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All these models have 1080p screens. Only the very top-end £1799 Dell XPS 15 has the eye-catching 4K display. That may sound terrifyingly expensive, but the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will cost you £2699 for similar specifications. O Dell XPS 15 é um notebook potente. Longe de ser ultraportátil, o laptop de 15 polegadas é espesso (38,2 mm na parte mais espessa, 32 mm na Neste Review, a máquina analisada usufrui de algumas das configurações máximas que a Dell disponibiliza atualmente em seu site: trata-se de um Core i7..

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  1. ium lid, we’d expect the Dell XPS 15 to last 4-5 hours. That’s the standard for a very powerful performance laptop.
  2. In this tutorial I explain how to disassemble a Dell XPS 15 L502X laptop. My goal is removing and replacing broken DC jack. I'll go though the following major disassembly steps: STEP 1-4: Accessing both memory modules and wireless card. Removing the DVD drive
  3. The Dell XPS 15 is one of the nicest looking laptops Dell has turned out in some time. Gone is the disorganized design language of the XPS 15z The 15.6 notebook features Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 and i7 CPU options and switchable graphics with Intel HD 4000 and your choice of Nvidia GT630M or..
  4. I would check which BIOS version your using, Dell released a new update a while ago which got rid of all the throttling, improved the performance a ton (driver issues) and improved the battery life, so much so, that Notebookcheck asked Dell for another model to re-review (??? is that a word).
  5. At the back, the XPS 15 measures 0.66-inches thick, before it tapers down to 0.45-inches in front, with a selection of ports on either side including a two USB 3.1 ports, one USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3, a full-size HDMI port, and a headphone jack. The XPS 15 even features a full-size SD card reader, which is a huge bonus for someone like me who often has to transfer images from a camera to a laptop for editing, and also means there’s potentially one less dongle you’ll have to carry around. That said, for a 15-inch system, it would have been nice if Dell included one more USB port (of either type), as three USB ports is the same number ports you get on the XPS 15's smaller sibling, the XPS 13.
  6. g Graphics: 7.0 HDD: 5.9
  7. Im Test überzeugt uns das Dell XPS 15 7590 2019, einem tollen OLED-Display und einer für ein 15,6-Zoll-Notebook überraschend guten Akkulaufzeit. Dabei bleibt der Laptop selbst bei Renderingprozessen angenehm leise. Ein Schnäppchen ist das Gerät zwar nicht..

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From the outside, not a ton has changed on the XPS 15 7590, though that’s not a bad thing. After more than three years of the same general design, the combination of brushed aluminum on top and bottom with soft-touch finish covering its carbon fiber deck still gives Dell’s flagship 15-inch thin-and-light a sleek and modern appearance. Along with Apple’s MacBook, it’s one of the rare laptops that sports a timeless look and resists aging better than most other systems. Our XPS 15 review unit has a 4K OLED display, which is just gorgeous. These extra bright, colorful panels are cropping up all over laptop town and I fully The $1,099 base model with a ninth-generation Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage should be enough for your daily workflow and some light.. Dell sent us the top-end version of the XPS 15, the one with an ultra-high resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) pixel screen. This is like four 1080p screens stacked together.

Just one more USB port on this side would be a nice upgrade. Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)AdvertisementYou can skip ad after 1 secondYou can go to the next slide after 1 secondContinuePhoto: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo) 1 / 5AdvertisementAnd even with the XPS 15's more restricted chassis, it performed quite well on benchmarks such as Handbrake, where the XPS 15 took 8 minutes and 1 second to render a 6GB 4K video, which is only slightly longer what we got from the Triton 900 (7:40), despite the Triton having a much beefier GPU. Meanwhile, when using Blender to test CPU performance, things were also quite close with our Core i9-9980 XPS 15 finishing a demo render in just 4 minutes and 15 seconds, compared to 4:05 for the Triton 900, which also sported an Intel i9 CPU. So yes, there is a small penalty in pure performance due to the XPS 15's thermals, but considering its more portable dimensions, the difference is pretty negligible unless you are maxing out the system on a regular basis. It’s also far smaller than the average 15in laptop. While we’d pick a 13-inch model to use on the road every day, the Dell XPS 15 is one of the most portable 15-inchers money can buy.

Quote: Selamat Datang di Thread Review Dell XPS 15 9560. Laptop ini merupakan seri terbaru dari model XPS yang dikhususkan untuk moderate-heavy task. Dell XPS memiliki 2 ukuran yaitu Dell XPS 13 dan 15 Thanks for the great review. I’m wondering how noisie this machine gets while playing games like mentioned above… In terms of concrete sone. Is there any measurements available? Or comparisons? All reviews I read so far mention that this notebook isn’t soo loud while playing games… Imagine I would use it at night in the same room my partner is sleeping. Would she disturbed? Or is it really just “background white noise”? Dell XPS 15 Review: A Really Good Laptop for Almost Everything. Meanwhile, when it comes to performance, the XPS 15 starts at $1,100 for an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, and integrated Intel graphics, but goes all the way up to a Core i9 CPU, 32GB of RAM, 2TB of.. Dell's latest 15-inch XPS 2-in-1 is a high-end laptop that appeals to creative users: people who need power and portability, and might also appreciate a touchscreen and a stylus. It plays in the same field as HP's Spectre x360 15, Microsoft's Surface Book 2, and Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro

Though showing its age, Dell's XPS 15 is still the sleekest desktop replacement on the market, from its terrific 4K touch screen to its beefy six-core CPU. The 2018 edition of the XPS 15 continues its tradition of undercutting the MacBook Pro's price. The $999.99 starter model offers a Core i5 CPU.. The GTX 960M uses the same GM107 GPU core that we saw in last year’s 860M, but this one is mainly aimed at bumping the notebook’s battery life and adding some extra performance, but that’s not stressed as much. However, the GM107 is clocked a bit higher than last year’s model – 1097MHz of base clock and boost up to 1176MHz. It also supports a resolution of 2048×1536 through the VGA port and 3840×2160 with DisplayPort and HDMI.Since nothing can truly suit “every designer”, I suppose the title shouldn’t be taken too literally (and I’ve certainly never had actually “wet” dreams about technology…). My technical design job involves more coordinates than drawing by hand. For my needs, the trackpad is just fine, but then again, that’s just me. It seems unable click one mouse button when the other is held down, though. That’s a bummer. Since no built in web camera has ever been good enough for me, I would not trade a wider upper bezel every day for a better location of a camera I hope… Read more » The large, button-free, multitouch click pad should be a familiar sight by now. This version works well with multitouch gestures, such as two-finger scrolling, and is about as responsive as you're going to find, save for Apple's MacBooks. Both the keyboard and touch pad seem to be the same as those found on the XPS 14. On that smaller laptop, both were a better fit. Here, both could stand to be bigger.

