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List of Discord servers tagged with 4chan. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! Harbl Hotel is the celebration of ancient 4chan/internet culture and with it, the spirit of what a real classic.. 4chan.org/pol/catalog. De esta manera tenemos ordenados todos los comentarios por thread y es Lo primero que ves cuando entrás a 4chan es gente enojada. Al principio te hace acordar a los viejos.. 4chan.org is an imageboard modeled on popular Japanese imageboard 2chan (Futaba Channel) and was initially intended for anime discussion. However, 4chan's anonymous and ephemeral nature soon made it into chaotic and influential hub of Internet culture that has produced innumerable memes, pranks, raids, and controversies. 4chan created the Anonymous meme, spread the shitfest known as Gamergate, enabled the alt-right movement, and aided numerous other right-wing troll campaigns. Four of those five, the first one said, Are not enough to appease the dead. To save my world all this strife must cease, So now I bid you to conjure peace

문서가 있는 4chan 게시판. 다행인 것은 /pol/의 존재 때문에 정치 관련 분탕은 적은 편. 최신 뉴스가 올라와야 하므로 48시간 이상된 스레드에는 리플라이가 달려도 범프[9]가 안된다 Copyright 2019 Search4chan.org - Search 4Chan Images - Search All 4Chan Boards The moderators of 4chan have begun an extremely heavy handed censorship campaign and they Although hearing about this place first in a jew tube vid, wasn't till an anon in 4/pol/ plugged it that I.. level 212 points · 4 years agoI think he's the same guy that asked Twitter users what to do with a captured ISIS soldier he had. Twitter users said to kill him, so they did, and they showed a picture of the aftermath.Very good idea. Do you need help with this or are you capable of doing it yourself? I'm a programmer.

Sân Đình - Chơi Chắn Pro, Phỏm Pro - Đánh chắn online, phỏm online như ngoài đời thật - Game dân Sau khi ấn Cài Đặt (Install), Chắn Sân Đình sẽ được cài trên màn hình nhưng khi vào sẽ báo lỗi A cesspool of hate, this board was born out of /b/ and the earlier (and now-deleted, but recently resurrected) /news/ (formerly /new/) imageboard, which were both over-saturated with conspiracy nuts and white nationalists. Everybody got tired of their shit and set up /pol/ as a new containment board. (Sound familiar?) That and people had had their fill of anus pictures being side by side with news posts. /pol/ is 4chan's political board, filled with white supremacists (some of them overt, some feigning irony for recruitment), neo-Nazis, neoreactionaries, alt-righters, and trolls who just pretend to be white supremacists — though it can be quite difficult to tell the difference. It's so extremist that it honestly makes Metapedia look progressive. Along with Gamergate, "/pol/acks" have also started various redpilling campaigns on Twitter. The general thrust of the movement is promoting a hysterical "war on masculinity", buying ad space to post messages urging transgender people to commit suicide,[40] or just trying to make feminists and other activists look foolish (most notably the #EndFathersDay false flag campaign).[41] The Gamergate hashtag "#NotYourShield", meant to show that Gamergate was not just made up of angry white kids, was also concocted on /pol/. If you cast your vote completely blank your vote will count and not be counted to anyone, which statistically brings down the margin of victory for whoever inevitably wins to below a majority, which means that the majority of people did not get what they wanted, emboldening everyone else to begin violence against the minority winner. The same will occur if you spoil your ballot by writing over the choices with a message or a picture, which invalidates the ballot but sends a clear message that you think democracy or all the choices are illegitimate. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. [7] [8] 4chan has often been the subject of media attention as a source of numerous controversies, including the coordination of pranks.. That crazy Hacker known as 4chan is now canceling cancel culture by exposing hypocrites in OPERATION CONSISTENCY where anon declares war against the hate mobs that target white..

