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  1. It’s a phenomenal 65 years since MCN first hit the UK’s newsstands, and to celebrate we’ve pulled...
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. The bike has 41k miles. It hasn’t any history with it. But it was standing for a few years before I bought it. If it has been restricted how can I remove the restrictions? I don’t know if the tensioner or chain has been changed. Thanks
  3. A brother just gave me his Y Yamaha Xj 600 after hearing me saying want to do a 6000 km round scenic road trip. However he had it in a workshop to replace piston rings and the mechanic lost a shim,that made me start searching the net and am glad i ended up on white dog bikes,learnt a lot.

This is grand, thanks – had first break down 3 weeks after getting bike – rectifier kaput, which pretty much screwed things up..scary-ish as was cracking on between Liverpool and Leeds in the outside lane – nice man from the AA suggested that battery required replacement shortly (ytx9-bs..reading 12.1 when running) – so i will be getting this and a charger from you shortly and even though Kings put bike through an MOT when i got it, am thinking of getting it into millennium (yamaha dealer) in st helens for a service before the really tricky weather hits – at breakdown, AA got me to Padgett’s in Dewsbury who were fabulous…also, any recommendations on overboots – I’ve got a pair for a tenner which are okay – is there a gore-tex piece of kit out there?As far as I can see there has been no mods to the rear light or wiring loom. I’ve got a led rear light coming I’ll see if it that helps. I know the rear light is attached to the ignition then the handlebar controls. Paid $2600 from a dealer because it was all I could afford. I guess I am having fun on it. The odometer read 3150 miles when purchased which is low considering the year. Bike runs rough and backfires a lot till it is warm. Wanted a Suzuki SV650, would have been much happier with the liquid cooling and fuel injection… Read Full Review yes mate go rtex army boots ,or gortex boot liners always went with the para boots ,with liners,they do gotex bike boots i found a bit out of my price range,600cc Diversion models were manufactured from 1992 to 2004.[1] US Seca IIs were manufactured from 1992 to 1998. As the Diversion/Seca II design is based on an earlier, well-matured model, changes made to the bike during these years were rather subtle, mostly concerning improvements in fairing: a second front-brake disc and small oil cooler appeared on the 1998 model along with improvements to the carburettors.

bought a Yamaha XJ600S Diversion cheap ish from a friend, reliable and fun, rotting exhaust, siezed brakes have been the only problem, suspention a bit soft on the front and brakes good, dont go mad and does good mileage, my only mode of transport after a divorce and temporary unemployment, done a few miles. not my ideal bike but beggars cant be choosers, good for pillion and touring, takes loads of neglect. helpful owners club… Read Full Review Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F Motosiklet Fiyatları. Fiyat bilgisi bulunamadı. Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F Motosiklet İle En Çok Karşılaştırılan Motosikletler Hi there your article is really helpfull. I own 2001 XJ600S division . The front calliper pistons have seized. Having problems on internet to get repairs kit, can they be purchased in complete kit form or have to buy individual piston and seals.would be grateful for advice. Kind regards Ralph.

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Yamaha XJ600S DIVERSION 1998 - buy all your parts now in just a few clicks from Europe's number 1 genuine spare parts online retailer. Below you will find technical drawings of all parts for a Yamaha XJ600S DIVERSION 1998, simply select the drawing containing the parts you are looking for printermanual-yamaha-xj-600s-diversion-ab-92. Identifier-ark. Manuals: Yamaha Manuals. The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