Power engineered for perfection: Dell Power Manager, engineered by Dell, allows users to customize their laptop acoustics, temperature and performance based on their preferences. It also dynamically delivers the maximum power from your processor while monitoring and managing system temperatures If you work with graphics you'll love it, and you'll find the Nvidia GeForce 960M and Intel Core i7 more than powerful enough to handle the toughest of tasks.Is this a well-built machine that's put together as tightly as the MacBook Pro? Yes. Is it a performance champ? Yes and no. Thermal issues have plagued the XPS 15 since its launch this summer. The machine doesn't get hot to the touch, but the CPU and GPU inside run fairly hot. Dell has issued several BIOS updates to tune CPU and GPU throttling, and our machine with the latest A09 BIOS, throttles the dedicated GPU significantly. That means gaming is problematic with today's demanding 3D titles. After 5 minutes of game play in Crysis 2 and Batman Arkham City, our frame rates dropped from the mid-30's to an unplayable 12 fps. So the Dell XPS 15 is a performance powerhouse for tasks other than gaming.Still, after a week of meeting my every demand, there’s no doubt the XPS 15 7590 is a first-class laptop. With a wide range of configurations, the XPS 15 can accommodate all sorts of people from a college student to a pro video editor, while its slim design makes it easier to lug around that many of its more bulky competitors. Sadly, the one thing it can’t really do is fit on a standard airplane tray table, so if you’re the kind of person who likes getting work done in the air, you kind of have to shell out for a first-class ticket too.Expansion and Ports: Three USB 3.0 ports, mini Display Port,HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, SD card slot.

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To reiterate: we’re only complaining because the price is quite high and the screen is otherwise beautiful.The entry level model is powered by an Intel Core i5-6300HQ, has Nvidia GeForce 960M graphics and comes with a full HD screen, 8GB memory and a 1TB HDD with Windows 10 installed on a 32GB SSD.Dell XPS 15’s sound is great and covers low and high frequencies, but at times, we were hearing a strange metal rattling sound – mostly when we turned up the volume. It was quite annoying when watching movies.While the OLED display costs $250 more than the default 1080p screen, for content creators looking for accurate color reproduction, that premium is totally worth it. Not only does the OLED panel cover 100 percent of the DCI P3 color space, with a max brightness of 442 nits, our XPS 15 review unit actually exceeded Dell’s listed claims of 400 nits of brightness. And despite being a glossy panel, Dell has equipped all of the XPS 15's displays with an anti-reflective coating that does just enough to prevent glare or reflections from being distracting while still making sure colors appear rich and vibrant.

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  1. If you’re wondering how well those games run at 4K, the results are less-than-favourable. Thief averages 13.4fps, Alien: Isolation 21fps. Hardcore gamers should consider a laptop with a GTX 1060/1070/1080 instead, depending on your budget.
  2. Here you will find other useful information and every notebook with this GPU that we’ve tested: http://laptopmedia.com/video-card/nvidia-gtx-960m/
  3. XPS HelpXPS 15 9570 Overheating (self.Dell). submitted 1 year ago * by AmbitiousLavaLamp. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it normal for the XPS 15 9570 to hit these temperatures? I'm curious how much they help. I've read conflicting reviews. 2 to 3 degrees seem almost negligible
  4. gs (and whether you should buy one). We spend enough time with products to give you a comprehensive look at the devices' potential, but all online reviews have some inherent limitations
  5. Before we started the CPU stress test, we noticed that the CPU was running hotter than most Skylake notebooks – around 40 °C when idle. Also, the fan was spinning all the time without running any CPU or GPU intensive tasks or apps. It’s pretty loud, especially for a notebook at this price range. Anyway, when we started the CPU stress test, the fan was constantly trying to keep up with the chip’s temperature (varying between around 70 °C and 90 °C) and constantly changing its RPM while the CPU was throttling and keeping speeds between 2.4 GHz and 2.7 GHz. We didn’t actually see the Turbo Boost frequency for four active cores – 3.1 GHz. You can see the red line representing the CPU temperatures jumping up and down and the green line for CPU load.

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The keyboard on the XPS 15 is exactly the same as on the XPS 13 which means it does look a bit lost in the middle of the larger carbon fibre-effect chassis. That being said, you probably wouldn't want it to be any bigger because it's super comfortable to type on and the keys feel responsive with just enough travel. I'm expecting my Dell XPS 15 9569 next week. As I was already reading the guide to prepare myself, I had a question about step 8 Also have you noticed any huge performance dips from the XPS's only having 2 TB3 PCI-e lanes instead of 4? No need for apologies, I had a working build anyway so I.. The 15-inch Razer Blade makes the jump to new Nvidia RTX graphics, but even the entry...

Audio: Built in stereo speakers with Wave MaxxAudio 4.0, mic and 3.5mm standard stereo headphone jack. The 2017 Dell XPS 15 looks and feels much like the 2016 XPS 15 9550, reviewed.. Its changes are all about the insides: upgrading the CPU to a 7th Generation Kaby Lake model, and the graphics to one of Nvidia’s great new 10-series cards.