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@pol_4chan Like 0. Is this your channel? Confirm ownership for additional features. Channels quoted by @pol_4chan Doom Paul refers to images of the American politician and physician Ron Paul photoshopped into alarming or even apocalyptic settings, usually with the accompanying phrase "It's Happening". Get homework help fast! Search through millions of guided step-by-step solutions or ask for help from our community of subject experts 24/7. Try Chegg Study today

Discredit source: 4chan hoax, autistic troll, obsessed with pedophiles, conspiracy theorist, alt-right, internet sleuths, psyop to false flag for fake news suppression etc. Do not acknowledge evidence.. They also offer PDF -> EPUB, don't know if it's any good though (e.g. https://b-ok.cc/book/2628237/f07e5c)Racine Mayor Gary Becker was arrested in a sex sting: http://archive.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/37577089.html/

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  1. Got a "Question that doesn't deserve their own thread" or just a subject too small in subtance for its own thread? Post them here.
  2. I hope that reading this entry will allow you to empathize with our plight. Thank you for your attention. Gott mit uns. Please donate to my Patreon… seriously, even if you're like a homosexual liberal JIDF member or something, I need money. Being a full-time fascist social critic on the internet doesn't pay very well.
  3. g, untrustworthy, or greedy.
  4. Warning: Some boards on 4chan/8chan might have content of an adult or offensive nature. Please cease use of this website if it is illegal for you to view such content
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I browse hltv a lot and for boredom wanted to check 4chan out and just the global lines in hltv and pol are pretty much the same. Only thing is little less politics on hltv On December 7th, 2014, the administration of 4chan trolled the /pol/ board by altering its settings and directing the users of other boards to raid it under the guise of testing new features.[3] Among the notable occurrences was the disabling of the board's CAPTCHA system and the filtering of several popular words and phrases, such as the replacement of "free" with "hot pockets". The board was also renamed ''The 8 steps of cuckolding'', and each post was marked with horizontally scrolling text reading [trigger warning]. Although 4chan's /pol/ was soon restored to its original state, the event triggered a mass exodus of users to the /pol/ board of 8chan, a popular alternative to 4chan. i feel like funnyjunk is like 4chan in that sense of the first pic. the comment section anyway. ive never seen anyone back down from their opinion unless they were clearly routed and could not defend it..

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  1. ist/anti-male, Jewish-controlled (Judeo-capitalism-communism), globalist, and Marxist. They'll rally behind anyone who opposes the "degenerate" because they are nazis (a term they borrowed from the Nazis) modern world — without acknowledging that the concept itself was ironically popularized by the Jewish Max Nordau. And since the debate and "red pills" are usually about images and blatant propaganda, anti-rationalism is actively encouraged by the use of nonsensical "memes". That's why if you browse any political thread on 4chan, most lionize people like Julius Evola, "Can't Stump The" Trump,[42] Hitler, Mussolini, or any other far-right/alt-right idols. They're really predictable if you keep in
  2. Chan - YouTube ▶3:23 ・cute chan 155 - YouTube ・Diego mir GIFs - Get the best GIF onJacobo Ucha se impone en Chan de Arquiña - Faro de Vigo ▶0:16 ・【転売】ミラ..
  3. 4chan is an image-sharing website divided into various boards with separate content and guidelines. Users post anonymously, with most recent posts appearing above the rest on their respective forums

Don't use CoalFax Revamped for now, we still need to add HTML purifier to protect against XSS attacks and shit, also here's a slightly updated version that fixes problems with the table.https://anonfile.com/L0N8U305oe/CoalFaxRevamped_7zPolitically Incorrect, abbreviated as /pol/, is a board dedicated to current events and political discussion on the imageboard 4chan. It is one of the most popular boards on the internet dedicated to politics, and has gained a reputation as a hotbed for fringe beliefs.r/4chanThe #1 Ad-Free Reddit ""experience"" without the hassle of being quarantined1.2mRetards/r9k/ is probably most infamous for being the board where it was alleged that the shooter in the Umpqua Community College massacre had posted and was encouraged to act by other posters.[44] good, we cut the middleman and have more educated posts instead of redditor angry posts and astroturfing made by people who haven't actually read on their beliefs.

