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Back to the right faceplate assembly, slide your spool onto the spool axle, ensuring that the brake blocks are not protruding out of the collar and that the brake block assembly is aligned with the gear for a perfect seat.To clean the parts you can use Simple Green or Oxy Clean. Be careful not to get any over spray on to your line, unless your cleaning agent is biodegradable. This reduces the chances of affecting the properties of your line.Vintage ABU Ambassadeur 6000c EXTRA FINE. Vintage reel in MINT condition. Apart From A small Scratch On The Handle. Dose Not Look Like It Has Ever Been Used Operates flawlessly. COMES WITH Leather case. Spare Parts. Oil Vile. Paperwork/ manual. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR DESCRIPTION DON'T MISS OUT IT IS IN ALMOST MINT CONDITION AND FULL WORKING ORDER.Now, place all the washers back onto the drive gear in the order that you see in this picture from left to right.Slide your faceplate back onto the brake plate assembly, minding the alignment of the push button release, so that you get a proper seat. Screw down the faceplate with the two inner screws.

ambassadeur 6000 vs 6500. Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by bigpapa15206, Sep 8 Hi Jerry. Did you buy your 6500 brand new? All my 6000 and 6500 reels with stock drag washers crank.. With Feature License FL6000, the DIS-CCU can be used with MXC and 6000 series units serving up to 250 participants and 4 language channels. Additional Feature Licenses enable support for up to 3,800..

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Super Vintage pair up here. Straight out of the 1960s. This Abu Garcia 6000, complete with vintage line is paired up with a 5 foot (#5123).. The spool axle is held in by a little black clip inside the spool tension knob. Loosen the spool tension knob and pull the axle out.The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reels can cast a mile, as well as haul in monster catfish and they’ll stand up to decades of use and abuse and keep on performing.

SERVICES. Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business 433+ items sold. 0% negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings. service manual - Ivy Caudieus. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Marantz. To purchase ST6000 spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an..

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have you tried swapping bearings? Other than that I’d say take it to a professional and see what they say.Note: Older Abu’s may have a brass bushing instead of the bearing. I recommend replacing the bushing with a spool bearing for a much smoother reel. If you wish to do this: AMBASSADEUR ROUND REEL INSTRUCTION MANUAL a. Congratulations b. Pictures of Components c Discussion for the Abu Garcia 6000 (09 01) Ambassadeur . Discussion is closed Ambassadeur 5000 CDL är en legend bland sportfiskare. Genom åren har lyckliga storfiskare i ABU:s Recordfisken förtjänat och vunnit den. Konstruktionen och pålitligheten kommer från..

ShopWiscomm's items for sale in APX 6000 Service & Programming. APX 6000 Service & Programming. Displaying items 1 - 1 of 1. Sor Abu Garcia Ambassadeur bait cast fishing reels are loved by catfish anglers all across the United States and are hands down the most popular fishing reels for catfish

Go back and second check the washers on your drive gear. Make sure the washer with the tabbed ends is sitting correctly in its grooves.Abu Garcia Ambassadeur bait cast fishing reels are loved by catfish anglers all across the United States and are hands down the most popular fishing reels for catfish. See all Industries & utilities. Service. Back. Your Needs Services for Products and System Next, remove the drive gear from the handle drive shaft, including all the metal and felt drag washers, plus the anti-reverse bearing sleeve. Ambassadeur Cinglefouet est PNJ de niveau 57 Élite qui peut être trouvé dans Profondeurs de Blackrock

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If your lantern is no longer holding pressure in the tank then it is likely that the pump has become worn and will need to be replaced. This video will show you how.Just found and followed your directions to clean my ambassadeur 5000 for the first time. Can’t wait to get back out on the water to see how well it performs. Your directions were clear concise and made it easy. Thanks so much for your efforts! Hublot Boutique Las Vegas. The Forum Shops at Caesars. 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. So., Suite D-11, Las Vegas, NV 89109 On the brake plate assembly, add one more drop of oil on top of the copper washer that sits on the post, and slide the drive gear assembly back onto the post. AII6000A/AII6000M. Features. Configuration. • AII6000A/M is a compact ventilator suitable for emergency points such as ambulances, public areas and so on.