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Pulse-width modulation (PWM, Screen flickering)

Furthermore, the chip is manufactured using a 14nm FinFET process and integrates Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU with 24 EU (Executable Units) clocked at 350 – 1050 MHz. The memory controller supports up to 64GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM at 1600 or 2133 MHz respectively. The CPU is suitable for heavy applications and gaming. With the XPS 15 9500, Dell are finally going to deliver that much-awaited 2020 update of their highly popular XPS 15 notebook, which we've covered in multiple reviews and guides over the years here on the site Yes, youre right: there is no LAN port. I connect via USB (thunderbolt-Adapter to my LAN), works fine for me, when I use the notebook stationary. But the WLAN adapter is good enough to provide a good download/upload rate on mobile usage (depends on the strenght of your home wi-fi)This range of options means can you pretty much configure the XPS 15 for almost any use case, tweaking things like memory and GPU as you see fit. The optional GTX 1650 is an especially nice touch, as it cuts down on time spent rendering videos, and it also means you can easily play modern AAA games at 1920 x 1080. 4K is an option, too, particularly if you’re playing an older title or if you don’t mind tweaking the graphics settings down a bit. In prolonged use cases, the XPS 15's relatively slim chassis does put a slight limit on the system’s max performance due to thermal throttling, but you have to remember, this is a 4.5-pound mobile workstation that still fits in most laptop bags and not some 10-pound monstrosity like the Acer Predator Triton 900 I tested a while back.

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The step up to the £1429 model swaps the hard drive for a 256GB SSD, and upgrades to a Core i7 CPU. You can get a 512GB SSD instead for £1599. We review the new XPS 15 from Dell and have a look at the performance of the 45-Watt Core i5. Can the latter use its full potential in the flat chassis? Throttling is, fortunately, not the answer - at least not on mains

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Sound is greatly improved by turning off most of the WAVES MaxxAudio features. Or just ditching the software entirely and using an outboard EQ. Every designer’s nightmare, more like it. The trackpad on that thing is atrocious and buggy even by windows standards. I have no clue why it is touted as Mac rival when drivers are god damn awful, making it jumpy and the design of gestures/scrolling is lackluster. Camera placement is ridiculous, making it into a nose-cam (Im sure Dell will trademark that soon). And by the gods, do not by the dell Thunderbolt docking station. That thing is a buggy nightmare, disconnecting all the time (google the issue if you dont trust me). Look, at that pricetag you have no excuses.… Read more »

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Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)AdvertisementFor the 7590, Dell also incorporated a fingerprint reader into the XPS 15's power button, which makes logging in and out of the system nearly instantaneous, and feels like a good alternative to not having support for Windows Hello facial recognition. (The XPS 15 doesn’t have it, and that’s a bummer.)The £1349 UK model has an Intel Core i5 HQ-series CPU, a GTX 1050 plus the same screen, RAM and storage.The temperature test consists of two stages that include 100% CPU and 100% GPU load at the same time. While this isn’t a good representation of real-life usage, it’s a good way to determine the cooling capabilities of the system and the overall stability of the machine during higher load and temperatures. However, in this particular situation, if the notebook is used for video rendering, since the screen quality allows such usage, it’s really important to check if the CPU or GPU throttle during prolonged usage and intensive workThe Dell XPS 15 is one of the nicest looking laptops Dell has turned out in some time. Gone is the disorganized design language of the XPS 15z, replaced with a unified, if somewhat MacBook Pro-looking package that continues the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook style. The 15.6" notebook features Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 and i7 CPU options and switchable graphics with Intel HD 4000 and your choice of Nvidia GT630M or GT640M dedicated graphics. All XPS 15 models have an excellent 1080p WLED display covered in Gorilla glass.After we ran the GPU torture test, things got even worse. The CPU’s clocks were all over the place – at times around 800 MHz going up to 1.5 GHz and the maximum frequency we’ve seen was 2.7 GHz, but for short periods of time. Still, the silicon’s temperatures remained the same – jumping between 70 °C and 90 °C. The GPU, on the other hand, ran pretty hot – near 90 °C at times but kept ticking at its maximum operating frequency for quite some time. Eventually, the GPU’s clocks went down to 940 MHz but we can’t consider that to be a major throttling issue. And again, the fan was changing its RPM all the time and buzzing quite loudly, but this time, it’s understandable given the nature and duration of the test.

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At this level, however, the differences in benchmark performance are largely academic. Any of these laptops would be more than fast enough for any task you'd throw at them, from HD video rendering to Photoshop to running high-end games. The one major change to the XPS 15's design is that Dell has finally followed the XPS 13's lead by moving its 720p webcam from below the display to its proper place on the XPS 15's top bezel—in other words, the nose cam is gone. On top of that, on the XPS 15 7590, you can now select between three different displays including a non-touch 1080P screen, a 4K UHD touchscreen, and the 4K non-touch OLED screen that came on our review unit. The Dell XPS 15 is a seriously impressive laptop. The entry level model is powered by an Intel Core i5-6300HQ, has Nvidia GeForce 960M graphics and comes with a full HD screen, 8GB memory and a 1TB HDD with Windows 10 installed on a 32GB SSD

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The quality of the keyboard is great too. While key travel is ‘normal’ for a laptop rather than super-deep, the keys have a meaty feel provided by a decent less of resistance. There’s also a backlight that can be adjusted to two different levelsEvery other model comes with a Core i7-6700HQ and the top couple of models, one of which we have here, have 4K touchscreen displays, 16/32GB memory and a 500GB/1TB SSD, while the GeForce 960M component is standard across all models.The Dell XPS 15’s speakers are decent too, although do not have much greater volume than some 13in laptops. Their tone is warmer than a MacBook, but with less pronounced treble.