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4chan's first and largest board dedicated to video games, where posters are known as "/v/irgins". For a time it was the largest, fastest moving board. This got so bad that some threads would reach the post limit in just a few minutes. This lead to /v/ birthing several child boards including /vg/ for video game generals, /vp/ for Pokémon, and /vr/ for retro games. Several users actually came together and produced a surprisingly tasteful visual novel named Katawa Shoujo in 2012, which was based on a one-page concept image from a doujinshi manga.[39] /v/ is actually disliked by many 4channers due to it generally acting very insipid, as well as the fact that many threads can get derailed rather easily, if on topic at all. Additionally, it is infamous for being one of the three spawning grounds of GamerGate, one of the others being… Legal Information: Know Your Meme ® is a trademark of Literally Media Ltd. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. MEDICALIZATION OF DISSENThttps://reason.com/archives/2012/04/21/the-medicalization-of-rebellionhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_abuse_of_psychiatry peki nedir bu 4chan? 2005'te kuruldu. amerikalı ve avrupalı genç kesimin buluştuğu ortak bir yapı bugünkü amerika gençliğinin ne denli berbat olabileceğini anlayabileceğimiz bir oluşum. size bunu..

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Look how many important events happened at the Johnson residence in Racine (The Wingspread building built by Frank Lloyd Wright): https://www.wingspread.com/wingspread/ 4chan can be a daunting place to visit. Here are the best 4chan boards and memes, as well as 4chan's collaborative-community format is copied from one of the most popular forums in Japan.. We have successfully migrated to LynxChan 2.3.0, to see all of the changes to 16chan, click here. I have a serious question : since when does 16chan exist ? I seriously never noticed it 4chan trolls stated several times before that they would circulate the myth that it was an alt right hate Alot of Pol is just satire and creative. I am one of the very targeted groups that Pol says racist..

>I've known of a few cases of e-whores being fired from their irl jobs afters naked pics were sent to co-workers and superiors. Companies don't want to have literal whores working for them. Pol minecraft server. 13 августа 2017 - nCOVID-19 | Комментариев: 1 I will not be coerced into wasting the time it takes to vote. We are headed down the rabbit hole. The very fabric of the developed world is about to collapse, crash, and burn. And I say fuck it. People need to starve, die of something as simple as dysentery, work for hours just to not be thirsty for something to drink, and be torn apart by war. When people have been spoiled and had everything come to them so easy for so many years to the point where they have lost site of where it comes from and who produces it then the only way to bring such spoiled brats back to their fucking senses is a massive world war or something. I’m tired of living in a world where I’m told that violence is NOT the answer, that to be a good dad I need to be “kind and understanding” rather than enforce the rule of law in my household with ferocity if pushed that far, and I’m tired of living in a world where I constantly hear and see the most ridiculous assinine things occurring around me and I have to sit back and smile and pretend that it’s normal. I’m fucking ready for shit to hit the fan, for society to crumble, and for people to wake up.>>8828 >If you were to send a video of their daughter dancing naked to strangers and violating their holes on camera, I guarantee there's no father out there who would stomach that easily.4.Non-politics related threads are frowned upon and may result in deletion and ban. If you want to shitpost, /b/ is available.

4chan is many things to many people. Originally Faux News viewed 4chan as a hazardous Leftist Internet Hate Machine filled with domestic terrorists. To others, it is that site full of astroturfers, weeaboos, trolls, children, and pedophiles that churns out some of the internet's most viral content Jump to navigationJump to search. This page contains as much of the history of 4chan as various users have been able to compile. Some of the dates may be incorrect or even others totally false. Most of the information should be fairly accurate level 2Comment deleted by user4 years agoMore than 1 childContinue this thread level 1119 points · 4 years agoSooo, any proof of an airstrike?

The obligatory board for all things sports. Due to 4chan's predominantly American userbase, /sp/ is split regarding the many differences between American and European sports. Its members are called /sp/artans. Technically subtitled "Hentai/Alternative". But this is misleading as both Western and Eastern content was allowed until a restructuring after moot stepped down. All porn flies here so long as it at least reaches the kinkiness of BDSM but isn't as legally problematic as bestiality or pedophilia. Hosts some very strange porn with dedicated objectophilia threads and fetishes that don't even have names yet. If you ask for normal porn, then you may get B& hammer. /d/'s users are generally referred to as /d/eviants. Our current links: 180chan.al (listing active studios/agencies) 144chan.vn (listing shekeleer directories) 155chan.gr (healthy chan replacements). In addition to addresses above and this page which you..