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  1. Now, flip the spool over and place a drop of oil on this bearing as well. There is no need to remove the spool brake. That’s it for the spool. Now for the good stuff…..
  2. Find solutions to your service error 6000 question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on Service Error 6000 Regarding a Canon MP830 with approximately 4-5 reams of paper use, mostly..
  3. Here’s where having a third hand comes in handy. Slide the complete worm gear assembly back into the frame. While it may take a little patience and some finger fumbling, you want to remember 3 key points:
  4. On the worm gear itself, put one drop of oil on the tip and one drop on the white collar just below the gear. Slide the worm gear into the worm gear cover. When sliding the assembly back into the frame, remember that the worm gear is tabbed, so it will flush into the frame when seated correctly. If the plastic sleeve fell out of the worm gear cover, make sure it’s oriented correctly. If you have problems seating the assembly, usually, it’s because the sleeve is backwards.
  5. What is your stand point on drag washer grease. I have never used it but am hearing more and more people (local fisherman and web users) that swear by it making their drags smoother and prolonging the life of their washers. I only ask because I saw no mention of it in this article. Thanks for all you do for us catters out there!!
  6. Passap E6000 Service Manual for Passap Knitting Machine is available for download here now. Knitting Machines etc. is the first place to stop for free downloads of Knitting Machine Manuals..

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With your 1.4mm flat tip screwdriver, carefully wedge the tip in between the C-clip and the handle post. Once again, be careful not to fling this clip off into the infinite reaches of space.These instructions are great. My question is, where the pin sets down into the worm gear under the cap that walks the line back forth, it goes to either side and stops retrieving. Is there a spring that should be under the cap that keeps the pin pressed into the work gear? If I take the cap off and keep the pin pressed into the worm it works fine. I have two reels that do the same thing. Maybe the pin is worn down. Thanks in advance!!Clean out the faceplate of any dirt and debris. Check the teeth on the cog wheel to ensure that the gear isn’t stripped. Apply the grease/lube along both sets of teeth on the cog wheel. I put one drop of oil in the axle seat (hole in the faceplate) and one on the cog wheel spindle. You can set this faceplate aside, because that’s all there is to that piece.

The face of the reel bears a silver tone coat-of-arms icon and is marked Ambassadeur 6000 and ABU Sweden. Full-service selling solutions for home or business-minded consignors Hotel Ambassadeur. Wapenplein 8a, Oostende Centre, 8400 Ostend, Belgium - Great location The restaurant Arno's Café serves a seafood specialty menu prepared with fresh fish and shrimps, freshly.. ABU Ambassadeur 2600C 2601C Elite 2009 limited. Double click on above image to view full picture. ABU Ambassadeur 2600C 2601C Elite 2009 limited. Availability: Out of stock

Canon bjc-6000. Likes. 0 多年以来,ABU旗下的Ambassadeur系列的鼓轮家族一直就是钓鱼界的信仰品,横跨半个多世纪的历史,如今这类鼓轮依然活跃在市场和玩家手中,那种具有时代质感. 的造型设计,不光吸引了钓鱼人的目.. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000 (Fishing): 4.7 out of 5 stars from 3 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion Have been using Abu 6000 for over 15 years, and it has been a splendid performer Passap E6000, service manual full... on: julio 28, 2009, 03:35:17 am. Se trata de una máquina de tejer profesional, semi-industrial, a varios colores, automática, autónoma y con posibilidad de ingresar los.. M6000 Series. Capable - wide enough gear ratio and good gear step optimized for from steep climb to fast decent. Keep pedaling in efficient front driving gear with wider range cassette for riding up and..

