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Moe has mentioned that American Rock singer Dave Grohl was once mugged in Springfield.[8] Given that Grohl grew up in a place called Springfield in Virginia, this could be considered the correct state. Springfield's location is impossible to determine, and the show is deliberately evasive on the subject, providing contradictory clues and information about its location. In The Simpsons Movie, Ned says that Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky all border Springfield. Illinois borders one of these states. Ned's joke is just a joke and not meant to be taken literally like most other hints. Today the city is called A market town. A royal manor. A cattle trading centre. 23) How many cups of tea does the average Briton drink each year? 820 ‘Everything you can experience in Los Angeles, you can have a much better version of it in Portland- including, very basically, the air you breathe.’

Shown in various episodes inside of The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop is a Boston Red Sox pennant, a hometown baseball team in Springfield, Massachusetts. In "Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)", Snake commandeers a helicopter after a high-speed police chase, then flies next to Kent Brockman's news chopper. When Brockman asks him about the traffic below, Snake mentions a pileup on the "101/405 interchange", which is a real highway crossroads located in Sherman Oaks, California. This possibly hints that Springfield may be in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. The station jingle is "No sports, no rock, no information! For mindless chatter, we're your station!" Geographically speaking, the Springfield area shares numerous similarities to Washington. For example, the Springfield area is known to have at least one active volcano, Mt. Springfield. Washington state similarly has several active volcanoes, including the well-known Mount St. Helens. This could mean that Springfield is either in, or at least close to, the Washington state. Springfield also has an implied proximity to Canada and in real life, Washington state shares its northern border with this country. In "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", on the map of Krusty Burger locations, Homer points to the one off the east coast, implying that they live on the east coast.

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  1. 4. How many states does it consist of? The most important crops grown in the States are also tobacco, soy-beans, peanuts, grapes and many others. There are a lot of large and modern cities, but a great proportion of the country consists of open land dotted with farm-houses and small towns
  2. Springfield University is a large college which Homer attended in "Homer Goes to College". It teaches several different courses, including nuclear physics, arts management, and the meaning of cartoons, and has a fierce rivalry with Springfield A&M University. In the episode "Faith Off", the nickname of the Springfield University football team is revealed to be the Nittany Tide—a reference to the Penn State Nittany Lions and Alabama Crimson Tide.
  3. But because Springfield is such a common name for a town, even Groening admits that the Estately measured how many residents per capita had the same last names as characters on the Simpsons Springfield, Ohio, had the most people with names from the show, but only Missouri boasts a long..
  4. It should be noted that in "Homer Alone", the lobby of Rancho Relaxo (located in the Springfield Mountains) plays the radio station "Coma", whose call letters are WKOMA. It is also possible that if the town was located next to the Mississippi River, they could also receive "W" stations on their radio.

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  1. The town is divided into many neighborhoods, including Rats Nest, Bum Town, Chinatown, Crackton, East Springfield, Greek Town, Russian Town, Junkyville, Little Bangkok, Little Ethiopia, Little Italy, Little Newark, Little Stockholm, Little Seattle, Little Ukraine, Ethnictown, the Jewish Lower East Side, Kelly Terrace, Pressboard Estates, Recluse Ranch Estates, Skid Row, Springfield Harbor, Springfield Heights, Hyperion Drive, Springshire, Tibet Town, Waverly Hills, the borough of Sprooklyn,[32] the Lincoln Park Village Housing Project, the Flammable District, a gay district and a fast-food district.[33]
  2. Season 20 Episode 7 "MyPods and Boomsticks" A spoof of an Apple store, where Lisa almost bought a MyPod.
  3. Wondering how many national parks in the U.S. there are? Its addition to the long list of U.S. national parks made us wonder — just how many national parks are there? The U.S. National Park Service was founded in 1916, but the country's first national park predates it — Yellowstone National..

In Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two), Chief Wiggum says "No jury's gonna convict a baby. Uh, maybe Texas", making it even less likely that they are in Texas. The USA's fastest growing city in the top 50 was Fresno, California, a farm town turned high tech. It grew by 61 % and has more than 350,000 residents. The Census figures show that the once sleeping giants of the South and West are the new power cities now

The state follows a standard education system, with elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. However, the state has a very low education budget; schools can only afford to buy books other schools have banned, they are forced to cancel all artistic and physical education, and must rent out classrooms as prison cells to make ends meet. The most extreme example of this is Springfield Elementary School, which was moved from Missouri brick by brick after reaching bottom of the state league table. The state is also home to Springfield University, Springfield A&M (which was founded by a cow), and the unfortunately-initialed Springfield Heights Institute of Technology. In "The Bart of War", a Mohican says that his tribe's land stretched from "Krusty Burger to Gary's Waterbed Warehouse" while he indicated parts of Springfield. In "Lisa the Iconoclast", when a few members of Springfield are digging up the grave of Jebediah Springfield (looking for a literal silver tongue), Groundskeeper Willie tosses a shovel-full of dirt onto the eternal flame of Adlai Stevenson. Adlai Stevenson (likely referring to Adlai Stevenson II) was a former Democratic governor of Illinois and ran for president in 1952 and 1956. New York City is America's largest city and one of the most popular in the world. The city is home to some of the world's most historic monuments, magnificent buildings, and countless dazzling skyscrapers