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Onee Chan is a part of the Alternate Chan Alliance Learn more about it here. >>/pol/1296 The US is having a nervous breakdown. No one seems to be aware that there might be unintended.. This will also be where you ask the board-related questions (perhaps criticism or suggestions to improvements). See, rate and share the best 4chan memes, gifs and funny pics. Memedroid: your daily dose of fun

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The compromised moderators on the GreatAwakening subverse have become so desperate to contain certain damaging truths from surfacing that they have resorted to deleting all comments pertaining to a certain topic. That topic is Racine, Wisconsin. Two years ago a user named @Jem777 was killed after she went to Racine to investigate. Look at her last thread submission. A user named @gamepwn recently [had his life threatened on voat](https://voat.co/v/theawakening/3766651) for investigating the same topic. The only way to win is to not read the crazy, and just fap and/or shlick to the pictures.. - /d/. People love to pretend they're offended.. - Matt Groening. Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.. - Friedrich Nietzsche. Skub's final form The board most people think of when they hear "4chan", /b/ is by far the most active board of the whole site. The board is infamous for having a policy of "anything goes", provided that the posted content is not illegal and does not violate any of the site's universal rules. While child pornography is the biggest no-no, cartoon depictions of sex with children are still common. Tasteless content (i.e. racism, misogyny, extreme gore, extreme porn, animal abuse, and -phobic hate of virtually every prefix under the sun) is the order of the day and is not for the easily offended. Most of the memes and activities that 4chan became known for in its first decade originated in /b/. Readers of the board refer to each other as "/b/tards" or "fags".

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  1. Based. But we gave away too much technological progress. You can now more or less run the planet with 10 million chinks building stuff, 10 billions arabs pumping oil and 10 million farmers producing enough food to raise the billions and billions of shitskins which are thriving right now. Crumble of society is something I fear won't come in my lifetime. We will see.
  2. Hey /bestpol/. I think the current ways to read Mein Kampf are all terrible (download a shady PDF from some site, hope the translation is good)
  3. Yeah but it looks like bombing these rebels is in Russia/Syria/Iran's benefit and not the free democratic and humanitarian people of the West
  4. Throughout its history, 4chan has attracted controversy and media attention. Some of the more notable events in its history include:
  5. Shia LaBeouf's #HeWillNotDivideUs livestream is up and running again, in a new unknown location. /pol/ is already at work trying to find it again
  6. 4chan.org is an imageboard modeled on popular Japanese imageboard 2chan (Futaba Channel) and was initially intended for anime discussion. However, 4chan's anonymous and ephemeral nature soon made it into chaotic and influential hub of Internet culture that has produced innumerable memes..
  7. 4chan Pass users can bypass this verification. New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass! See the contest page for details

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  1. The background color of the boards themselves serves as a method of showing if adult content is permissible to post. Boards with a blue background are meant to be work-safe, although things slip by depending on the attentiveness and tolerance of the mods on duty ("Mods are asleep, post X!" is a common joke). Boards with a beige background allow for the posting of explicit content, as long as it stays on theme to the board's subject matter. Most often these are the boards meant for sharing erotica, but there are exceptions.
  2. Ben Garrison is a libertarian political cartoon artist known for creating illustrations commenting on United States political corruption, who has been the subject of a troll campaign by users of 4chan’s /pol/ (politics) board who have attempted to frame him as a radical anti-semite.
  3. 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with 4chan users have been instrumental in pranks such as hijacking Internet destinations to cause images of..

[2] Washington Post – Absolutely everything you need to know to understand 4chan, the Internet’s own bogeyman 4chan (AKA The Internet Hate Machine and Cuckchan) is a Futaba-style imageboard that is based on 2chan's software. Their mascot is Yotsuba_Koiwai; moot quote: I want to be the little girl [meaning Yotsuba].. In 2003, it was founded by Christopher Poole when he was a 15-year-old >the Great Pyramid... whose latitude in degrees tallies with the speed of light, c = 299, 792 km/s, to six significant digits. Канал Телеграм 4chan. @ru4chan. 173409. Категория: Юмор и развлечения Although these additions may not be unique anymore, plus4chan is still around thanks to its own, ever loyal community. plus4chan is currently managed by the Black Hand of the brotherhood of Nod

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  1. g site. I've also added categories for e-thots and simps, as well as community submission of new content. Here we arrive at an issue, as I have a distinct lack of content and am having a hard time finding any. If a few anons were to submit some new posts, I would greatly appreciate it, as the reemergence of a coalfax like platform would have immense triggering power and may even help some men out if it ends up getting big. I know that the site isn't ultra secure yet, but I'm working on it, and hopefully it will be before 4cuck finds the site.
  2. Most versions should have an EPUB version, which are basically zipped HTML files + assets. You should be able to parse the text fairly easily.
  3. /pol/ (Politically Incorrect) is a political discussion board on 4chan. The board's intended purpose is the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics. A quantitative analysis found that /pol/ is an important influencer of news content on Twitter..