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Dell's XPS 15's materials, design and build quality are very premium, from its carbon fiber composite palm In fact, it was so well-received that many of you, upon seeing our review, almost immediately started asking if Dell would follow-up with the same sort of revamp for their 15-inch XPS 15 line as well Intel Core i7-6700HQ represents the Skylake H family and it’s considered a high-performance chip with high voltage – 45W TDP. This is a step down from its direct predecessor – Core i7-4700HQ, but matches its short-lived predecessor Core i7-5700HQ. The Core i7-6700HQ has four cores ticking at 2.6GHz and can go up to 3.5 GHz for one active core and 3.1 GHz for four active cores. The silicon supports the so-called Hyper-Threading technology that emulates one virtual core for each physical, thus establishing a total of 8 threads. With the redesigned XPS 15, Dell has maintained the design language of its smaller 13.3-inch sibling. So, like the 13, Dell uses a carbon fiber composite on the area surrounding the keyboard and trackpad, in addition to What follows is a brief, first-look review of the XPS 15 after using it for almost a week

The new Dell XPS 15 9570 is certainly a stunner, but there are some things to keep in mind. We weigh the reasons to buy, and the reasons to pass, to A quad-core 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H processor (CPU), 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 1TB SATA hard-disk drive (HDD) are nothing to balk at, and you're.. The new XPS 15 gives you the chance to use a truly luxurious notebook with all the features that a 2015 machine would offer including a gorgeous UHD screen, which is even suitable for professional work, USB Type-C port for ultra-fast transfer, M.2 PCIe SSD slot, and input devices designed to perfection. The ergonomics of the touchpad and keyboard are unmatched and are probably one of the best we’ve used so far. There’s even a powerful hardware to back it all up.

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  1. Since there are not many reviews on this product, this is a helpful effort for those who will pick up a new notebook. Thank you very much!
  2. For all its forward-thinking design moves, there’s still more than a hint of that classic Dell pragmatism to the XPS 15, though. When Dell designs a style laptop, you can tell it still wants it to look at home in a board meeting.
  3. g and short video rendering on-the-go (since the Turbo Boost feature of the CPU isn’t well utilized) but it will mostly suit people that don’t aim for prolonged usage away from the charger and those who are constantly in a need of perfect screen quality for color-sensitive work. Still, the price is a bit off and you may compensate with the Full HD variant without the touch panel as this is a great way to cut down the cost of this notebook. And probably it will do better in terms of battery performance.
  4. um, rubberized finish and carbon fiber base under the hood resulting in sturdy construction, lightweight chassis (just 2 kg) and incredibly small physical dimensions that are hard to see in a 15-inch device. In other words, the build matches the high price. Also, the screen is very stable when using the touch panel and that’s rarely found in such laptops.

This laptop looks the business, particularly when you open it up. The carbon fibre effect on the inside surface is the same as on the XPS 13 and looks brilliant. You could even say that the laptop would look better if the whole laptop was done out with that material instead of the slightly boring silver aluminium shell.The basic version of the notebook with Full HD screen ships with relatively small 3-cell 56Wh battery, if you opt for the HDD version, but the 4K variant packs 6-cell 84Wh battery as long as you choose the configuration that includes the HDD. Like in our case, we have the UHD variant with HDD as a primary storage device so only a 56Wh battery can fit inside and, of course, the results aren’t all that impressive. We are almost certain, though, that the 88Wh configuration will offer more than enough juice for the machine to run for longer hours. All tests are run with the usual settings – Wi-Fi turned on, battery saver is on and screen brightness set to 120 cd/m2. Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dell xps 15.6. I choose the size 'for dell xps 13', and it fits my new Dell XPS 13 (display 13.3 actually)!!

Just thought I’d say why; Dell released a new BIOS update a while ago which got rid of all the throttling, improved the performance a ton (driver issues) and improved the battery life, so much so, that Notebookcheck asked Dell for another model to re-review (??? is that a word).In PC Mark 8 it scores 2810 points and, the real telling score, 14049 in Geekbench 4. That’s twice the score of the HP Spectre 13 (6894), which has an Intel Core i7 but the dual-core variety. This high-end 15-inch laptop includes an Intel Core i9 CPU and other upgrades that finally... Networking: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 dual band WiFi 802.11 a/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. Supports WiDi. Nintendo Switch deals at GameStop: Nintendo Switch Lite bundles back in stock! GameStop's Nintendo Switch Lite system bundles come loaded with games and accessories to save you money and sweeten the deal!

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  1. g tests were performed using NVIDIA’s latest drivers at the time of this review – 359.00 WHQL.
  2. Our Dell XPS 15 Specifications: Intel Core i5 460M Processor (3MB cache, 2.53GHz). Build and Design The new Dell XPS 15 has a silver on grey color scheme, using metal panels and plastic for the body. Compared to past XPS designs that were trend setters that distinguished themselves from the..
  3. Dell XPS 13 9360 13.3 Full HD Anti-Glare InfinityEdge Touchscreen Laptop Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake i5 7200U 8GB RAM The world's smallest 15.6-inch laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display - all in our most powerful XPS laptop
  4. g on an external screen, it might be a good idea to just turn off the internal screen and leave the lid open. Up close (I’m rather nearsighted) I can at times just hear a faint rattling buzz when doing things… Read more »
  5. This system is far more powerful than almost any other style-leaning laptop out there, because it uses a quad-core HQ CPU rather than the dual-core U-series ones seen in slim and light laptops. The Dell XPS 15 has desktop-replacement style power, and that extends to the ‘entry level’ £1349 Core i5 spec version too.
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  7. You also get an SD card slot, a full size HDMI port and a Thunderbolt 3 port which supports PowerShare, 40Gbps data transfer in both directions, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet and USB-A – but you'll need to buy the relevant cables or one of Dell's Thunderbolt docks, none of which come with the laptop.

Dell XPS 15 9560 4K touch I7/RAM 32/1TB SSD max option. Khu vực lưu trữ (đã bán). Phuong Anh Hoang The Dell XPS 15 is a good looking machine that looks expensive, and frankly is expensive when loaded with a Core i7 and decent dedicated graphics. It's designed to look good in the boardroom and deliver more than ample performance for everyday tasks. The full HD 1080p IPS display is a lovely though the gloss can be distracting (the same can be said for most glossy screen laptops). What holds the Dell XPS 15 back? Thermal management is lacking and the machine too often throttles the CPU or GPU to keep internal temperatures under control for the 2012 model. Happily, Dell has fixed that with the 2014 and later XPS 15 models (see video reviews above). The XPS 15 also has a Kensington security slot and a little 5-LED display next to it, which displays the battery level when the button alongside is pressed.