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  1. Hello! You could have a look at Vance & Hines, Marving or Delkevic exhausts (I think they do 4 into 2 systems with sportier exhausts for the 600 Diversion?).
  2. The XJ900 is a descendant of the earlier XJ900 model. The XJ900S and the XJ900GT are both the same basic motorcycle except the GT,typically for touring motorcycles, has a large fairing and two Krauser K2 panniers while the XJ900S has a small top fairing like the XJ600S. On the dashboard (wider than that of the 600cc models) there are some extra gauges such as a fuel gauge. It is a sports/touring machine fitted with an 892cc, air-cooled 8-valve inline-four engine with 89 hp (66 kW) and 85 N⋅m (63 lbf⋅ft).[citation needed] The XJ900S/GT has a shaft drive while the 600cc models are chain driven.
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  4. The Yamaha XJ600S Diversion was a basic half faired sports touring/commuter bike manufactured by Yamaha between January 1992 and January 2004 (in the UK). The XJ 600 Diversion was also available in Europe, Australia and the USA (although it was known as the 'Seca II' in North America..
  5. Vlm Yamaha Xj 600 S Dıversıon Akü Ytx9-Bs. 1992-2003 yılları arası uyumluluk göstermektedir

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a quick festive feedback about drivers – had the most horrendous ride from Bristol to Liverpool yesterday on my ’92 600 Divi – southern parts of the M5 being really tricky..the nice thing was that car and truck drivers were giving me decent room to be blown around and during my frequent stops many came up and were chatty and lots of ‘good luck’ or ‘you’re crazy:-)’ – many thanks for your advice during the year, bike’s going really well although i’ll be buying some parts from you shortly – all the best guys for xmas:-)!! ArthurI have a 92 xj600. wondering if there is a aftermarket conversion company for the rear forks to get a bigger (wider) tire under there.just an update on this – they were great, supplied all new branded spares and labour, rebuilt the engine complete, re-shimmed and cleaned barrels and stuff, replaced all filters, full set of gaskets and new rear tyre for £ 400…they were just great! cause of the blow out…too much oil in the engine, my fault:-(

Astra diesel sums it up well! It's a great budget bike for the daily commute - I struggle to get less than 50 mpg normally 55+. Riding position is good, handling in traffic is nice and light. I've spent 18 months and 12k miles through 2 winters on mine and it's hardly missed a beat. Riding out 'for fun' I'd like a little more excitement but that isn't really why I bought it so can't complain. Vibration and other niggles are minor and I don't really notice now. Hi iv just brought an xj600 first bike looked at it test rode it went in and out of gear fine i rode it home and parked it up went to use it again wont go into any gear at all seems to be stuck in neteral bike has done 28000

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The later models had wider, 41mm forks (instead of 38mm forks), so they won’t fit straight into the yokes 🙁 XJ 600 N und XJ 600 S Diversion sind Motorradmodelle des japanischen Motorradherstellers Yamaha aus der XJ-Baureihe. Die US-amerikanische und australische Handelsbezeichnung lautet Seca II. Das Motorrad wurde in zwei verschiedenen Ausführungen angeboten Replacing the once futuristic looking XJ600 series of the Eighties, Yamaha's update of its popular middleweight came onto the scene in 1992 to muted applause. Despite an all-new chassis and engine, the 'Diversion' as it was tagged (it's something to do with 'choosing a different path') was hardly.. I bought this as my first big bike for going to work and general commuting. Its never let me down,very good bike for all weather riding but personally don't think it likes starting in the cold very much but a minute or so with the choke on its fine.Every thing else is fine cont think of any bad points.I haven't had any other big bike so cont really compare it to anything but overall a good bike… Read Full Review After reading your comments I decided to stick with single disc forks. Have sourced a rebuilt pair in good condition – so my forks are sorted now.

An excellent bike for riding to work everyday whatever the weather. Handles adverse weather very well, has so far felt very capable of handling most situations remaining stable throughout . Extremely comfortable to ride for hours, although on out of town journey's the wind buffeting can get a bit tiring. However if I lie on the tank I have got 116 out of it. Spory plus. Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F - dla kogo? Z pewnością charakter tej maszyny jest odpowiedni dla początkujących motocyklistów. Jeżeli będzie równie bezawaryjny jak xj600 (a póki co wszystko na to zapowiada) to jest ciekawa propozycja cenowa. Motocykle z 2009 roku bez dodatkowego.. The smoke on start up is most likely to be worn exhaust valve stem seals (in the top of the engine). Not a major worry unless the smoke get’s really bad (worn stem seals means some of the oil leaks past the exhaust valves into the cylinder and get’s burnt, hence the smoke!). Smoke from the exhaust head probably means either the cylinder head seal has perished (letting smoke escape) or the cylinder head bolts may need tightening up. Leak from the 4 into 1 exhaust connection probably means the exhaust gaskets that connects the downpipes &/or exhaust have perished and need replacing. Just bear in mind before you take the exhaust apart to have a look, if the exhaust is old & rusted it may fall to bit’s when you take it apart -this has happened to me more times then I can remember :-(. As to the engine noise I would say change the oil and see if it get’s any better (the normal oil change interval should be around every 4000 miles on an XJ600)