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When moot cracked down on Gamergate, many of the diehards started flocking to 8chan, which has an identical board that is possibly, somehow, even worse. The relationship between /pol/ and the rest of 4chan is tense. Though the board is generally right-leaning sprinkled with lots of racist and far-right memes, anything partisan, pro-Trump, or otherwise wingnut material gets a hostile reaction outside of /pol/. The other boards only begrudgingly tolerate the existence of /pol/ as a "containment board"—a sort of quarantine environment in which /pol/ is free to shitpost their toxic discourse. (/mlp/ is another such containment board, to spare the rest of the website from bronies). Despite this, /pol/ regularly continues to shit up the rest of the site. Its role as a containment board is, however, strong enough to repel the many and repeated calls for the outright deletion of /pol/ for fear that they'd overrun the rest of the site. The board was originally created in 2011 as a replacement for /new/, which was 4chan's primary board for the distribution and discussion of news. The reasoning behind this decision was primarily based around moot's belief that /new/ had strayed from its intended purpose and become a gathering place for racists.[1]6.Low effort threads will be deleted and encouraged to post again with more elaboration on their topic. Remember the QTDDTOT thread.

4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. As of October 2019[update], 4chan receives more than 27 million unique monthly visitors, with approximately 800,000 posts made daily.. >The Johnson family lived at Wingspread through the 1950s and eventually donated the building to The Johnson Foundation in 1961 to be used as a conference facility. Since then, the fireplaces have been the gathering spots for individuals who come to private Wingspread conferences from around the world including Eleanor Roosevelt, Buckminster Fuller, David Rockefeller, Julian Bond, Frank Lloyd Wright, Les Aspin, and others. National Public Radio, the National Endowment for the Arts and the initial blueprint for arms control all had their roots in Wingspread conferences.The web design stuff I could do myself. The problem is, for example, extracting the text from the PDF files. I guess I could OCR them, but it seems like a waste when you have clean vector PDFs.

Mark Wahlberg embodies pol/ values. image · 13,193 views. Pol on Quantum Computing Even 4chan was surprised by Donald Trump's election victory. On 4chan, a night that even a lot of 4channers thought would be a meltdown turned in a celebration filled with schadenfreude.. 7.Due to continuous infighting over religious matters, I've made the decision to disallow religious (Except Anti-Jew Topics) or non-religious (such as atheism) threads on the board for the time being. In the end we should all agree, that the most important thing is the future of the white race. We shouldn't let this come between us and drive us to inaction.

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  1. HOW TO TROLL IDIOTShttp://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/touching-the-raw-amygdala-an-analysis-of-liberal-debate-tactics-preface/
  2. Part crackpot social theory and part elementary school insult, the NPC meme originated from a deeply comical medley of bogus physics and stupid religion found on the messaging board 4Chan
  3. See more of 4chan/pol on Facebook. Contact 4chan/pol on Messenger
  4. 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest. 4chan is split into various boards with their own specific content and guidelines
  5. Someone should start a board /cuckhunt/ where every fortnight thread is created and posters submit cuckolds/pornographers/sexual deviants/awful degenerates with supporting information. Users then vote on who is the most degenerate and that person is added to a list for a month. People on the list are "targets" and users try to fuck with them as much as possible.
  6. Another surprisingly good board lurking on this site. Indulge your inner hipster. See what happens when you post Neutral Milk Hotel. Members of this board are called /mu/tants.
  7. Discover the online chess profile of 4chan_pol at Chess.com. See their chess rating, follow their best games, and challenge them to a play game

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This is the official /bestpol/ QTDDOTOT sticky thread.