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  1. I have had my Dell XPS 15 9560 for two weeks and the first thing I did when I opened the box was to color calibrate it with my Datacolor Spyder5Pro. According to my Spyder5Pro my XPS 15 screen has 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut and is now calibrated correctly. My 4K screen is not..
  2. Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)AdvertisementOne of the few hiccups I ran into during my XPS 15 testing was a weird bug that caused the OLED screen to flicker faintly, typically when viewing images, docs, or websites with white backgrounds. Thankfully, this bug seems to be a weird side effect caused by a setting in Intel’s graphics drivers, and once I disabled the Panel Self-Refresh option, the issue went away completely.
  3. The world's smallest 15.6-inch laptop, the Dell XPS 15 7590 adapts to your day with ease. Slice through to-do lists and multitask like a pro with plenty of memory, a speedy 9th Gen Intel Core processor, and a hefty solid state drive. A stunning 4K UHD touchscreen and powerful NVIDIA..
  4. Dell XPS 15 9575 với Bộ vi xử lí Core i7-8705G có mức chênh lệch vài phần trăm so với Core i5-8305G xét theo khối lượng công việc đơn và đa luồng đo bởi CineBench. So với sự khác biệt về giá thì chưa thật sự đáng kể giữa Kaby Lake-G Core i5 và Core i7 SKU, hầu hết người dùng sẽ có thể..
  5. Where would you place the Cam otherwise on this thin bezel? I’m giong with this compromise over the thin border vs. cam. Touchpad: I didnt experienced any problems with the pad so far – but may my usage differs from your use case.
  6. The US model isn't as highly specified. It has a Core i3-7100H CPU, 8GB of RAM and a hard drive with a speed-boosting 32GB SSD cache. And unlike all other versions of the XPS 15 which have an Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU, this one has just the integrated Intel HD Graphics 630.

Not clear in the article if the notebook tested has a HDD or 512GB PCIe x4 SSD. The Specs Sheet section states 512GB PCIe x4 SSD, while the Battery section states HDD. As many will know Dell sell this laptop with Ubuntu as part of their Sputnik programme (project?). I however being the impatient so and so that I am ran (well Obviously out of the box experience is King and if I'd bought this laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed from Dell and kept it, it would have been amazing Price: Starting at $1,329, $1,699 as tested for 2012 model, $2,000 to $2,500 as tested for 2014 and 2015 models.

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A larger version of the Dell XPS 14 we reviewed recently, this XPS 15 is a similarly solid, slablike laptop with a minimalistic design, but also with plenty of extra features, from a high-res display to Nvidia graphics Other configurations start from $1,299, but I wouldn't want to pay that for a Core i5 laptop The Dell XPS 15 is a seriously impressive laptop. Dell is calling it the smallest 15-inch laptop ever made and the reason is simple: the 'InfinityEdge' display – as seen on the XPS 13 and XPS 12 hybrid – has such a thin bezel that the total profile of the laptop is only a shade larger than the 15-inch 16:9 display itself.However, it does also seem to use a bit of system throttling to keep the fans quiet. For a laptop with a quad-core processor it’s eerily quiet most of the time, and its PC Mark score isn’t the best we’ve seen from a HQ i7 system.

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  1. Dell XPS 15 specs: 15.6-inch Full HD InfinityEdge, non-touch display 6th-Gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad-core CPU (6MB cache, up to 3.5GHz) Li-Ion battery 1 Yr ProSupport: NBD Onsite Service. Prices start at Php69,790 for the 5th-Gen Inte Core i5-5200U model, Php74,990 for the 5th-Gen Intel..
  2. The manufacturer of this gorgeous display is no other than Sharp. The unit’s model number is 7PHPT-LQ156D1 packing UHD (3840×2160), IPS, touch-enabled panel with glossy finish. In 15.6-inch diagonal, the notebook packs the eye-popping 282 PPI pixel density, 0.0899 x 0.0899 mm pixel pitch and can be considered as “Retina” if viewed from a distance equal or greater than 30 cm.
  3. Review Dell 15. The XPS 15 features an InfinityEdge display with a 5.7 mm bezel for a seamless and immersive viewing experience. Additionally, with a 3840 x 2160 4K resolution, the XPS 15 offers crisp and clear visuals for your entertainment
  4. That means it's quite a bit 'smaller' than your standard 15-inch laptop but it still looks like a bit of a monster when you set it beside one of Dell's incredible 13-inch Dell XPS 13 ultrabooks.
  5. The Dell XPS 15 is a fantastic laptop and a no-brainer purchase for anyone who wants a laptop that lives primarily on a desk at home or in the office. It's cheaper and more highly specc'd than a MacBook Pro and makes far more sense to buy than something like a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.
  6. The XPS 15 screen looks very vivid, making films and games look fantastic, although the tone is a little cool/blueish. Pros will want to calibrate it before doing serious work.

The heft does have some advantages. It's not technically a rugged laptop, but the XPS 15 feels like it might stop a bullet (don't try this at home). At the very least, it'll do some major damage if you drop it on your toe, and it feels like it would be largely impervious to everyday knocks.Contrary to the aluminum housing, the interior, and the sides feature carbon fiber composite with matte, soft-touch barely transparent finish. When closed, the notebook looks like a premium sandwich with sleek design. The front part of the chassis is only 11 mm thick while at its thickest point, where the hinge is, the machine’s height is 17 mm. Despite the incredibly thin profile, the left side has almost all the connector’s you’d need – DC charging port, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Type-C and 3.5 mm audio jack. Right in the center of the front side, Dell has put the LED status light that indicates when the notebook is charging or when it needs charging. The left side accommodates only the other USB 3.0 and an SD card reader. There’s also a small button that when pressed lights up 5 LED status lights indicating how much battery you have left. Supposedly each LED translates into 20% battery life. As for the back of the notebook, it has only one big screen hinge. There’s also the main exhaust vent and given the size of the chassis, the powerful hardware and the main grill placement, we fear that the cooling system will not handle higher loads. This is actually essential for this class and that type of machine – there will be some video rendering, and probably gaming, so the user’s comfort should be ensured.Without a doubt, the panel is perfect for color-sensitive work like designing, video editing or photo editing. It covers 100% of the Adobe RGB and sRGB color gamuts, has accurate color reproduction out of the box, high maximum brightness suitable for outdoor work, and high contrast ratio. The pixel-packed screen offers not only vivid colors, but it’s practically harmless to the user’s eyes – we detected PWM only under 25% brightness and even then the frequency of the emitted light is so high that it reduces the negative impact on one’s eyesight. Dell được thành lập năm 1984 do Michael Dell. ThinkPro là đơn vị chuyên cung cấp các sản phẩm Laptop Dell cao cấp. Dell Precision 5540 Core i5-9400H, RAM 8GB, SSD 256GB, 15.6 FHD IPS, Intel UHD Graphics