Now you will be reinstalling the two metal tension plates. Orientation is important. The easiest way to remember, is that the tension plates should mimic the open and closed parenthesis shapes as they fit onto the handle drive shaft like so: ( ) The plate curving upwards should go on first, then the plate curving down.Now, we will work with the level wind. Turn the worm gear, so that line guide moves all the way over to one side. You’ll need to do this in order to clear the reel foot with a screwdriver. Remove the pawl cover with the screwdriver. Pull the pawl out from the line guide assembly, taking care not to lose it (small part). abu garcia ambassadeur 6000c. Like us on Facebook. PicClick Insights for. abu garcia ambassadeur 6000c Now unscrew your star drag. Turn your assembly over and two metal tension plates will come out off of the shaft.Place the handle back on the shaft and tighten the nut with the wrench. Before re-attaching the C-clip, check the alignment of the handle nut cap.

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FLEX-1500 Service Manual 1 file(s) 1032 downloads. FLEX-6000 Full Duplex Power Calculation Worksheet 1 file(s) 761 downloads These basic steps for cleaning and lubricating a fishing reel will work for all baitcast fishing reels. Some of the parts may have slight variations but the overall process will be the same.Chad Ferguson is a pro catfish guide with over fifteen years experience fishing professionally for catfish, outdoor writer, photographer and noted authority on catfish fishing. Get more exclusive catfish fishing tips here by email, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter I've used Abu Garcia round reels for 35 years and love them but I've only ever had 5000, 6000, and Simple and Proven design. I prefer to service all my reels myself and these reels are very easy to self..

View and Download Heat & Glo 6000C-IPI owner's manual online. 6000C-IPI Indoor Fireplace pdf manual download. Also for: 8000c-ipilp, 6000c-ipilp, 8000c-ipi. Tällaiset kelat myytävänä 6000c on musta juhlavuoden kela nahkakotelossa ja melkein kuin uusi,muutama naarmu.6000pro shop on se vihreä ja vissiin sama kuin rocketti ja on kuin uusi.Hinta.. I recieved an Abu Garica 5500C that was my father inlaws with no real history. I tried to cast it with a 1/2 oz weight and nothing functioned as I remember a bait casting reel is suppose to. It had very sticky and rough winding, so I was not surprised when the weight came flying back at me. I am a do it yourselfer, and I don’t like to spend money unless it is a last resort. I appreciate your video and can’t weight to perform the rebirth of a family heirloom. Thanks Bill Galloway, Goose Creek, SC Service Specials & Offers. Find a Coach Care RV Service Center. Contact Customer Assistance. Find a local dealer or distributor for assistance with your Cummins sales or service needs Ambassadeur 6000 Big A. Voir cette épingle et d'autres images dans Tom Ambassadeur reels par Tom Taiton. Balises

Apply a drop of oil at the base of each paddle on the handle and turn the paddle a few times to spread it out. Service. Whether your product is under warranty or not, we are here to help you get back out on the In the U.S. & Canada Abu Garcia Customer Service 1900 18th Street Spirit Lake, IA 51360 (800).. With both assemblies oriented this way, I like to pop the frame assembly on from the top. This way, I know my spool is still seated correctly. Take care and don’t force the pieces together. Ensure your alignment is correct. Once the assemblies have snapped into place, tighten down the 3 thumbscrews.Hey there chad nice brake down of the the Abu . Do you know where I can get parts for them any type . Picked an old blue 6500C4 elite with 2 missing thumb screws on the handle side for 20bucks .No one repairs them around here in WV.A any more This is the 11 pages manual for Uher 6000 Report Service Manual. Read or download the pdf below. If you want to contribute, please mail your pdfs to info@audioservicemanuals.com

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6000 GMDSS Consoles. Maritime communication inspired by you 2013 Product Sheet. The high quality and flexible SAILOR 6000 GMDSS Consoles are also available in versions which include the.. Keeping your fishing reels clean and well lubricated assures optimum performance. If you don’t have the time or the desire to take your catfish reels apart, your local reel repair shop will clean reels for around 20–30 bucks each. If you like to tinker, taking apart an Abu reel is relatively easy, if you keep some key points in mind.Clean off any dirt or old grease. Run a cotton swab through the worm gear cover and line guide to get out any dirt or debris. Clean the pawl tip as well, since this is what runs through the grooves on the worm gear. View and Download ABB ACS 6000 service and maintenance manual online. Page 1 ACS 6000 Medium Voltage Drives 3 to 27 MVA Service and Maintenance Manual Document No.: 3BHS202077..