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  1. Yamaha aimed the XJ600 Diversion to the biker on a budget; there's not much in terms of extras but the machine itself is reliable and fun. The engine takes on the form of the old XJ600 with an air cooled, four cylinder four stroke but it can still kick of 60bhp and a top speed of 117mph, it's everything you..
  2. You could use a 10w50, although a 10w40 would be fine and 10w50 tends to be more expensive (it’s the recommended oil in some newer bikes and has more additives etc in it).
  3. "Supermoto/trailie that are neatly styled but compromised by a snatchy fuel-injection that blights their low-speed performance"
  4. несколько раз и найдите наи-более натянутую часть при-водной цепи.
  5. General information. Model: Yamaha XJ 600 S Diversion. Year: 1995. Rating sample for this Yamaha bike. Value for money for the 1995 Yamaha XJ 600 S Diversion: (85.9 out of 100)

l find that when sourcing parts most people dont know the differences between the S & N or the changes around 1997 time so you are arguing with dealers who have been in the trade for 30 years who know best or ebayers who think one seat fits all years or double and single disc front end bits are interchangable Gebruikte en nieuwe motor onderdelen voor Yamaha XJ 600 Diversion Pagina 1. Bekijk 2332 onderdelen. Yamaha XJ 600 Divers.. 2008 - 2011. Gebruikt onderdeel The buzz at 4000-4500rpm makes the mirrors vibrate badly enough to make them useless - pity that 4000-4500 rpm equates to motorway cruising speed...

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hi I have a 1993 xj600s . loss of compression leads me to believe piston ring failure . finding it really difficult to source a replacement set .. any ideas Im very surprised with my XJ600 now thats saying something because my last bike was a GSXR750 and yes i was a bloody maniac on it. I like the riding position and the smooth motor above 50 mph but the Exhausts are cack to say the least, that will be 444 quid for a new 4-2 (dont like the 4-1) i just hope her indoors dont ask me the real price ! its not to stable but i still throw it around the back roads and see off some of the racer boy wanna be's just hope the tyres will last, only time will tell ! Who are these non-owning noobs who write this shite for MCN? If I don’t want to ride at 200mph, have the latest environment-robbing alloy frame and hit 62mph in less than 2 seconds, whilst still pulling a wheelie for the front cover for those so-called bikers, where should I turn. I’ll tell you where, the owners opinions. These are the guys who parted with their hard-earned and who use it like you bought it. Check Warren Pole doing his best as a TV presenter on some obscure TV channel to see how they view motorcycle journalism. We’re just a step up for the ambitious. Be who you are, and ignore the power rangers. They’re part-timers, at the best. Go for a 1999 plus model (these are out there in great condition with low milage), and you get electric fuel pump (though still carbs), duel floating front disks and a few other modern touches. Mine is the 2000 model and has only 15k on it - looks and rides basically new despite being 18 years old. Starts first time every time - easy to maintaine as was the last generation of bikes to be built before the computers took over - it is the pinicle of the pre 2000's evolution of the 4 cylinder… Read Full Review I wouldn’t recommend using a 20w40 or a 20w50, this is a thicker oil when cold and isn’t ideally suited to XJ600 (inline 4 cylinder) engines.