Many of the school faculty seem very bored with their jobs and do not try to help students, leaving them to unfulfilling futures. They also take full advantage of any-and-all time off that they have. Several of the teachers and staff smoke and drink in the staff room and in front of their students. In one episode, the teachers are shown joyfully running out of the school building with the students at the end of the day and subsequently are then shown trooping back into school the following day. Otto Mann is shown to be a user of illegal drugs, and in the episode "Weekend At Burnsie's", Lisa notices a smell of marijuana and remarks that "it smells like the art teacher's office". The teachers like Miss Hoover do not seem to care whether or not the students achieve in their class, and seem to have given up on many of them. Also, there are many tall mountains in Springfield (i.e. the Murderhorn), while Florida is a mostly flat state with no mountains at all. In "A Tale of Two Springfields", as well as the dubiously canonical video game The Simpsons: Hit & Run, it is revealed that Springfield's area code is 636; however, the Real Springfield, Missouri's area code is 417. Missouri also has this area code. The new area code, 939, is in Puerto Rico. Also, the Simpson family's house address, 742 Evergreen Terrace is an actual address in Savannah, Missouri, but its area code is 816. The Springfield Retirement Castle is Springfield's retirement home for the elderly. Some noted residents of the Castle include Abraham "Grampa" J. Simpson and his neighbors, Jasper Beardley, and the Crazy Old Man. A. As in many other European countries, Britain's main newspapers are losing their readers. Fewer and fewer people are buying broadsheets and tabloids at the newsagent's. In the last quarter of the twentieth century people became richer and now they can choose other forms of leisure activity

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In "Marge in Chains", a road sign at the Springfield city limit lists a distance of 676 miles to Mexico City. Thus, Springfield would be located in southern Texas. In "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", when he arrives in New York, Homer tells the rest of the family, "Now remember, criminals prey on small-town folk like us, so if anyone asks we're sophisticated millionaires from the Ozarks." The real Springfield, Arkansas is located in the Ozark Foothills. Possible suggestions lead to the affirmation that Springfield is in Virginia. In "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge", Fat Tony and the mafia head for the Simpson house to demand Homer to comes out in a Sopranos style-cinematic view that shows Interstate 95. If you use this as a basis, Interstate 95 cuts right through present-day Springfield, Virginia, Tennessee is in the southwest border of Virginia, and Springfield is on the water of Potamic River, at Ft. Belvoir (now a museum). The Springfield CDP is recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau with a population of 30,484 as of the 2010 census. 

Springfield Preparatory School was a private school in Springfield. Greta Wolfcastle and other students attend there. The Simpsons attended an Annual Fair there in the episode "The Bart Wants What It Wants". Comics sold there are well-loved by Bart and Milhouse's Radioactive Man, Manboy, Radiation Dude, Batboy, Mr. Hop, Batchick, Mr. Smarty Pants, Birdguy, Nick, Cat Girl, Power Person, Dog Kid, Iguana Girl, Snake Kid, Lava Lady, Star Dog, The Human Bee, Mister Amazing and Tree Man, as well as real-life comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. The Happy Sumo is a Japanese restaurant. Among the restaurant's menu offerings are all kinds of sushi, including fugu, which can be fatally poisonous if not properly prepared. The Master Sushi Chef is the only person at the restaurant qualified to prepare fugu. The restaurant also offers karaoke. Akira works as a waiter and translates on occasion for the Simpson family. Many emigrants are wondering how Easter is celebrated in the United States. Is there an Easter bunny as well? As in many other countries, Easter in the USA is also celebrated with some beautiful traditions, colorful eggs and the Easter bunny, of course Krustyland is an amusement park that appeared in the episode "The Food Wife" of season 23. It is based on the theme of The Simpsons Ride, which opened at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2008.

4.The London Underground is commonly called the Metro. 5.There are 13 players in a cricket team. 6.Traditionally a double decker is a big sandwich. Task 6. Cross-cultural Test Part 1. For each situation give 2 most appropriate means of saying you want to leave someone politely for a short time Most students travel to school by bus, usually driven by Otto Mann. However, in "The Otto Show", Otto is suspended from his job (due to not actually having a drivers license) and Principal Skinner temporarily takes over Otto's role. Additionally, in another episode, the students are forced to carpool when the school bus is wrecked after Otto falls asleep at the wheel and the bus crashes into the auto wrecking yard. In the episode "The Boy Who Knew Too Much", the regular school bus breaks down and a Springfield State Prison bus is used instead. The bus is sometimes shown to be in extremely poor condition, another indicator of the school's low funding.

A considerable number of the middle-aged generation of Springfield citizens, though, have an accent of the greater New York metropolitan area. Marge Simpson and Barney Gumble both exhibit rhotic, New York metropolitan accents (as spoken, for example, in Long Island or North Jersey), while Carl Carlson and Lenny Leonard, as well as Moe Szyslak (who is not a Springfield native, but who moved there as a young child), all have authentically non-rhotic New York City accents (as spoken, for example, in Brooklyn). In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will have spread through the entire United States, one of the faces appears in Virginia in the first frame.