about. Ambassadeurs Berlin, Germany. placeholder 1-16 of 102 results for ambassadeur 6000. Skip to main search results. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur SX Baitcast Fishing Reel

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Here’s a guide to cleaning your fishing reels. As always, one may find some easier methods, but here’s my method.Although we’ll begin by removing the right faceplate first, we’ll go over this part of the reel last. This section has the most moving parts and consumes the majority of the percentage of your time when cleaning the reel.Remove the handle nut with the 10mm open ended wrench and remove the handle. There will be a handle spacer plate right underneath the handle, so take care when removing the handle. 19.99 USD. Mamba F405 Flight Controller Betaflight STM32 MPU6000 OSD Built-in 5V/2A BEC. Firmware Target : FURYF4OSD (Legacy). Diagram Link From Help Centre Link

ABU-garcia Ambassadeur C 4601 C3 Cannon Manual Downriggers; Penn Downriggers . Accessories; Penn Downrigger Parts; ... ambassadeur-6000-old-schematic-schematic ... Ambassadeur 6000 09 02 Schematic. USD $0.00. Ambassadeur 6000C 1969. USD $0.00. Ambassadeur 6000 09 03 Schematic. USD $0.00. Ambassadeur 6000 05-01. USD $0.00. Ambassadeur 6000 09 03. USD $0.00. Abu Dual Bearing ...Move the line guide to the center and place a drop of oil on either side of the line guide onto the grooves of the worm gear (here is one place that you can use two drops). Move your line guide across back and forth to spread the oil around. I also place a drop of oil in the groove on the thumb guard post, where the top potion of the line guide slides across.Don’t forget to work in a well-controlled area. There are a few tiny parts, and they can easily be flung off….never to be seen again.

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Need to fix your 6000 (09 01) Ambassadeur? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make Abu Garcia 6000 (09 01) Ambassadeur Parts. Find Part by Symptom Cheap Рыболовные катушки, Buy Quality Спорт и развлечения Directly from China Suppliers:100% Оригинал Abu Garcia 14 AMBASSADEUR C4 5600 5601 Правосторонняя Рыболовная катушка 6..

Before you begin, you don’t have remove your fishing line, just put a piece of electrical tape on the line. This comes in handy when putting the reel back together, because it keeps your loose line from getting caught between the spool and the frame. If it’s time to change out your fishing line then go ahead and remove it. Here’s an awesome DIY fishing line stripper you can build for pennies. The a6000 is a superb hybrid camera offering the quality of an interchangeable lens camera & ultra-fast shutter Shoot better with the α6000: superb 24MP quality, quick autofocus — and very portable

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Thanks for the great instructions! I inherited 2 of these Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000’s when my Dad passed away. I had not used them so this was my first time going through them and cleaning/ servicing so I was a novice. It may have taken me a bit longer than many but got it done thanks to your post. Now to learn how to use them!Slide the axle (brass collar side in) back into the spool pinion gear until you hear it click. It should do a slight lock into the black clip inside the spool tension knob. Once it’s in, you can back off on the spool tension knob. On the inside of the metal collar that surrounds the gear/axle, place two drops oil. You can put the drops anywhere, but I usually put them at opposite ends of each other for even distribution. This will help to lube the brake blocks on the spool for smoother casting. Have a look at the manual Asus M6000 Service Guide online for free. It's possible to download the document as PDF or print. UserManuals.tech offer 379 Asus manuals and user's guides for free The MDM6000 modem is typically installed at both ends of a point-to-point satellite link or at the The Newtec MDM6000 Satellite Modem combines a number of innovative elements to improve current..