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Yamaha XJ600 Service Repair Manual. Yamaha XJ600SK Owners Manual. Yamaha XJR1200 Microfiches I was looking for Delkevic full exhaust systems but they don’t have 300mm end pipe. I would want to get the loudest road legal exhaust that’s possible. Black widow do make 300mm end pipes. What about 10w50 or 20w40 oil? Yamaha XJ600S Diversion XJS 600 XJ S prospectus motorrad brochure prospekt fold. Brochures. Model: XJ600S Diversion. Media Type: Paper Ansicht Und Herunterladen Yamaha Xj 600S Diversion Reparaturanleitung Online. Ab Baujahr 1992. Xj 600S Diversion Motorräder Pdf Anleitung Herunterladen There’s a few parts diagrams on the site below which may help you find where the pipes should go:

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hi there , just picked up a 96 xj600 for next to nothing . needs a good clean , and is quite rusty in places ,(lack of being looked after) rear seat fairing panels broke as normal and the retaining screws are rounded off , any idea where i can get both panels and the screws,Written on: 13/12/2008 by Parajoe (4 reviews written) Forgive me, as my ignorance about this subject is quite noticeable. I have a 1992 seca II xj600s that I acquired for debt owed to me. The previous owner tweaked the wiring terribly. Can you tell me where I might find a picture of the wiring diagram, preferably for free? Also, without a proper title, can you tell me approximately how much value it would lose if I sell it? With the wiring fixed, I would say the bike is in good/average condition. Also, I’m not sure if it will change the answers, but I am in the United States. Thank you in advance for your time.Bikers have been curing their Coronavirus blues by getting stuck into a project – either sprucing up... Pesquise anúncios classificados de Yamaha XJ em Portugal no Standvirtual. Comprar ou vender carros usados. Adicionar aos Favoritos Remover dos Favoritos. Yamaha XJ 600 DIVERSION. Abril. 1993

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Online shop for Yamaha XJ600 S Diversion 95 Motorcycle parts and accessories. Genuine Yamaha Part. If Not In Stock Please Allow 3-5 Working Days hi got a 51 plate xj600n 17 000 gen miles on clock got a problem with brakes rear ? have changed pads and overhauled calipers bled works fine however seems like thy are sticking when bike is not used put bike on centre stand and run it in gear used brake and fine the reason i overhauled rear brake was because i thought that was the prob i am unable to even push the bike in neutral its that bad as if brake is stuck when throttle down to slow the bike comes to a stop on its own pulling my hair out any thoughts would be great steve

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It’s very unlikely carbs from a 1992 Yamaha 600 Diversion will fit an old (pre Diversion) XJ600. good all round bike, only problem i have had was a leaking oil cooler. and at £300. a bit expensive. always starts first time even when wet.good m.p.g and comfortable to ride even after 100 or so miles.could do with a bit more b.h.p… Read Full Review Also think about carrying a few tools and a few emergency spare parts with you (like tyre foam, a spare chain link etc) as nothings worse then having to wait hours in the freezing cold on the side of the road if you break down.The Yamaha XJ600S Diversion was a basic half faired sports touring/commuter bike manufactured by Yamaha between January 1992 and January 2004 (in the UK). The XJ 600 Diversion was also available in Europe, Australia and the USA (although it was known as the ‘Seca II’ in North America and Australia). The XJ600S Diversion was a half faired version (aka 4BR model) released between 1992 and 2004, the XJ600N Diversion (aka 4KE model) was a naked version of the bike (with no front fairing) released between 1995 and 2004. Battery is reading 12.7v. I agree with the it not being gearbox after doing some research as to how a gearbox works. Also I tried running it today and it blew the fuse when I pressed the start button. And then twice after that just by turning the key to on but earlier I had the key to on with no problem.