However, Abraham Simpson II has an inveterate, unexplained hatred of Missouri, implying that it is not his own state. That said, he also claims that Missouri represents the "last time I vote to admit a new state." Missouri was admitted to the Union in 1821, which would make Grampa over 200 years old, so all of his opinions on Missouri may be the result of his senility.  In "Principal Charming" and "Selma's Choice", Hans Moleman's driver's license shows a ZIP code of 90701. That is, in fact, the ZIP code for Artesia, California. However, this could simply be an out of date license. In addition to the sale of food, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and other items offered at a typical convenience store, gasoline pumps have been shown in front on two occasions. The Springfield Shopper also sells well there and it is where Principal Seymour Skinner purchases his tabloids. In the episode "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song", Apu has just installed 16 new gas pumps to compete with rival convenience store, the Gas 'N Gulp. However, they, along with the Kwik-E-Mart, are destroyed due to Bart accidentally interrupting a live mortar exercise at Fort Springfield when visiting the re-enlisted Skinner, forcing the soldiers to redirect the mortar fire into the town, destroying the store and pumps off screen. The episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" also shows the pumps where Apu refuses to go out and serve a customer on the forecourt. In The Simpsons Movie, the town attempts to sneak out in front of Russ Cargill up a rope holding a bomb intended to blow up the town. The town raises an old KBBL radio tower up to climb toward the rope. According to the FCC, KBBL is located in Springfield, MO.

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  1. g out from the Simpson home to outside the universe (ala Power of 10). It apparently puts Springfield near the Great Lakes.
  2. Places called Springfield in America. Springfield - Wisconsin - America Springfield - West Virginia Many American towns are named after European cities. How many states in the United States have a city or town named Jasper? How can you describe the largest cities in the Southeast..
  3. During the couch gag for "Wedding for Disaster", the sales tax on Comic Book Guy's bill works out to be 8.25%, the default sales tax rate in California. The sales tax rate in Austin, Texas is also 8.25%.
  4. In "Lisa the Vegetarian", it is shown that both Ms. Hoover and Lunchlady Doris have access to "Independent Thought Alarms" which are sent to Principal Skinner's office and are both triggered by Lisa. Also, in "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song", Superintendent Chalmers fires Ned Flanders, who has become Principal after Skinner being sacked, only because he freely expresses his religious views in the school. Edna Krabappel was Bart Simpson's 4th grade teacher, and from Season 23 onwards also neighbor due to marrying to Ned Flanders until Season 25 established Krabappel's death. In "Left Behind", the Leftorium closes, leaving Flanders unemployed, and he returns to Springfield Elementary School, where he finds a new job as Bart Simpson's new teacher, substituting the void left by his deceased second wife Edna Krabappel.[46][47]
  5. Halfway through said episode, Congressman Bob Arnold is seen offered and accepting a bribe from a logging company which wants to clear-cut the Springfield National Forest, much to Lisa's dismay.

In "My Big Fat Geek Wedding", Homer suggests that Springfield is within a state bordering the Great Lakes; after Skinner tells Homer if he could just speak to Edna for a moment and Homer tells Skinner that he didn't tell him to say that, Skinner asks Homer why is he taking Homer's advice, and Homer says its because he's successfully married. Skinner then notices that there is no ring on Homer's finger, so Homer says, "Oh, why did I take it off? Oh, right. To see if I could skip it across Lake Michigan." However, this is only slightly relevant - he could have been visiting the state at the time. There are many local ways of speaking that could be used to locate Springfield within the United States. However, the residents of Springfield have a huge range of accents, some of which clearly originate even outside the country (such as Groundskeeper Willie's Scottish accent). Most Springfield children and many adults speak with a regionally-nonspecific general American accent (for example, Homer Simpson), as mostly heard throughout the Northern or Western United States. In "Catch 'Em if You Can", Homer is about to take a flight with Marge for a family birthday party and complains about the airline of a previous trip. He exclaims, "What kind of an airline routes all their flights through Nome, Alaska?". If they lived in Alaska, this is not so bad, but if they don't live in Alaska, it is quite a long trip.

In "The Bart Wants What It Wants", Homer says to Lisa that he will pay for her to attend any college in South Carolina. Springfield boasts an opera house, an outdoor amphitheater, an arboretum, and a vibrant jazz scene, and was previously regarded as the entertainment capital of its state.[34] However, The Simpsons Movie rules out Alaska as they move there, implying that Springfield is located in Nebraska. Many other towns have their own version of the ball-drop, but most Americans who watch it do so on television, as it has been televised for many years. Valentine's Day in America is celebrated with the giving of flowers and chocolates. It is considered a romantic holiday

More than 1,316,400 people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus and at least 78,700 have died, according to a New York Times database. More than 1,000 additional deaths have been announced every day since April 2 In "Kamp Krusty", Tijuana is just a day trip away, meaning that Springfield could logically be in either California, New Mexico or Arizona. Krusty Burger is a fast food restaurant chain owned by Krusty the Clown as one of his many branded products and services. Krusty Burger is seen as a parody of a typical fast food chain such as McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Wendy's, or Arby's. A typical store features a drive-thru with a speaker box and most of the employees are young teenage workers. In the episode "22 Short Films About Springfield", the Springfield police are comparing the differences between Krusty Burger and McDonald's, a parallel of the "Royale With Cheese discussion" seen in Pulp Fiction. Comprised of 50 states, the USA occupies an area that's only just marginally smaller than Eur. Here are the best places to visit in the USA so you can get the most out of your big trip to The States. On the main street called the Strip, there are the Bellagio's impressive fountain shows, a replica of the.. Find the top 15 cities, towns, and suburbs near Springfield, IL, like Chatham and Taylorville, and explore the surrounding area for a day trip. Scroll down the page to find a list of big cities if you're booking a flight between airports, or a list of smaller surrounding towns if you're doing a road trip