The onboard flight attendant serves you from a full-service galley and separate crew area, offering you privacy accompanied by the best private jet service possible. The extremely quiet cabin also features.. When you reinstall the worm gear clip, make sure it seats between the white collar and the gear. Flip the frame over and move your line guide back over to one side. Pop in the pawl and move your line guide slightly, until your pawl is almost flush and is inside the grooves on the worm gear. Screw your pawl cover back on and turn the worm gear to verify function. IPv6 für Auerswald Systeme. VLAN für Quality of Service und Sicherheit. 1.187 KByte. Änderungen. Hinweis für Erweiterungssatz COMmander 6000R Xtension. de/en Pull off the plastic spool pinion gear. Place a drop of oil on the spool bearing and pop the spool pinion gear back on.If you find parts need to be replaced during the cleaning process you can find parts readily available on eBay or even through your local bait and tackle shop.

- scratches and marks; tarnish; residue; the name “Frenchy” is scratched into the paint below the handle; untested.If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or need a reel schematic most of the Abu Garcia Schematics are available online through Abu Garcia.

Service. Unser Service Gewährleistung Rückrufservice Finanzierung Preisgarantie Vermeiden Sie Fehler Inzahlungnahme From my screwdriver kit, I only use the 1.4mm flat tip and the #1 Phillips screwdrivers. The extra flat tip screwdriver is available in the event that the 3 thumbscrews are too tight on the Abu faceplate, but most importantly, for the pawl cover. 1 pages Service Parts List for Milwaukee 6000 Sander. Transcription: #1: 23ov Motor Parts __ Milwaukee. Sander. Service Parts List, File Type: PDF. 1. Download Milwaukee 6000 Manual (1..


  1. All parts are referenced as if you are holding the reel in the casting position, with the level wind pointed away from you.
  2. 1-16 of 102 results for ambassadeur 6000. Skip to main search results. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur SX Baitcast Fishing Reel
  3. 71 results for ambassadeur 6000. Save ambassadeur 6000 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. eBay Premium Service. Excellent customer service as rated by buyers
  4. Remove the excess grease from the brake plate assembly. There is a little copper washer that sits on the brake plate post.
  5. Fishing reel parts and service and upgrades. We repair rods, reels, trolling motors, depth sounders, downriggers and Coleman Ambassadeur 6000 (old) Schematic. No reviews yet Write a Review
  6. Allison Transmission Service Manuals PDF Download. Title. Allison Transmission 5000, 6000, 8000, 9000 SeriesOff-Highway Transmissions Commercial Electronic Controls 2 (CEC2) TS3353EN..

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Scalar i6000. Designed for enterprise customers needing the highest level of scale, performance and security to meet the most demanding archive and long-term compliance requirements Find great deals on eBay for ambassadeur 2500 and abu ambassadeur. Shop with confidence. Save ambassadeur 2500 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed Service Manual. For the turbochef tornado. Chapter 10: Service Parts and Illustrations. Figure 7: NGC (Tornado) Control System Figure 17: Control System Panel Enclosure and Parts..

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  1. You can use any reel lube and oil that you prefer. I use a variety of lubricants but the Abu Garcia brand products work well because they do their job well and can be found at most stores.
  2. As far as the frame is concerned, I usually clean it for cosmetic purposes, but you really don’t want any dirt in and around the ingress points like where the spool makes contact and where the worm gear cover sits. The thumb guard snaps on, and you can remove it to give it a more thorough cleaning.
  3. Your session timed out, but you can start a new hotel search below. Note: For the best experience on Marriott.com, please enable cookies on your browser
  4. linux kernel drivers for dell S6000. Contribute to Azure/sonic-platform-modules-s6000 development by creating an account on GitHub
  5. Documents. Service Manual. Drager Narkomed 6000 Service Manual. Loading Document..
  6. 6000 CD 2004 — 2008. Although this method does not work for every unit, the serial number displays on screen by turning ON the radio holding buttons 1 and 6 for three seconds

Speed Services. Up for auction is an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000c Baitcast reel. This reel has been used and has some surface scratches, but is in excellent mechanical condition Service Manual. The Xerox Phaser 6000/6010 and Xerox WorkCentre 6015 MFP Service manual is the primary document used for repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the printers