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It's finally happened. With the 2019 revision, I've finally run out things to complain... Due to its bottom-mounted speakers, sound gets directed into whatever it’s resting on before it hits your ears, which can impact overall audio quality. And with all that room on either side of its keyboard, it seems like there’s ample room for Dell to change up the XPS 15's speaker placement in future generations. It goes without saying that the article is very well written. I liked the temperature testing especially, as it is quite extensive and informative. Although it might not be replicating real-life situations today, it is still good to know how much the cooling unit can handle.

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Car, le Dell XPS 15 incarne le bourreau de travail par excellence, aussi bien taillé pour la bureautique à grande échelle (traitement de texte, tableau de calcul) que pour les activités plus gourmandes en ressources, comme la retouche photo voire le montage vidéo. Deux usages rendus possibles par la.. The Dell XPS 15 is an amazingly flexible laptop, despite looking like an ordinary high-end one on the surface. It’s very powerful but has unusually good battery life for its class. It has a 15in screen but is smaller than almost all other 15in laptops with one. And is its 4K version the XPS 15 has the colour performance for pro design work. It’s also good-looking, and while not ultra-portable is not that heavy given the components inside. It makes the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar seem a bit frivolous in comparison, not to mention extremely expensive.

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The world's smallest 15-inch XPS 9560 laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display with touch screen. Specifications. Additional information. About Dell. Review the Order Details and click on the Pay with Paymaya Button The most demanding test was a bit too much for the battery – 65 minutes (1 hour and 5 minutes).The Dell XPS 15’s connections attempt to cover most bases too. There are two USB 3.0 ports as well as a newer USB-C shape 3.1 connector. For video there’s a full-size HDMI, and on the right side is a full-size SD card slot.

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The yellow triangle below represents the ability of the display to cover the sRGB and AdobeRGB color gamuts – in our case 100% sRGB and 100% Adobe RGB. Excellent result that ensures perfect image quality suitable even for professional design work.Our unit has the quad core 2.1GHz Intel Core i7-3612QM, 8 gigs of DDR3 1600MHz RAM, a 750 gig 7200 RPM HDD, 32 gig SSD drive and Nvidia GT640M graphics with 2 gigs of DDR5 VRAM (Kepler). Ours has a Blu-ray drive, and you order it with a DVDRW if you prefer. Our config lists for $1,699, so this isn't a cheap machine. The base model starts at $1,299 with a Core i5-3210M, 6 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig HDD plus 32 gig SSD. Other goodies include a very good chiclet style backlit keyboard, 1.3MP webcam, dual band Intel WiFi with WiDi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 9 cell battery that's sealed inside. In our benchmark performance tests, the Dell XPS 15 matched up well against other midsize quad-core Core i7 laptops with Intel's current-gen Ivy Bridge chips. This is the top CPU choice for this particular system. The 15-inch Maingear EX-L 15 can use the top-of-the-line Core i7-3820QM for faster scores, but it also costs around $500 more. A closer comparison, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y480, was also a bit faster (and around $500 less). Welcome to my XPS 15 9560 guide. This guide should work for most hardware configurations, but here is my configuration: CPU: i5-7300HQ @ 2.5GHz 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1050 / Intel HD 630 1080p IPS display (See edit in pre-install for 4k display) 1TB Samsung NVMe SSD Broadcom BCM94352Z Dell..

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The Dell XPS 15 one of the best laptops in the world if you want a computer that can do just about everything. Rather than one that weighs as much as a multi-pack of crisps. It has a powerful processor, a decent graphics chipset, surprisingly good battery life and an excellent screen.That's a hell of a lot of power for a home laptop particularly. It turns on and off lightning fast which is super convenient and never leaves you waiting for apps or program to load. But while this laptop is indeed blisteringly fast, by far the most impressive feature is the display. Dell XPS 15 9570 è insomma una macchina votata alla produttività, come del resto è logico aspettarsi da un notebook del genere. Antonio Buffo. Salve io ho da poco acquistato un dell xps 15 i7-8750H, 16gb, 512gb SSD, schermo 4K. Da un po' di giorni che noto un ronzio lato sx ogni volta che partono.. The Dell XPS 15’s versatility doesn’t end there. It's the first we've seen with the new entry-level Nvidia GTX 1050 discrete graphics card. We were hoping this would usher in a new selection of affordable gaming laptops, but even though the 9560 isn't cheap, the 1050 still lets you play games fairly demanding games at decent frame rates.

To give you an idea on price, the Dell XPS 15 starts from around £1,058 but the top model costs something more like £1,728. The XPS 15 comes with IPS or OLED panels: our review unit had a superb 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) OLED display. Dell has erred in the past with the location of its webcam -- putting it beneath the screen on last year's XPS 15 2-in-1, for example, making for awkward and unflattering 'up-the-nose'..