Hi pol is a 4chan reference to the website's Politically Incorrect thread. Podesta's iCloud information was within the Wikileaks emails, and 4chan users are understood to have tried the.. The fa/tg/uys. This board encompasses traditional pen and paper games like Dungeons & Dragons, collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, war games like Warhammer 40k, good old board games, and other related paraphernalia. Also elves being raped gently cuddled. It's famous within the community for actually completing a lot of creative projects it comes up with. /tg/ gets shit done. [45] Also has a wiki spin-off named 1d4chan. Some of the material is worthwhile, some isn't. Oh, and like Encyclopedia Dramatica, adblock is advised. Unlike Encyclopedia Dramatica they have a much more strict policy with images, and they also have a warning in any articles containing promotions (Red: NSFW imagery), so one can access it in public without (Much) fear. They have a pretty good page on /pol/, detailing both its views and early history [46]

I think the mindset changed, as it should. Things have gotten so dark for our people, there's really nothing to laugh at anymore. Shit that I used to find amusing I now just find enraging. Fun and games are over. Humour is fake and gay. I'm past the maymay phase and in the might do sumthin phase tbh pol/ - SHUT DOWN - Politically Incorrect - 4chan. 6 дней назад. 0 Read Manga Mieruko-chan - Raw Manga Online Free and High Quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page If we can get a campaign going to encourage spoiled voting across the country and the western world, perhaps distributing flyers you can pick off a piece of paper to glue or staple to the ballot with a message like "voting wont stop white genocide" or "2% of the population, 8% of congress?" amd make it easy and accessible to spoil your vote, it is likely to cause a breakdown of the illusion of democracy in just abot everyone willing to look at vote results. What this will result in can be speculated upon, but it will confirm that it doesnt matter what anyone wants, the jew will always do whatever it wants anyways

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Downloading. Want to be notified of new releases in flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-4chan 180chan.al. Site Rating. Trust ..We regret to inform users that the archiver stack FoolFuuka&Asagi on Rbt.asia, Desuarchive, Archived.moe, and others are suffering reduced accuracy and missing posts in scraping 4chan Trigger warning! The following article might be triggering for some people depending on past experiences. Please read with caution, go back to the home page, or look at something nice. 4chan is an infamous image board (a type of social media website) He Will Not Divide Us - Night of Fire - Initial D Featuring: Jackie 4Chan, /pol/Blart, 4Chad and NYPD at 0:48 (They were laughing in the background) HWNDU He Will Not Divide Us #HeWillNotDivideUs..

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And then she plays the victim card, gets tons of ass-pats and pity tips, and walks away richer and not really any more damaged than she was before. You haven't moved the overton window in your direction, you haven't even gotten your own ideas out there. You're not building infrastructure and you sure as hell aren't undermining enemy infrastructure, you're only reinforcing it. Lil_Nibba. 4chan Pol & O Sing Gas Gas Gas. 2 years ago2 years ago. Electronic /pol needs to band together and purge this haute couture faggot from our ranks for good. Shills here trying to make Milo the pizzagate of the alt-right. Oh, Milo is not a pedo, but John Podesta is, they said Nov 8, 2016 (dm release) & Co-op Release Feb 2017. .bsp filename. 4chan_pol_gaswork. DOWNLOAD

Authorization Dark mode About Contact. 4Chan - /POL/HIS/INT/. 4Chan - /POL/HIS/INT/. https://www.businessinsider.com/mcdonalds-employees-shot-in-oklahoma-city-over-covid-19-closure.. Find and save 4Chan Pol Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More Would it be worthwhile to create a site like picrel so you can read Mein Kampf, link to specific passages, compare translations, etc?"/pol/ Was Right Again" is a catchphrase associated with the conspiracy theories on /pol/, used both ironically and unironically

I don't think people would really care as long as it's a three character domain, people get turned off by long domain TLDs. 如何看待自稱火神山醫院技術員在4chan/pol爆料 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest. 4chan is split into various boards with their own specific content and guidelines. Registration is not possible (except for staff)

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#4chan #pol #ron paul #it's happening #red pill #red-pilled. /pol/unknown. A place where intellectuals go to have civilized debates on important global issues with critical analyses and with no restriction on.. level 214 points · 4 years agoToo bad whatever autist that cropped this photo wasn't bombed too.

pol, 4chan, politically incorrect, politics, 4chan board. Additional References. [1] Wikipedia - 4chan - Background. [2] Washington Post - Absolutely everything you need to know to understand 4chan.. What makes you believe blank votes are even counted properly at all? It'd be a much better idea to vote for a candidate who stands no chance of winning (<1% votes), which accomplishes the same effect, but at least the ballot is more likely to actually be counted. Not that democracy is legitimate anyway, I wouldn't bother regardless.