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In the episode titled "Worst Episode Ever" (which is a remark often used by Comic Book Guy), Bart and Milhouse are given the job of running the comic book store after Comic Book Guy suffers from a stress-induced heart attack and is instructed to try and gain a social life. During their brief tenure at the store, Bart and Milhouse discover a secret room filled with bootleg videotapes of various extremely rare or illegal subjects, such as a taping of Mr. Rogers on a drunken bender and several interrogation tapes from the Springfield Police. These tapes are later confiscated during a police raid on the store. It was damaged in The Simpsons Movie, like most of the rest of the town, with Comic Book Guy living out of the ruins, considering that all-in-all, his life collecting comics had been "well spent". It also states that you can move in with friends if you fall out with your husband or wife. We are urging Sun readers to sign a petition calling for our NHS staff to be awarded the George Cross. We are backing a proposal by Lord Ashcroft to honour our health heroes with the gallantry gong given for acts.. Springfield, Illinois and Springfield, Missouri , among other American cities and towns named Springfield, were named after Springfield, Massachusetts. What is the most frequently occurring community (city, town, village, etc.) name in the United States

The town's climate is usually dry and sunny, with a bright blue sky. However, it has been subject to many natural disasters, including heat waves, blizzards, avalanches, earthquakes, acid rain, floods, hurricanes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions. West Springfield Elementary School is an elementary school in Springfield. It is identical in layout to Springfield Elementary, as both were built from the same plans.

Springfield USA is home to world's most favorite cartoon family - The Simpsons! If you ever dreamed of living in this mystical city, check out this definitive USA 9 'i§ . . And since they never specify on the show a '. W E d _ which Springfield they live in, we looked at five cities named Springfield. s.. In the couch gag for "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner", "Simple Simpson", "Bart-Mangled Banner", "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" and "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind", when the camera begins to zoom out of the universe, it zooms out of Illinois, and there is a real city named Springfield in Illinois. There is also a real city named Shelbyville in Illinois, 63.6 miles away from Springfield, IL. Does anybody know if there is a Springfield in every state in the USA. I am just curious. I learned that almost every state in the us has a Springfield The state also contains at least two thousand McDonald's restaurants, according to Lou (although none are in Springfield).[4] In July 2007, convenience store chain 7-Eleven converted 11 of its stores in the United States and one in Canada into Kwik-E-Marts to promote the release of The Simpsons Movie.[41] The locations of the renovated Kwik-E-Marts were: Bladensburg, Maryland/Washington, D.C.; Burbank, California; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Henderson/Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Mountain View/San Francisco; New York City; Orlando/Lake Buena Vista, Florida; Seattle;[42] and Vancouver/Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.[43] These 12 locations, as well as the majority of other North American 7-Elevens, sold products found in The Simpsons, such as "Buzz Cola", "Krusty-O's", "Squishees", pink frosted "Sprinklicious doughnuts", and other Simpsons-themed merchandise. The Squishees were Slurpees that are sold in special collector cups and the Krusty-O's were made by Malt-O-Meal.[42] The promotion resulted in a 30% increase in profits for the changed 7-Eleven stores. This can be seen during the opening of The Simpsons Movie.[44]

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In "Bart the Fink", when Bart asks the local bankers about the check he gave to Krusty, a phone call is made to New York at 2:01 PM, then to the Cayman Islands at 2:02 PM. Afterwards, a fax is made to Washington D.C. at 2:03 PM, and Krusty is arrested in Springfield at 2:04 PM. The first three places are all in the UTC-5 time zone when the Northern Hemisphere is in winter (also when the episode was first aired). Also, assuming the sequence of events is meant to show how quickly the authority reacts to tax evasion, that would put Springfield in the North American Eastern Time Zone. The ice cream parlor actually owns several locations, but most of them are in the Springfield Mall. They serve, indeed, 5600 flavors, with their premier item being "The Ark", a gigantic sundae featuring all the store's flavors, 26 sauces, toppings and nuts. In "You Kent Always Say What You Want", Homer purchased the 1,000,000th ice-cream cone (though briefly lost the prize because he could not decide between a cup or a cone), and won a special interview with Kent Brockman. The easiest and most obvious origin is a direct translation of los angeles, which in Spanish means 'the angels.' But the history of Los Angeles' name is more complex than a simple translation - and plays an For hundreds of years, the Tongva people existed in the area that is now called Los Angeles

Also, on Homer's driver's license, the state is NT and the zip code is 49007, which is a Kalamazoo, Michigan zip code. It seems likely that Springfield would exist in a fictional state, as it has a different flag from others. However, it is possible they could still be in a real state, as Nash Castor mentions the Springfield primary and "49 other primaries" in "E. Pluribus Wiggum". However, every real state name has been mentioned at least once in a canonical episode, except Arkansas and Oklahoma. How many states are in the USA? This is an easy one. How to call US from Mexico? You can either use the +1 trick from above when dialing, or speak into the tin can and How many Syrian refugees in USA? Ending on a chipper note, I see. With 4 million Syrians fleeing their homes and ISIS and.. The Simpsons Springfield USA has come to life at Universal Studios Florida! Welcome to Springfield USA, the all-American hometown of The Simpsons family. As part of the World Expo Next, try your luck at the many themed midway games and earn prizes, such as a giant plush can of.. There is also a radio station named KBBL in Springfield. There was also a KBBL TV Station in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (now called KXNW) According to the episode "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer", Krusty Burger is one of the only burger places open in Springfield because Krusty has been paying mobster Fat Tony to keep McDonald's and Burger King from establishing local locations. The extent of Fat Tony's involvement is unknown, as there are no locations of Wendy's, and other major chains. However, Springfield does have an In-N-Out Burger location in town to compete with Krusty Burger.