92 diversion blew over in the wind and lay on its side for ten minutes, picked it up and dusted it down,got it started ok but when I pulled the clutch in and put it into gear it stopped instantly as if it had stalled. Any ideas what caused this? Do I need to adjust the clutch somehow? Thanks RonnieThe engines are fairly bullet proof, so as long as it’s not making strange noises or smoking it should be ok. Obviously, there are numerous used and abused ex courier, ultra high and neglected bikes about which should be avoided. Parts are fairly cheap, but exhausts and forks can be expensive to replace. Because of the 4 into 2 set up of the exhausts buying replacement end cans can be expensive (also worth bearing in mind that some owners have complained that cheaper, single can systems can upset the balance of the bike!)."An overweight dinosaur but on the road it's actually a great machine. Just don't go chasing the latest GSX-Rs"Hi I have just bought a 97- 600 divvy. I love it. I had a 1300 pan which I hated. A few questions please. The bike seems to lack power, it’s slow acceleration. When I can changing the airfilter I noticed that the sliders can only be pushed up about a 1/4 of the way up ,has it been restricted? Also when it warms up I get a sort of tapping noise coming from somewhere. It’s not the clutch as it’s still there when I pull it in. I was told ok t could be the camchain. Any ideas?Hi there, going to change the fork oil on my Diversion but am getting a little confused with the quantity due to the year, the reg is on a 1999 (T) but bike is coming up as a 1998 4BRE on Yamaha parts website when I type the VIN, haynes is saying 375cc for 1996-1998 and 463cc 1999 onwards, it has 41mm forks any idea which quantity I should use??

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  1. Yamaha 600 Diversion is a 600cc all-round touring bike with a four-stroke eight valve (2 valves for each cylinder) inline-four engine. Production was started in 1991 and lasted to 2004. This model of Yamaha is dedicated for novice bikers together with a group of similar motorcycles which are quite..
  2. Ebay would be a good place to try for the panels (or you may be able to get them repaired somewhere?). If you have a local motorbike garage try asking them about the screws (if they have a workshop they may have a box of old nuts, bolts and screws you could look through?)
  3. Yamaha XJ600N Diversion Moto Motocicleta. Motociclete - Scutere - ATV » Motociclete. Yamaha xj 600 diversion. Motociclete - Scutere - ATV » Motociclete. 2 950 €. Negociabil. Moinesti 26 feb
  4. In 2009 Yamaha re-launched the Diversion line in the form of the XJ6 Diversion, XJ6 N and XJ6 Diversion F. The former has a half-fairing while the N version is a naked motorcycle. The fully faired FZ6R is the American equivalent to the European XJ6 Diversion F model with the exception of not having the ABS and electronic immobilizer. The engine is a detuned Fazer engine and both versions are offered with optional ABS braking. The new line has upgraded to a liquid-cooled 16 valve 4-stroke forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder engine developing 78 horsepower (57 kW) / 59.7 Nm. Yamaha has kept the engine displacement at 600cc for the new Diversion line.[2]
  5. ..Hyosung Indian Jianshe Kawasaki Keeway Koffers En Tassen KTM Kymco Laverda Malaguti MBK Moto Guzzi Moto Morini MV Agusta Other Peugeot Piaggio | Vespa Polaris Suzuki SYM Triumph Universeel Victory Xingyue Yamaha
  6. The frame number is usually stamped onto the right side of the headstock (the front part of the frame just below the handle bars).

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A four into one exhaust system gives 20BHP more than standard four into two standard set up!… Read Full Review Written on: 05/07/2008 by BrianL021176 (1 review written) To clean the lock out you can try spraying a brake cleaner into the keyhole in the ignition, leave it for a few mins, then spray a maintenance spray into the keyhole (something like a good maintenance spray). Give it a while to penetrate the lock (you can also try spraying around the steering lock).Written on: 25/07/2008 by Dru Baker (3 reviews written)