4chan is a very talented hacker from Cambodia. He is fluent in English, Japanese, African, and Spanish. He writes film scripts in his free time. Popular 4chan songs LOL 4chan /POL at it again. Nouvelle vidéo où je vais raconter l'histoire légendaire de Shia Labeouf vs les trolls de 4Chan Pour ceux qui comprennent bien.

The usenet group alt.tasteless was an early source of internet trolling as well as a progenitor of sorts to the /b/ imageboard.[38] Some of us ain't changed at all. It's mostly newfags who are super serial or those who fell for the Qanon psyop

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Can anyone verify if any of the statements regarding the number 225,000 in the images I posted are true? If it's true this looks incredibly significant because the speed of light when passing through water is 225,000 km/s and the latitude of the Great Pyramid corresponds to the speed of light.Last time Ivan called in an airstrike on twitter, RuAF replied with a UAV video of a bomb being dropped on those coordinates. Plus he is one of like 2 trustworthy sources on Syrian news and is somehow connected to the Russians or so it seems. So yeah, my money is on them lighting that place up. High quality 4chan Pol inspired T-Shirts by independent artists and designers from around the world.All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours the point here isnt to make a political solution, the point is to statistically show that people dont believe in democracy or anything on the ballot, and its as easy as taking the ballot sheet without filling it out, shoving it into the envelope and putting in the mailbox. unless youre in a uncivilized state where theres no mail voting, but now that the plague is here there might be a lot more mail voting coming soon #4chan #pol #ron paul #it's happening #red pill #red-pilled. /pol/unknown. A place where intellectuals go to have civilized debates on important global issues with critical analyses and with no restriction on..

This site has several features that other *chan sites often require separate userscripts for, like a Quick Reply dialog for posting and auto-updating threads. You can configure the site with the settings button.. "If you find a quote on the Internet, there's a very good chance that it's authentic. And if it's attached to a picture, then you can be absolutely certain that it's legit." – Greek philosopher Pythagoras, 503 BCThis means doxing, pizzas, phone calls, getting them fired, exposing them to friends/family, hijacking their accounts, etc. 4chan (formerly subtitled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) is a popular electronation. It has a population of over 9000! citizens composed exclusively of young, white, anime-obsessed NEET males — a demographic widely considered the detritus of normal society

55chan Customize your avatar with the 8chan /pol/ > 4chan /pol/ and millions of other items. Mix & match this t shirt with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you A search engine for 4chan.org and 4chan archive sites. 4chan.org & archive sites 4chan.org archive sites I encourage everybody to think about what the ideal country you'd like to live in would be like, the ideal self you'd like to be, and the ideal life you'd like to live. Consider what steps you need to take to achieve that country, self, and life. Then take them, even if one step at a time, you'd still be making progress towards a better future. You decide to pull the trigger, kick the chair, or drink the bleech, but you know there's a better way than giving up on the rest of us, who believe in your ability to prove yourself and fight for our future.

New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass! How do you interpret the fact that the very symbol of pol Mark Meehan has said that he doesn't hate Jews and that he doesn't give a.. Alternate File Sources. 4chan /pol/ Gasworks (Dropbox) router www.dropbox.com I was thirteen when I first understood that I was Nazi-kin. In the month leading up to that fateful day, I woke up every morning aching to deport all Jews, intelligent women, gays, Joe Biden, and minorities. After a while, I finally decided to do some research into why I was suddenly burning bright with hatred for all enemies of the mighty Fatherland. That was how I discovered the lovely /pol/ community, where my fellow Nazi-kins go to show sympathy and tolerance for one another, and intolerance for just about everyone else. Die normie scum.

/pol/. Политика #4chan pol. Top. Views count It's been circulating on 4chan for the past year, but Alex Hawkins, the vice president of the porn tube site xHamster, says he started seeing it in the replies on his company's Twitter feed back in.. Okay, and so this shit starts to go viral and companies who fire workers "targeted by a racist sexist alt-right harassment campaign" have a PR disaster on their hands. The only companies willing to weather that storm are gonna be "family-friendly" ones like Disney or Nintendo who would arguably get more shit for doing nothing. Everyone else is going to side with the left on this.