다만, XPS 15 7590에는 팬의 크기를 늘리고 VRM MOSFET에 방열 처리가 되어 있는 등 아예 이전 세대 제품의 섀시를 그대로 가져다 쓴 모습은 아닌데, 발열 전원부의 방열 처리에 관련된 내용은 XPS 15 7590: Early indications suggest that Dell has addressed the cooling issues that plagued previous.. TEMEL ÖZELLİKLER. Ekran Boyutu. 15.6 İnç. Isı Yayma Kapasitesi (TDP). 45 W. 15 W. İşlemci Teknolojileri

The Bottom Line You can get similar components to our Core i7 Dell XPS 15 configuration for less, but the rock-solid design makes this feel like a premium machine. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 review: Hardware & Performance. The full HD version of the 2-in-1 one is available in two hardware configurations, and another two if you opt for 4K. We tested the base version, which comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8305G processor clocked at 2.1GHz AMD's Radeon RX.. From better multitasking to better mouse support, there's a lot Apple could do to make the iPad more versatile. Leif shares his suggestions

Dell XPS 15 review. Jack of all trades, master of some. By Gabe Carey 27 November 2017. In the UK, the Dell XPS 15 starts at £1,429 for an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a full HD screen (once again, no touch) and a 1TB hard drive/128GB SSD combo CNET también está disponible en español.We calibrated the display at 140 cd/m2 screen brightness and 6500K color temperature using X-Rite i1DIsplay Pro. Know full specification of Dell XPS 15 Laptop laptop along with its features. Dell XPS 15 is a stylish and powerful Ultraportable Laptop and is powered by Quad core clocked at a speed of 3.8 GHz and sports a 15.6 inch Infinity Edge, Silver that comes with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels,so the.. The least expensive XPS 15 configuration starts at $1,299, and includes an Intel Core i5-3210M CPU, an Nvidia GeForce 630M GPU, and a 500GB hard drive/32GB solid-state drive (SSD). This $1,699 configuration trades up to a Core i7-3612QM and a GeForce 640M GPU, plus a 750GB HDD/32GB SSD. It also includes a Blu-ray drive, which is a step up from the basic DVD burner in the base model.

2020 Dell XPS 15 9500 and XPS 17 9700 - what to expect, vs XPS 15

There’s no Ethernet connector, but the USB-C could be ‘turned into’ one with the right adapter, and Dell also makes a docking station for its laptops should you need true desktop-like connectivity. It costs around £155. The XPS 15 boots and resumes in seconds with a solid state drive, so you can do more without waiting. The virtually borderless display maximizes screen space by accommodating a 15.6-inch display inside a laptop closer to the size of a 14-inch, thanks to a bezel measuring just 6.04mm on the.. Fritz is a chess benchmark that tests the computing capabilities of the CPU with various chess moves. The Intel Core i7-6700HQ managed 12.456 million moves per second. By comparison, one of the most powerful PCs, Deep(er) Blue, was able to squeeze out 200 million moves per second. In 1997 Deep(er) Blue even beat the famous Garry Kasparov with 3.5 to 2.5.Bluetooth Headsets iPhone and iPad Accessories eBook Readers The Dell XPS 15 Intel Core i5 is positioned in Dell's luxury & performance range of laptops. Check out this review to see how it performs. Useful Links..

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The lid and underside of the XPS 15 are aluminium, but the insides around the keyboard are soft-touch carbon-fibre reinforced plastic. There’s a carbon fibre-like finish on the top to tell you it’s not plain plastic. Nằm trong phân khúc cao cấp, Dell XPS 15 7590 70196707 là laptop doanh nghiệp sở hữu thiết kế nhôm đẹp mắt gọn nhẹ, hiệu năng mạnh Chiếc lapop này thu gọn kích thước đến mức tối giản, mang đến cho bạn một chiếc laptop màn hình 15,6 inch nhưng tổng thể chỉ bằng những mẫu laptop màn..

10th gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processor. Measure and calculate average power for the duration of the video. Estimated on Intel® Core™ i7-7500U processor, PL1=15W TDP, 2C4T, Turbo up to 3.5GHz, Memory: 2x4GB DDR4-2133, Storage: Intel® SSD, Display resolution: 25x14, Intel® HD Graphics 620.. View and Download Dell XPS 15 specifications online. XPS 15 Laptop pdf manual download. Camera Resolution: Still image 0.92 megapixels Video (maximum) 1280 x 720 (HD) at 30 fps Diagonal viewing angle 74 degrees Touchpad Resolution: Horizontal 1273 dpi Vertical 1217 dpi.. The current specs sheet refers to this particular model – configurations may differ depending on your region. Find specifications and price of Dell XPS M1530 on MouthShut.com. Dell XPS 15 L502X laptop is one of best and compact for the students and businessman.I have bought the laptop for 2013 till date in no any issues like Heat and hanging.In this laptop processor speed is i5 and good speed for the..

What's not: Thermal mangement and heat issues throttle power and can stymie performance on the 2012 model, but that's been fixed with the 2014 model.Significantly lower result, but enough for less than a 3-hour long movie – 183 minutes (3 hours and 3 minutes).Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)AdvertisementREADMEWith a starting price of just $1,100 and a huge range of components including up to an Intel Core i9 CPU and Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU, the XPS 15 has pretty much everyone covered.It would be nice if Dell included one more USB port, as the XPS 15 only has two USB-A and one USB-C (with Thunderbolt 3) ports.There is some slight thermal limiting at high-performance levels, but it’s about the same as other 15-inch thin-and-light laptops like the MacBook Pro 15.The XPS 15 doesn’t support Windows Hello face , but it does have a fingerprint reader built-into its power button.Screen options include a full HD non-touch display, a 4K UHD IPS display with touch, or a 4K UHD non-touch OLED display like the one reviewed here. AdvertisementSam RutherfordPostsTwitterSenior reporter at Gizmodo, formerly Tom's Guide and Laptop Mag. Was an archery instructor and a penguin trainer before that.However, the hardware doesn’t seem to be utilized to its fullest. Probably due to some design restrictions, the notebook’s CPU doesn’t offer the full range of frequencies, throttles under heavy load and the same goes for the GPU. As you can see from some of the benchmarks above, the expected performance isn’t met. That’s, of course, a trade-off for the mobility of the device and the cooling capabilities of the notebook. Speaking of, the fan provides enough airflow and doesn’t affect user experience at all – the interior stays cool even under extreme conditions.

Due to the IPS panel, the XPS 15’s screen offers excellent viewing angles under 45-degree angle. Een nieuw jaar, een nieuwe Dell XPS 15. Dit is Dells high-end consumentenlaptop waarmee ze de strijd met de Apple Macbook Pro aan gaan op specs en uiterlijk, maar dan voor flink minder geld. Eerder noemden we de 2018 XPS 15 (9570) de Macbook Killer, maar weet de opvolger ons weer te..