‘Whenever people say it’s Springfield, Ohio, or Springfield, Massachusetts, or Springfield, wherever, I always go, “Yep, that’s right.”’A strange attraction in Springfield, referencing the Mystery Spot. It is quite popular. Its most likely location is somewhere around the Alkali Flats, David Silverman, a director for the Simpsons, has claimed that Springfield is in the fictional state of "North Tacoma" (or "North Takoma"). This is substantiated by the state abbreviations NT and TA used within the show. However, this has never been officially confirmed in any canonical episode of the show or by other Simpsons producers. In one episode, when Homer spills his drink on the nuclear control desk, the 'failure' bleeps red in Upstate NY, suggesting its location to be there. the American flag? 3.How many states are there in the USA? 1. What do people often call the American flag? They represent 50 states which made up the USA. 5. How many stripes has the flag got

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There are 35 states with a city named Springfield. Even though Springfield is often thought of as the most popular city name, it is not even on the list of the top ten city names. The climate in the USA is one of the most popular reasons why so many people dream of living in America. Look in local newspapers for a section called the Classified Ads. Here you will find a list of homes and apartments for buying or renting in your region The episode gave a flagrant wink to the long-running sitcom, with the familiar refrain of ‘the Simpsons already did it’ after nearly every suggested plot point in South Park.

In The Simpsons Movie, Flanders says that Springfield borders Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky; Indiana borders two of those four states. Ned's joke is just a joke and not meant to be taken literally like most other hints. The state has a comprehensive Interstate Highway system, linking to Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and "some other state." Interstate 95 was depicted in one of the episodes. The area also has a good rail network, with both passenger and freight services. The area's several international airports also provide a strong transport link with destinations in the state, other US states, and the world.

In "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers", Marge is driving and sees a car that is very slow from New Jersey, and Marge tells it to go back to New Jersey, which could give the impression that she is not from NJ. Then again, it could be that Marge is simply falling in line with the age-old running gag of Jersey bashing prevalent in The Simpsons, as well as "Futurama". Congressman Bob Arnold also poses for a photo shoot with Lisa Simpson (it is presumed that he takes part in the photo shoot to boost his popularity in his district, and that the only reason he is seeing Lisa is because she is from this very same district). After the photo shoot, the picture is seen back in Springfield in The Springfield Shopper newspaper, which Moe reads to Barney (additional evidence that Congressman Bob Arnold is Springfield’s congressman). In response, Barney says, "If I ever vote, it will be for him." United States is considered one of the must see tourist destinations in the world for many reasons. You and your family can enjoy travel to USA in so many different ways that helps you to learn the diversity of Shoppers will also enjoy the nearby outlet mall called Fashion Outlets of Niagara, which.. The state features two international airports: Springfield and Capital City. Springfield also has a nuclear power plant, a naval base, an army base and an air force base. In the United States, there are four Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Areas - in Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri and Ohio; as of the 2016 census, the most populous was the one in What is the most frequently occurring community (city, town, village, etc.) name in the United States

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Neatorama Posts Tagged springfield usa. There's a reason The Simpsons is one of the most h...character development to the satirical nature of Springfield, USA to the witty jabs taken at politicians and famous.. Springfield High School is most often seen in flashbacks, notably in "The Way We Was" when Homer and Marge tell the story of how they met. Springfield High School is seen in the present day in "The Front" when Marge and Homer have their high school reunion there. The Squeaky Voiced Teen has said that the school has an air hockey table. As well as being a school, they have hosted events there. One such event was a ballet performance, despite the fact there was a gas leak in the school.

The City Hall of Springfield serves as the workplace of Mayor Quimby and the City Government. Often it is the site of town meetings regarding an issue facing the city, where the citizens vote to approve a proposal that generally causes havoc (most of the time proposed by Homer) and causes more problems. The building is based on the Chelmsford, Massachusetts public library due to longtime The Simpsons background designer Lance Wilder, being a former Chelmsford resident.[53] In "Grampy Can Ya Hear Me", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". Since Capital City is the capital of Springfield's state, this could mean that Springfield is in Connecticut. Jake's Unisex Hairplace is a salon/barber in Springfield. As the name implies, it serves both men and women. In the Simpsons app, it is called Jake's Unisex Hair Palace. It is one of the oldest location shown in the series, as it originally appeared in the Tracy Ullman short "Bart's Haircut" (where it was called Snipper Cuts). It is owned and operated by Jake the Barber. Even More Town Square. Check it out, the New York Times Travel section just called Springfield 'America's Coolest City.' Viral Facebook Post Shows Just How Little Restaurants Make From Grubhub Orders Plus, Elizabeth Warren is rallying with restaurant workers, and more news to start..