1992: Yamaha XJ600 Diversion launched.1993: Yamaha XJ600 Diversion gets new fairing with air scoops, screen now has grey trim.1994: New Diversion logo on fairing.1996: Yamaha XJ600 Diversion gets oil cooler. New carburettor. New fairing with indicators mounted on the sides. New headlamp. Choke now mounted on left handlebar. Redesigned bar end weights. Reshaped side panels.1997: New fork leg protectors. Now with hazard warning light switch. New seat.1998: Revised centre stand. New 41mm (from 38mm) front forks. 2004: Yamaha XJ600 Diversion discontinued.The tapping could be the cam chain or the cam chain tensioner, what’s the mileage on the bike and has the cam chain or tensioner ever been changed? See 9 results for Yamaha xj600 diversion for sale at the best prices, with the cheapest ad starting from £500. Looking for more motorbikes? Explore Yamaha motorcycles for sale as well La Yamaha XJ 600 Diversion era una motocicletta costruita tra 1991 ed il 2001 dalla Yamaha Motor Company in Giappone ed importata in Italia. Fu presentata nel 1991 nella versione S (denominazione completa: Yamaha XJ 600 S Diversion), caratterizzata da una semicarenatura.. A sticking rear caliper is usually due to dirty or corroded caliper pistons. Try giving the piston a good clean with a brake cleaner and a toothbrush. Then lightly coat the caliper with a silicone lubricant (be careful not to get any on the brake pads though!). If the piston is badly corroded it may need replacing.

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Written on: 23/12/2007 by john wells (1 review written) To keep the lock ‘slick’ you can spray a wax oil into the lock (available from most car/automotive stores).Later models (1996 on) had a few extra ‘nice bits’ (like hazard warning lights and oil cooler), the 1998 (4BRE) model onwards had twin front disc brakes and a better seat. Lisätiedot. Varmatoiminen ja luotettava yamaha. Edulliset vakuutukset Uusi akku Öljyt vasta vaihdettu Renkaat uudenveroiset Taakse laukkuteline ja laukku Alkuperäiset katteet mukaan. -nopeusmittari vähän valehtelee

Hi. I have a xj 600 diversion(92). Is their a setting for the pick up coil to rotor plate please,or does the pick up coil rub against the rotor plate. Many thanks. DeanHi i brought. 93 xj 600s diversion and just this week its started to give me problems, i brought a new battery thinking it would solve the problem but no, the battery keeps losing it’s power over night ori can only get 10 miles out of it before its dead and needs charging again any ideas as im running out of ideas what it could be Many thanks andyI have a 93 seca II xj600 and when I was on the highway at 120km/h it died. I pulled over found that it had blown the 20amp fuse so I replaced it and it would not go down into first gear so I started it inot second and not 100m down the road it did it again. I figure it’s a transmission problem. Any ideas on what it is? I bought the Yamaha XJ600S Diversion touring bike last June, as I was getting fed up of queueing in traffic. This has been a return to biking after a gap of about 15 years for me. It is the biggest bike I have ever owned, but I have found it easy to get on with and ride. I was very pleasantly surprised at the cost of insurance, which costs me less than £100 fully comprehensive (perhaps because I'm in my 50s!). I use the bike mainly for commuting to work; a distance of about 7 miles. The… Read Full Review See more of Yamaha XJ 600 S Diversion on Facebook

Best overboot’s I had were black bin liners inside my bike boots! But, failing that a pair of army surplus one’s might do the trick?: I bought mine after passing DAS. I`ve never felt intimidated. Bought it cheap and spent virtually nothing running it. If you want a cheap run around that you can sit comfortably on all day then this bike is perfect. Strengths: Cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to run, comfortable soft suspension. WIll cruise at 80 all day. Weaknesses: Not the prettiest of bikes. Lacks some power for experienced riders. Exhaust is prone to rust and wheel bearings are known to fail.

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As my aux front light doesn’t come on, even though its on the same circuit I am not sure if it’s the rear light. View the best Yamaha Xj600 Diversion (xj600diversion) motorcycle pictures uploaded by users all over the world

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The bike is a jack of all trades. I mainly used this as a winter hack. Engine is bullet proof. The bike does lose out one sex appeal and excitement. If you going do a lot of miles and or riding in all weathers, it will get you there. Hi the need help desperately just brought an xj600 s diversion cheap as its a non runner (alarm problems) therefore I’ve traced the alarm back & removed the whole thing but still not starting is there a problem with the imibiliser? Does it have an imibiliser? It’s a 2001 modelRecently been given a 1999 600 Diversion, its been stood for 9 years and has a very low mileage ( 2400 ) backed up by its mot’s. I have had the carbs ultrasonic cleaned, and re-fitted them. However the carbs now leak sometimes, and other times it fires up no problem. Any ideas ? I have also re condioned the brakes, fitted a new battery and a rack.