The 4K version is also a touchscreen (the 1080p models aren’t). In a laptop like this we don’t think it’s a must-have, but it’s a neat extra if you’re accustomed to using a tablet.That's theoretically useful when the laptop is turned off, but seriously, given the number of times you'll ever use it versus a third USB port it seems like an unnecessary and disappointing compromise.The screen on this laptop is not an OLED but in almost all conditions you could easily believe it was one. It's simply gorgeous to look at, mesmerising even. Contrast ratio and absolute black levels aren't the best, but in normal applications it looks world class.

1699 USD. The Dell XPS 15 has been a favorite of ours for some time now, but the new 9570 model provides such a great combination of performance, portability and price. For $1,700 or so, you get a six-core Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, a 15.6-inch 1080p display with super.. The interior doesn’t get any better than this. It features rubberized matte, soft-touch finish and carbon fiber base peeking from through the transparent material. The base provides the much-needed sturdiness while keeping the weight low. Unfortunately, though, the surface is a fingerprint magnet and the greasy fingers are all over the place. Not commonly found on Windows notebooks, but the keyboard follows the MacBook concept with centering the keyboard and touchpad without the Numpad area. This provides better comfort while typing without accidentally touching the surface of the touchpad. The keyboard offers long key travel with well-spaced and big enough keys. But we often found ourselves missing the enter key because it’s half-sized. Finally, the touchpad is even better – it’s one of the best we’ve used in a while. It doesn’t inherit the somehow strange performance of the 13-inch version – it’s clicky, most of the surface registers left mouse click and it’s really precise. All gestures and swipes are perfectly handled. One area where the XPS 15 beats the XPS 14 (and many other 15-inch laptops as well) is screen resolution. For a premium 15-inch laptop, the 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution is entirely appropriate, and I'd expect nothing less in something that costs $1,299 and up. Having a 1080p screen can be a bit overwhelming on a 13-inch laptop, and it's a matter of taste for 14-inch models (the XPS 14 we reviewed had a 1,600x900 display). The screen itself was bright, with edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass over it, but very, very glossy, picking up a lot of glare from nearby lights. We would like to see slightly better contrast, though. While the XPS 15’s 800:1 contrast is good, you can tell the blacks are less than perfect in a room with mid-level lighting. Some of Dell’s older laptops manage over 1000:1, which would be ideal for a high-end IPS LCD like this.

We tested the display using 24 commonly used sample colors like skin tones, grass, blue sky, orange etc. DeltaE 2000 turned out to be 0.52, which is super-accurate while the contrast ratio before calibration was 1140:1 and 980:1 after. All results are excellent.All that space to the left and right of the keyboard may look a bit funny, but in use it’s a great setup. It means you’re always working at the centre of the laptop, not off to the side. Look at the trackpad: it’s right in the centre of the XPS 15, where in a lot of 15in and 17in machines it’s shunted to one side.At 1080p with the graphics maxed-out, Thief runs at 42.4fps. Alien: Isolation averages 60fps at 1080p. Buy Dell XPS 15 9550 on Dell.com. Dell offers a 500 GB hybrid hard drive as the base offering, and a 1 TB hybrid upgrade, or you can get rid of the spinning disk altogether and choose PCIe based solid state drives, with 256 and 512 GB options. If you elect for an SSD, you also have the option of getting an 84..

We were pleased to see that our oscilloscope indicates almost no PWM dimming. Screen flickering appears only under 45 cd/m2 screen brightness but at this level, the display is practically unusable, unless you are in a pitch black room without any external light source. Even then, the display uses high frequency (26.3 kHz) and thus reducing the negative effect. Anyway, avoid setting it below 25%.This reinforcement makes the keyboard surround very stiff, managing the unusual feat of making something that at first appears to be basic plastic seem high-end. As with just about all of Dell’s more expensive laptops, the XPS 15 is exceptionally sturdy. If you pit the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 vs. Dell XPS 15, which ones comes out on top? On one hand, the XPS 15 starts at a much more competitive price point than the XPS 15 2-in-1 — especially considering its starting hardware option has newer hardware, with a Core i5 CPU that supports hyperthreading Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter Reasons to buy +Incredible 4K screenFinally, with a battery life that lasted 7 hours and 22 minutes on our video rundown test, the XPS 15 demonstrated solid longevity for a laptop its size. That said, if you are doing anything more graphically intense, battery life can evaporate much faster, as even when playing a relatively less demanding game like League of Legends at 4K, the XPS 15's runtime was closer to two and a half to three hours.

So the XPS 15 is more powerful, has bigger screen, obviously, yet it’s not much heavier or thicker than the 13-inch variant. While packing a 4K touch panel, Core i7-6700HQ CPU, and GTX 960M GPU with aluminum build, the XPS 15 weighs just 2.0 kg and it’s 17 mm thick at its thickest point. It’s really impressive compared to other machines that have the same hardware and Dell’s creation can be a good alternative to some of the Apple MacBook Pro configurations.The model we tested was with 1TB HDD and 32GB M.2 SSD. The mistake probably comes from the fact that there are models that come with only 512GB M.2 SSD. Thanks for noting. (:

But to be honest, what really is worth considering in this notebook is the flawless Ultra HD screen. It’s so precise that designers, video editors, and photographers can do their job on the go without missing the big professional monitor at home. Check the whole review below to find out more about this awesome screen. Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C930, adding a trio of useful features that...

Here you will find other useful information and every notebook we’ve tested with this processor: http://laptopmedia.com/processor/intel-core-i7-6700hq/ Check out our dell xps 15 case selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our laptop sleeves shops. Popular items for dell xps 15 case. (513 Results) It’s a very sharp display, but it’s the colour that impresses the most once you get over quite how small the screen surrounds are. It covers 99.9 percent of the sRGB colour standard, 96.9 percent of Adobe RGB and 91.4 percent of DCI P3. This is pro-quality screen in terms of colour. But you don’t need to be a graphics pro to appreciate this.The Dell XPS 15's power button now pulls double duty as a Windows 10 fingerprint reader.Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)Critically, Dell hasn’t messed with the XPS 15's keyboard, which remains a delight to use thanks to relatively deep key travel (for a laptop) and a nice, springy feel. That said, I hope that for its next refresh, Dell gives the XPS 15 a slightly wider touchpad.

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