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In “Homer at the Bat,”Ozzie Smith visits it and literally “vanishes off the face of the earth” In "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times", the Rich Texan on whom Homer wishes to seek revenge tells Bart that he and Homer have buried the hatchet because the two are both from Connecticut. (despite his name) It has previously been revealed that Homer was born in Springfield. Start studying Eng (preparing for UNT). Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Thanksgiving Day in the USA is celebrated on the _. Fourth Thursday of November. Winnie-the-Pooh was created by two gentlemen According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there are 38 places in the U.S. bearing the name of Springfield, of which 13 are cities and 11 are towns. Wisconsin leads the pack with five Springfields, followed by New Jersey and Texas.Mary Bailey is the current Governor of Springfield's State.[5] The Unnamed Governor was once governor from 1998-2002 and possibly 1994-2002. Mr. Burns had also ran for Governor on one occasion, but was defeated by Bailey. A former Governor was Chester L. Suicide, who has a bridge named in his honor.[6]

The courthouse is the center for all trials and cases in Springfield. Its judges include Judge Constance Harm, who is a tough and unforgiving judge who enjoys giving cruel punishments to criminals in her courtroom, and Judge Roy Snyder, who is known for his lenient punishments. Often the prosecutor is The Blue Haired Lawyer who also represents Mr. Burns and The Walt Disney Company and unlike Gil Gunderson or Lionel Hutz, he is a competent lawyer (but not always ethical). He told the magazine that Bart sounded kind of like bark—like a barking dog, and he thought it would sound funny.

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Sprawl-Mart is a big department store in Springfield and a parody of Wal-Mart. It is first seen in "The Fat and the Furriest". While the entire Simpson family has shopped there, and Homer and Abe worked there, it is a terrible place to work, perhaps worse than the Power Plant, with low pay, 24 hours a day shifts, no bathroom breaks, and fake passports given to American citizens to get arrested, if ever caught escaping. They also implant microchips in the workers during the company physicals that give them electroshocks if they try to leave. Even though most of the workers have already managed to remove their chips, they stay anyway, since they use the lack of management during nightshifts to steal from the store. Back then, tiny Springfield, Vermont, beat out 13 other like-named cities, including the one in Oregon, to host the movie premiere. The cities submitted videos meant to connect themselves to the fictional Springfield.The design and folly of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is often rumored to be based on the troubled Trojan Nuclear Power Plant (closed in 1993 due to defects) near Matt Groening's home town of Portland, Oregon, or the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington. However, Antonia Coffman, Groening's publicist, has said that the Springfield plant's design is generic and that "the Springfield Nuclear Power plant was not based on the Trojan Plant or any other power plant in the country."[38][39] A barbershop; pun on the name of the actor Harry Shearer. It is frequented by Marge Simpson whose massive hairdo requires significant effort to maintain. In "Hungry, Hungry Homer", they refused to honor her coupon for discount hair streaks, as their thin profit margins would ruin them, but Homer (in an unusual exhibition of helpfulness) assisted the owner with finding ways of decreasing their spending, and they honored the coupon in return. The shop reappears in "The Blue and The Gray", where it is revealed that Marge's hair has been grey for decades, but the industrial-strength coloring they use keeps wiping out her memory.

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For a few episodes the school also had a tower with a winding staircase within which led to an observation area. This has since been removed. Other short period additions include a phony disabled ramp access system built by the local Mafia and other constructions. In one episode, the presentation hall is bulldozed to make way for a mini-mall. The school's address is 19 Plympton Street, revealed in the episode "Bart on the Road" when Principal Skinner receives an envelope addressed to the school containing his airline tickets to Hong Kong.[50] In the episode "Team Homer", school uniforms are temporarily introduced following a riot brought on by Bart wearing a "Down With Homework" T-shirt to school. This policy was rescinded after the uniforms turned out not to be waterproof and washed out into psychedelic colors when it rained. 7 How many states are there in the USA? 11 How many branches are the powers of the government divided into? 12 What are they? 13 Who is the executive branch of the USA headed by It's the town that inspired the much-loved fictional town of Springfield, but this one has 41 - not five - Simpsons living in it.

Springfield, MO Data USA

The Gilded Truffle is an elegant, upscale restaurant in Springfield. The restaurant once employed Groundskeeper Willie until he quit and returned to his old job at Springfield Elementary. The restaurant serves French cuisine. It first appeared in the episode "Bart The Lover". The store is "worldwide-famous" for their truffles. David Silverman, who directed the movie and various episodes of the series, joked that Springfield is located in the fictional state of "North Takoma".[12][13] This is substantiated by the state abbreviations NT and TA used within the show.[13][14] The telephone area codes for Springfield are 636 (St. Charles County and Western St. Louis County, Missouri)[15] and 939 (Puerto Rico). First seen in "The Cartridge Family", this is a run-down motel where everything is coin-operated, including the Bible. The building itself is deteriorating and prostitutes hang outside the lobby. When Marge and the kids stayed there, a body was seen floating in the pool. Selma claims that she woke up there once. Homer once stayed there to cheat on his diet behind Marge's back, though he was caught on camera by the producers of Sneakers. The name is a play on "sleazy motel", a fact highlighted by its malfunctioning neon sign.

The United States of Americ

In "C.E. D'oh", Smithers mentions that Mr. Burns is going to face trouble as the U.S. Government discovered evidence that Mr. Burns dumped nuclear waste into LEGOLAND. The only Legolands that exist in the United States are in California, and Massachusetts. Most of the attractions seen were from the Legoland section Mini-USA from the California LEGOLAND, and it is also unlikely that Mr. Burns would travel a long distance just to dump nuclear waste. In the episode "And Maggie Makes Three", Homer tells the family the story of Maggie's birth. In this story, Homer explains how he quit his job at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to work at the Bowl-A-Rama, which was Homer's dream job. This episode reveals where the bowling pins go after they are knocked over; the pins are shown ending up in a heap and new pins are manufactured instantly by a Rube Goldberg device to replace those knocked over, in a massively wasteful process that only produces one pin out of a single tree. After 23 seasons of tantalising secrets, Simpsons creator Matt Groening finally revealed that the town of Springfield, Oregon, was the inspiration for the show's setting.