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  1. or point – you wrote: “Loosen the spool tension knob and pull the axle out.” I would like to add this “…, turn the axle half a turn to release the axle and pull the axle out. In this way you won’t damage the part # 20090 plate (6000 reels).
  2. Hey Chad, I have a newer version of this reel, it’s a 6400 Abu Ambassadeur C4 but it has the thumb release for freespool and no thumb screws on the handle side. All traditional screws. Is there any major difference in servicing this reel? I have not seen a single walkthrough anywhere on the web for it and it badly needs a cleaning/lubing to remove the factory grease because it sometimes affects function when reeling in a strong fish.
  3. Mit der Abu Ambassadeur Classic Red Multirolle erhalten Sie eine klassische Angelrolle, die wunderbar funktioniert und seit Jahren vom äußeren her gleich geblieben ist
  4. View and download the Manual of Passap E6000 Knitter (page 1 of 193) (English). Also support or get the manual by email
  5. CLASSIC AMBASSADEUR® ROUND REEL INSTRUCTION MANUAL a. Congratulations b. Pictures of Components c. Family Info d. How to Fill the Spool with Line e. Drag Adjustment f. Removing the Sideplate g. Reel Function h. Maintenance i. Warranty Information A. CONGRATULATIONS: Thank you for purchasing one of the world’s most advanced round reels.
  6. Запчасть для рыболовной катушки 5 NEW REEL PART ABU GARCIA AMBASSADEUR 4000 Запчасть для рыболовной катушки Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000 6001 6500 6600 C5 MAG 2..
  7. Ambassadeur reels are equipped with a removable handle sideplate that allows access to the spool and centrifugal brake system. To open the sideplate, use a phillips head screwdriver to turn the 3 sideplate screws counterclockwise until completely loosened. Gently pull on the handle sideplate until it separates from the frame of the reel.

Abu Garcia 6000 C Ambassadeur Parts. Find Part by Symptom Search ... Lft Sd Plt 6000C Grooved Blk No Longer Available [ More Info ] Part Number: 975059. Discontinued. Not Available. 62 Click Spring 5/ 6000 No Longer Available [ More Info ] Part Number: 975143. Discontinued. See more of Ambassadeur on Facebook. Ambassadeur. Product/Service. CommunitySee All. 34 people like this

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  1. Clean out the faceplate. Place one drop of oil in the axle seat and two drops inside the anti-reverse bearing.
  2. An ABU Ambassadeur 6000 fishing reel. This baitcasting reel is made from red and silver tone metal with white handles. The face of the reel bears a silver tone coat-of-arms icon and is marked “Ambassadeur 6000” and “ABU Sweden”.
  3. L'Ambassadeur. Coordonnées et horaires. La chancellerie diplomatique et le service de presse. Le Service Economique Régional. La Mission de Coopération Militaire et de Défense
  4. In service, in production. Produced. 1998-present[2]. The shorter range Global 5000 is slightly smaller and the Global 6000 is updated and has been modified for military missions
  5. Slide the worm gear clip off of the worm gear and set this piece aside. Pull out the worm gear and the entire assembly will come apart.
  6. Trade Shows. Personal Protective Equipment. Services. Sell on Alibaba. Help

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  1. Usually this means you’ve either not put it back together correctly or damaged something in the process.
  2. Turn the drive gear upside down and you should see a black felt washer. Carefully, clean any and all excess grease and oil. Grease and oil will seep into this assembly and the washers and will cause slippage with your drag. Place that black felt washer back onto your handle drive shaft.
  3. To simplify BE 6000 ordering process for Disti and direct orders, we are introducing the new ordering structure. The following are some highlights. Ordering guide will be published on Feb 4th 2013

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Fishing reel parts and service and upgrades. We repair rods, reels, trolling motors, depth sounders, downriggers and Coleman Ambassadeur 6000 (old) Schematic. No reviews yet Write a Review Abu Garcia® is working hard to help you #fishthroughit. We are operating our distribution center in compliance with enhanced safety procedures for our team and within new government regulations where we operate. This may delay some deliveries, but we are committed to … Take Ambassadeur 5000 (old type) as an example. Disassemble the handle unit and the palming cup, then take out the spool. Fit the brake unit into the post attaching to the reel foot

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