, sometimes referred to as the "AMRAAMski", since it is comparable to the US AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. The R-77 has a range of about 100 kilometers (60 miles), and a fully active radar seeker for "fire and forget" operation.

The DCS: MiG-21 accurately models and reproduces the performance and unique characteristics of the Tumansky R-25-300 engine. You will have to learn how to take proper care of your power plant, avoiding flight conditions where you risk damaging the engine components or even loosing all thrust. Mid-Air engine re-light attempts are as exciting as ever! You are commenting using your Google account. ( Log Out /  Change ) The missile design features a canard aerodynamic configuration: control surfaces are positioned ahead of the wing at a distance from the center of mass. The airframe consists of modular compartments accommodating the homing head, aerodynamic control surface drive system, autopilot, proximity fuze, warhead, engine, gas-dynamic control system and aileron drive system. The lifting surfaces have a small aspect ratio. Strakes are mounted ahead of the aerodynamic control surfaces.

To simplify the mastering of the cockpit and its' controls, tooltips are provided to the end user in both English and Russian languages. The Soviet-era Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum has seen excellent sales figures at home and abroad. Authored By: Staff Writer | Last Edited: 11/21/2019 English Electric Canberra • Tupolew Tu-154M „Open Skies“ • Vermessungsflugzeug HS.748 • Zielschleppflugzeug Rockwell OV-10B Bronco Kh-29L Missile weight: 660 kg Length: 3900 mm Diameter: 400 mm Wingspan:  1100 mm Minimum range*: 3 km Maximum range: 8 – 10 km Height of launch: 0.2 – 5 km Engine: fixed thrust, solid fuel rocket Fuze type: impact Guidance system: passive TV Warhead: high-explosive penetrating Warhead weight: 320 kg

The DCS: MiG-21 exterior model is highly detailed and features high-resolution textures with normal and specular maps. Highly detailed afterburner, exhaust and suspension animations (amongst others) further improve immersion.The MiG-29 OVT, is powered by a newly developed engine that offers an advanced level of manoeuvrability. The new engine’s secret lies in the design of the nozzles at the back of the plane, which move in all directions, allowing advanced steering capability. The MiG-29 OVT is the latest version of the MiG-29 jet, which has been on the market for several years. The “all-axis nozzles dramatically increase manoeuvrability, especially at low and zero speed,” Vladimir Barkovsky, chief of MiG’s design bureau told reporters. The demonstration of the new engine, known as the RD 33, was the culmination of several years’ work. MiG started work on developing a new all-axis nozzle in the late 1990s, Barkovsky said. To date, MiG has invested several million dollars in its development. In another compensation, a Fulcrum-A pilot sat on one of the best ejection seats in the world, the rocket-boosted Zvezda "K-36D" seat with "zero-zero (zero speed, zero altitude)" capability. The West got an impressive demonstration of the K-36D at the Paris Air Show in 1989, when pilot Anatoliy Kvotchur had to leave his MiG-29 in a big hurry after losing an engine due to a birdstrike. The ejection seat got him out neatly in the split second before the aircraft smashed into the ground and became a fireball. The MiG-21bis is a delta wing, supersonic, fighter-interceptor jet aircraft. Much like the AK-47 became the everyman's rifle, the MiG-21 has been operated by more than 40 countries worldwide, and has enjoyed the longest production run of any modern jet fighter to date. The MiG-21, in all of its variants, has fought in wars stretching all the way from the Vietnam War in the 1960's to the modern day Syrian Civil War. Owing to its unique blend of versatility, ruggedness and maintainability, the MiG-21 remains in active service to this very day.

Photo proves Libyan Mig-21s (not Egyptian aircraft) have conducted air strikes in Benghazi recently. Military Aviation. Belarus to upgrade its Mig-29 Fulcrum fighter jets Shortly after Clifton arrived at JG 73, he learned that technical analysis in the United States would soon reveal the Fulcrum’s remaining secrets. On a trip to Ramstein Air Base, he had attended a classified briefing on the U.S. Air Force purchase of the Moldovan MiGs. It was widely assumed that the Air Force would launch an aggressor squadron of MiG‑29s, but only a few of the purchased airframes were airworthy, and the cost of getting the rest into the air—not to mention the embarrassment of having to bargain with the Russian Federation for parts—made an aggressor squadron impractical.Today the Russians are offering for export a better MiG, the -35. “Over the years, the Russians modified the MiG-29. They tweaked it, improved it,” says Ben Lambeth. “The MiG-35 looks like a MiG-29, but it has much more capability.” So far it has attracted only one potential customer: India. The new jet will reportedly join the Russian air force in 2016. But the attention of Western analysts—and almost certainly the syllabus of the Air Force Weapons School—is now focused on the products of a different aviation design bureau.The rocket is provided with a solid propellant motor with a summary thrust pulse of 5,800 N.s and operating time of 0.7 s. Progressive methods for body shaping from ready-made rolled aluminum and unique engineering solutions in terms of separate elements aimed at reducing motor manufacturing labor consumption and costs are used in its construction.The MiG-29 Fulcrum outside the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has a hornet’s nest growing in its nose. Its tires, lifted off the ground by stands, are split and shredded. Bird droppings drool off its radome. The aircraft gives the impression of a war prize displayed like a head on a stake. In a way, it is a war prize, taken in the winning of the cold war. It’s one of 17 MiG-29s the U.S. government purchased from the former Soviet state of Moldova in 1997, a deal that kept the jets from being sold to Iran. The loose confederation that replaced the Soviet Union was not in a position to stop the buy, and it became one more ignominy in the Soviet collapse. “Any military establishment of any country would be upset if its opponent would receive an opportunity to evaluate and test its most modern weapons,” says Moscow-based aviation historian Sergey Isaev. “I wonder how happy would the White House be and Pentagon if Mexico, for example, would even try to sell its UH-60L Blackhawk helicopters to the Russian Federation?”