In 1994, the naming of a new, real-life elementary school in Greenwood, South Carolina, was left up to the students, and the name Springfield Elementary was chosen. The school board was unaware of the connection to The Simpsons until a protest by one group of parents, who argued that the character of Bart Simpson was a poor role model. The name stood, and the school opened in August 1994. Bart Simpson weighed in on the controversy, in a statement from the Fox Network where he said "at least they didn't call it Beavis and Butt-head Elementary".[51][52] In the IELTS Speaking exam you may be called upon to showcase your vocabulary to describe towns and cities. Read the following IELTS-style questions and answers below and pay attention to the phrases in bold. Use the 'Definitions' section at the bottom of the page to check the meaning of any.. New York City has been called many things—The Great American Melting Pot, Gotham, The City that Never Sleeps—but its most famous nickname is The Big Apple. Over the years, there have been many theories about how New York City came to be called The Big Apple The giant fork in Springfield is impressive even at night. A guard in a security vehicle idling nearby sensed that we had no destructive intent. Our own local associates tell us that in 1998 the fork stood in front of a restaurant that failed on South Glenstone, in otherwise booming Springfield

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In "Rosebud", New York was shown to be downstream from Springfield, presumably on the Husdon River. This river flows primarily through New York, with a small amount in New Jersey. In "Itchy & Scratchy Land", the Simpson family briefly has to stop at a Fruits and Vegetables checkpoint, causing Homer to panic (as he was apparently smuggling fruits and vegetables as a side job). Fruits and Vegetables checkpoints are very common in California. Some are tiny towns, while others are just smallish places — called census-designated communities — with It's interesting to note that Americans have named many towns after tastes they prefer in their diets. There are other towns called Clever, Bright and Smartsville. (Those are in Missouri, Indiana.. Springfield's own Brad Pitt gave an interview to GQ Style magazine that was posted online Wednesday. Pitt was interviewed by Michael Paterniti, a Brad Pitt: Well, it was Springfield, Missouri, which is a big place now, but we grew up surrounded by cornfields—which is weird because we..

Springfield Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) University is a rival institution of Springfield University, possibly a reference to the fierce rivalry between Texas A&M and the University of Texas. Carl Carlson is an A&M alumnus. Springfield A&M's mascot is a pig named Sir Oinks-A-Lot, who was kidnapped by Homer and his three student tutors as a prank in "Homer Goes to College". In "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)", Marge notes that Springfield slopes down in a westward direction, lending more credibility to the West Coast theory. It, too, is a Southern state, so the comment about Springfield being in a Northern state provides more evidence. Springfield has the Washington Dulles International Airport, which is 27 miles away, and Richmond (the state capital) also has an airport, named the Richmond International Airport. He came up with numerous theories and ideas in many different fields such as physics, mathematics and philosophy. They are the national animals of many countries but some kinds of tigers are endangered because of human activity

World's Largest Fork, Springfield, Missour

How far is it from Springfield to Harrison? Amtrak Northeast Regional operates a train from Springfield Amtrak Station to Stamford Amtrak Station once daily. Playland, often called Rye Playland and also known as Playland Amusement Park, is an amusement park located in Rye, New.. Each new series of data (called vintages) incorporates the latest administrative record data, geographic boundaries, and methodology. Therefore, the entire time series of estimates beginning with the most recent decennial census is revised annually, and estimates from different vintages of data may not be.. 'Yo to Springfield, Oregon - the real Springfield!' Mr Groening wrote. 'Your pal, Matt Groening proud Oregonian!'In the interview, Mr Groening said that he took living in Portland – on Evergreen Terrace, no less – for granted.

Current Local Time in Springfield, Missouri, USA

Order pizza, pasta, chicken & more online for carryout or delivery from your local Domino's restaurant. View our menu, find locations and track orders In "Coming to Homerica", Milhouse states that they are in Tennessee Titans territory, as he and Bart walk past the Ogdenvillians that have moved to Springfield while wearing Minnesota Vikings jerseys. In "Special Edna", when Skinner drives Willie's car 2653 miles to Orlando, it would put him in either southeast Oregon, California or Idaho.

Another reference is in "The Bob Next Door", where it took the Simpson family only a few minutes to get to Mexico, and since Texas borders the ocean and Mexico, it could be considered the place. However, this can be dismissed, because Texas does not border five different states on one side. Virginia did not allow gay marriages at the time; it has been previously stated that the Simpsons' state does not allow gay marriages.

Additionally, there are frequent mentions throughout episodes of the state capital, Capital City. The capital of Kentucky, Frankfort, has an airport named "Capital City Airport" and is located within an hour's drive of Springfield, Shelbyville and Simpsonville. In "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade", when Bart and Lisa go on a field trip to Capital City, they get lost and meet a bunch of hobos/rednecks, a common stereotype of people in Kentucky. 2. Is your city/town/village polluted? Why or why not? 4. Give me a piece of advice on how to make my house more secure and comfortable for living. 1. What do you know about the USA? 2. Do you think that people speaking the English language are similar in character However, in "Take My Wife, Sleaze", Chief Wiggum remarks to Homer on the phone, "Well, uh, be that as it may, the gang is wanted in eight other states and we have a little saying around here: 'let Michigan handle it.'" This dismisses the Michigan theory, as Wiggum is considered an expert on slacking off on his duties and leaving his work to be completed by others.