Integrations. Pricing. Contact. About data.world. Security. Terms & Privacy. Help. © 2020 data.world.. >I will be posting one new fact about Racine every day in this thread, complete with verifiable sources. If you want ANSWERS for why Racine is worth looking into, sort by "new" to easily find my latest post. Unfortunately I have to break all of the URL links I provide because my account was banned. After you read the facts I will be posting, you can come to your own conclusions about why @ababcb was really banned.All wars are goyim wars. whoever controls the goyim, controls the world. fantasies of a victorious armed resistance against the powers that be is nonsense. you would lose by inferior numbers, inferioir equipment. no matter how many power grids and supply chains you damage the goyim are still out there, restlessly anticipating the next order of their jewish overlords. through words and ideas alone the jew has managed to convince many nations of whites to act suicidally against their own interests and against everything they have believed in. if a armed right wing resistance popped up now it would be precisely the people we are fighting for who would stomp it out. 4chan. şükela: tümü | bugün. ne is oldugunu anlayamadigim site. eskiden kendince bir kulturu ismi bana hep furkan çağrıştıran topluluk. ne alaka ama öyle işte. 4chan = four chan okunuşu neredeyse..

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>>11662211 >It reminds me of pol who for january hyped the coronavirus as the next end of the world, and the second media started warning about its dangerous it started doing the exact opposite of what.. He Will Not Divide Us - Night of Fire - Initial D Featuring: Jackie 4Chan, /pol/Blart, 4Chad and NYPD at 0:48 (They were laughing. Added in 2008 as a response to a proposal by xkcd for a board where users couldn't make any posts that were identical in content to previous ones in order to encourage in-depth discussion. In practice, it was incredibly easy to trick the auto-moderation software by simply typing random gibberish at the end of a post or making tiny changes to images, thus leading to the requirement eventually being removed in 2014. However, the originality filter was re-enabled in late 2015, when 4chan was under new ownership, and a majority of users said yes when the owner asked if the "robot" should be brought back. Over time, the board's culture developed into a support group where users bonded over mutual social anxieties and ranted about "normies" and women. /r9k/ was also one of the central communities in making Pepe the Frog associated with the alt-right. Probably the easiest boards for normies to enjoy. It is here you will find the repository for all the reaction images, GIFs, and WebMs used by the rest of the site. /wsg/ is somewhat unique among the various 4chan boards, as its threads are almost entirely entertainment oriented rather than discussion centered. The name itself is now pretty out of date, with the advent of WebMs having mostly replaced GIF posting. Some of the more popular topics include YLYL humor, music, dancing, moving art, gaming, feels (GIFs or webMs that evoke intense emotions of all kinds), cheese/beefcake, and memes. Has a tendency to not only use in-house memes but also repost other boards memes as well. May or may not be a Gateway drug into the rest of 4chan.

Anyone on /pol/ who isn't an actual Nazi should drop whatever they're doing and read Mother Night 4Chan Pol board is the source of evil in the internet. The politically incorrect board at 4 chan, is crawling with shills and agent smiths. This is the true truth

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PROTIP: Press 'i' to view the image gallery, 'v' to view the video gallery, or 'r' to view a random entry. Do you think the ancient egyptians knew what the golden ratio was or what the bond dipole of the water molecule looked like or what the speed of light was? This is pretty compelling proof that the ancient Egyptians did not actually built the pyramids. Whoever did was obviously measuring things in Kilometers. This suggest that our units of measurement and the system of latitude and longitude used today were not developed when mainstream history claims but are ancient secrets that predates recorded civilization. How else can you explain so many coincidences? A single coincidence could be dismissed but you really have to stretch to claim that multiple "coincidences" like this are just random chance. 4chan Pass users can bypass this verification. New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass Does anyone have any good VPNs? Also how do you protect yourself from doxing in the first place anyways I'm new to this shit so please speak to me like if I was a smoothbrainHe is a Russian living in Syria reporting on the war. He also called out locations for airstrikes in the past, and appearantly also asks for help sometimes.

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