Cockpit layout for the Fulcrum-A was generally regarded as middling to poor, even by the standards of its era. It had an analog layout, though it did feature a head-up display (HUD) and limited "hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS)" controls. In some compensation, the MiG-29's cockpit layout did have a clear evolutionary relationship with those of the MiG-21 and MiG-23, easing pilot conversion. The MiG-21 was agile by the standards of its day, but had deficiencies in range, armament, and growth In the West, the new fighter was given the NATO reporting name Fulcrum-A because the.. Russia has offered the export-version R-7EE air-to-air missile system for sale so that it can be fitted to foreign-made fighter aircraft. Developed by the Vympel state-sector engineering and design bureau, the R-7EE is designed for close-quarters aerial combat. Vympel specialists have developed a way of ensuring that the missile system can be fitted to virtually any type of aircraft. It can be fitted to older aircraft, which feature heavily in third-world countries’ air forces.The DCS: MiG-21 will come with a comprehensive Singleplayer campaign, featuring two fictional factions and a host of diverse missions and scenarios.

The R-73 / AA-11 Archer was one of the first "off-boresight" AAMs, capable of being locked on a target using a helmet-mounted sight, provided as part of the Fulcrum-A's kit. It is regarded as agile, with good counter-countermeasures, and vastly superior to the R-60 / AA-8 Aphid, which was only carried by Soviet MiG-29s early on. However, export users rarely got the R-73 / AA-11, and had to make do with the R-60 / AA-8. The Fulcrum-A could also occasionally carry a single long-range "R-27B (NATO AA-10 Alamo-B)" heat-seeking missile in place of one of the R-27R Alamo-As. The Alamo-B allowed long-range attacks without requiring telltale radar emissions from the launch aircraft. Seeing the real thing, as Hoffren had in Finland, is more informative than seeing pictures, but you can’t really know an airplane until you fly it, and in December 1989, Ben Lambeth got his chance. At Kubinka Air Base on December 15, in dreary skies, Lambeth became the first Western analyst to fly a MiG-29 and the first Westerner invited to fly a combat aircraft inside Soviet airspace since the end of World War II. (A Canadian air force fighter pilot flew the MiG at the August 1989 Abbotsford Air Show.)

Work on the MiG-29K began in 1984. The initial development prototype was modified from an older MiG demonstrator and designated the "MiG-29KVP". It lacked folding wings and double slotted flaps, and may not have had ruggedized landing gear. The MiG-29KVP was used to demonstrate arrested landings, as well as "ski-jump" takeoffs, as the Soviets were having troubles developing catapult systems for the carriers they were building. Tests were apparently mostly conducted on a land-based replica of a carrier deck in the Crimea, since it could not perform a true carrier landing without reinforced landing gear. The first flight of a true MiG-29K prototype was on 23 June 1988. It was followed by a second prototype. MiG-29 FULCRUM. Specifications. Country of Origin. For action against ground targets aircraft could bomb caliber 250 and 500 kg in the four nodes external suspension (MiG-29S - six)

MiG-27 Flogger D. MiG-29 Fulcrum. Technical assignment (operational requirement) issued 1972, to replace MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-15 and Su-17; initial order place simultaneously; detail design began.. Academy 1/48 Mikoyan MiG-29A 'Fulcrum-A'. With Aires resin cockpit, Aires resin exhausts, Quickboost resin IR sensor, Quickboost resin sensing units, Quickboost resin nose, Master metal pitot.. V· [X11] - Colimata, MiG-29 Fulcrum (Military Aircraft) SOAR – System SOAR – one on engine’s gondola  It detects rocket launches and shows the direction from which the missile is coming – Image: paralay.com SOAR – System consist of two stations, one on engine’s gondola, second on the top of the fuselage, behind the cabin. It detects rocket launches and shows the direction from which the missile is coming. The threat is also signalled by vioce. It can detect Stinger/Igla from 10km, a2a missiles from 30km, big surface to air missiles from 50km. SOAR was also developed in NII PP Institute. Source secretprojects.co.uk

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