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Krustylu Studios is the television studio in Springfield in which the Krusty the Clown Show is recorded. It is located either on or in the vicinity of the Channel 6 studio lot. The lot is located across the street from a box factory. The name Krustylu is an homage to Desilu Productions, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's production company, which produced the 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy. The first appearance was in the short "The Krusty The Clown Show". Also, Florida is a Southern state, meaning the aforementioned comment in "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" would not make sense.

Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon. The only reason is that when I was a kid, the TV show Father Knows Best took place in the town of What do you think of Portland then and Portland now? One thing that hasn't changed is that people in Portland are in complete denial about how much.. In "Grampy Can Ya Hear Me", when Miss Hoover begins to pass back her students' astronomy papers, on the chalkboard reads, "Five States Whose Capitals Start with the Same Letter as the State: Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, This State". Since Capital City is the capital of Springfield's state, this could mean that Springfield is in Colorado. Today, Indiana is a state of mostly small towns and midsize cities. Its largest city and capital is Indianapolis, where Maryland So Many Things To Do So Close Together Capital City: Annapolis One of the original 13 states to join the Union (in 1788), Maryland is in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard KBBL Broadcasting is a media company which runs all KBBL TV and radio stations, which is used to parody the media. Its most notable television personalities are news anchor Kent Brockman, children's entertainer veteran Krusty The Clown and Hispanic comedian Bumblebee Man. Their radio channel hosts are DJ's Bill and Marty. The Pimento Grove is an Italian restaurant in the style of "Olive Garden". It is shown to be fairly upscale and features photos of celebrities on its walls.

Springfield A&M's mascot is a pig named Sir Oinks-A-Lot, which may be a nod to the University of Arkansas' mascot the Razorbacks, a wild boar. Springfield College combines academics, student life, athletics, and affordability to bring you one of the top institutions in New England. Springfield College remains committed to its Humanics mission through its transition to distance learning. Get complete details and updates

Kentucky also has Red River Gorge, around one-hundred miles from Springfield. Springfield, KY is also only around fifty miles from Fort Knox. In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will have spread across the entire United States, one of the faces in the first frame appears over Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Established in the episodes "Separate Vocations" and "Pokey Mom", the school's mascot is a puma. It is revealed in the episode "Lisa Gets an "A"" that Springfield Elementary was at one time voted "The Most Dilapidated School in Missouri"—it was then moved, brick-by-brick, to Springfield. It has been stated several times that the school is filled with asbestos, and the underfunding of the school has resulted in a variety of troubling scenarios for students and staff. Sub-standard facilities abound; including a cinder block having replaced the school's tetherball, cafeteria food made from circus animals and in several decades-old cans, shredded newspaper, and old gym mats, among others (only the teachers eat French fries made from potatoes), and "malk" having replaced milk. In one episode, prison inmates occupied the cloakrooms in the classrooms, in an effort to make extra money. In another episode, Lisa Simpson, who has been voted student president, is tricked into authorizing the cancellation of music, gym and art. The school later finds the funding for these extra curricular activities by cancelling flu shots. The school's poor funding is made worse by the town's refusal to accept any tax increases, no matter how minor, and even basic services are sometimes refused by the PTA, including a free service of refilling the fire extinguishers. In "Treehouse of Horror XIII", during "Send in the Clones", when it is shown that the Homer clones will spread through the entire United States, one of the faces in the first frame is in Illinois.

In "You Only Move Twice", a newspaper is seen indicating that Hank Scorpio has taken control of the East coast. Also, Cypress Creek (the community where the Simpsons move, which is said to be upstate) is seen with mountains, so Springfield has to be in one of the mountain states. Pick a date. How many travelers? Remove traveller. Explore megabus.com. Begin your trip and explore the most iconic cities in America. Bus service across the United States has never been easier In "Mother Simpson", one of Mona's licenses that Bart and Lisa look at is from Wisconsin. However, this could have been fake, as she was on the run from the police. Springfield is intended to represent "anytown, USA" and not be a specific real town,[3] although the producers acknowledge basing the town on numerous locations[4] including The Simpsons creator Matt Groening's hometown of Portland, Oregon, and Mike Scully's hometown, Springfield, Massachusetts.[5] Groening named Springfield after Springfield, Oregon, and also took inspiration from Springfield being the fictitious setting of the series Father Knows Best. He said, "I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the U.S. In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, 'This will be cool; everyone will think it's their Springfield.' And they do."[6][7] Groening liked Second City Television's use of Melonville, a town with a large cast of recurring characters that serves as a mini-universe for the show, and partially based The Simpsons on it.[8] A central highway called Highway 401 is mentioned in several episodes. There is a central highway named Highway 401 in the Province of Ontario, Canada, that passes through the City of Toronto. This has also lead to speculation of Toronto being the inspiration to Springfield (or of Springfield, Ontario being the show's location); however as mentioned above, the countless pieces of evidence of Springfield being in the United States automatically disprove this theory. However, Springfield has been shown to be close to the Canadian border, as the Simpsons have made day-trips into Canada, and everybody in Springfield knows the Canadian Anthem. In fact, many lottery winners end up blowing it all. Here are the first things 14 different lottery winners splashed their cash on. After taking a celebratory cruise, they paid off their mortgage, bought their dream home in Somerset, and then invested in three more properties

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