Cheap, reliable transport. Used it to do 90 mile a day motorway commute. Generally reliable- rear fuel pump, shocks and wheel bearings replaced under warranty. Electrics are placed in a vulnerable position under the seat so the starter switch wire corrodes over time. Not much to write home about but first time big bikers or couriers (cos they love em too) won’t find much to complain about with the Yamaha XJ600 Diversion. The mirrors mirror, the instruments inform, the switchgear has everything in the right place… just like a Vauxhall Astra diesel, in fact…По мере износа тормозныхнакладок происходит есте-ственное постепенное пони-Hello, unfortunately, we don’t have the starter gear you are after. You could try looking on Ebay?

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hi there – me again after some time – I’ve a ’92 xj600s – 40,000 on the clock – undergoing an MOT at a Yam dealer in St Helens – all fine apart from replacing rear brakes/pads, which I get – silencer has failed – downpipes and mid section appear okay – which could cost in the region of £ 300 to replace – any idea if it’d be cheaper getting the rear section of eBay – is it worth considering a scrappie? Any help gratefully accepted:-)Written on: 02/07/2008 by tankof89 (1 review written)

How do you manage to change an oil filter without dropping the exhausts? The one fitted to my XJ600 (HF303) seems to sit so tight tight up to the pipes that even if you got it to turn it would never unscrew far enough to clear the mounting. I wondered if fitting a shorter one (50 mm rather than 73mm) would be OK; I think the Fazer uses something simular. Regards Dick Yamaha XJ 600S Diversion. Alternative route as in different from the road down which Kawasaki has gone to attract first time riders and rcstarters. The XJ600S Diversion is certainly no Zephyr, as Yamaha is at pains to point out: This is no retro bike aimed at re-creating the 'good old days' If you feel the battery is getting a bit low, a cheap motorcycle battery charger will do you fine (like these ones….). Just make sure you use a Motorcycle battery charger as car and general vehicle chargers charge at a much higher rate and will damage the XJ600 battery.

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The XJ600S is known as the Diversion in most parts of the world but as the Seca II in the North American and Australian markets. The Yamaha Diversion has been used as a police motorcycle all over the world. Such models are built by Yamaha to the specifications of individual police departments Have a look for any extra wires or modifications going to the rear light as alot can get modified and/or changed over 23 years…

More then likely your battery is flat. The battery probably has enough power to activate the starter solenoid, which makes the clicking noise, but not enough power to turn the starter motor. See if you can borrow a volt meter and check the voltage on the battery (if it reads below 12.4 volts it will be weak). If the battery is flat it could be a battery problem or it could be a problem with the regulator/rectifier (if the reg/rec isn’t working you will probably be draining the battery when riding). I have owned many many bikes, and when choosing a bike, you have to ask "what do i want it for". This i brought for a runaround, i wanted something around the 600cc mark, good for going to work on and somthing the the theiving scum wont want to nic (thats why i did not go for a crosser) I have done the whole sports bike, and just cant trust myself, so there a no go. So the XJ came up, good value for money, as said, its a no thrills bike, but it does what it was designed for and it does it well. room enough for two, it goes and stops and not much else. Saying that i am not disapointed with it, as i knew what i was buying. Hello. I want to change engine oil, filter and exhaust on my R reg xj600. What would you recommend? What type of oil: semi-syntetic, fully syntetic or mineral oil? Also any advice about exhaust? Thanks)

Yamaha trafiła swoim pomysłem w dziesiątkę. O XJ 600S Diversion mówiono duże możliwości za małe pieniądze. Relacja walorów użytkowych do ceny była rzeczywiście wyjątkowo korzystna. Nowy model miał stosunkowo mocny silnik, komfortowe podwozie oraz ergonomiczny układ.. The Yamaha Diversion is a series of all-round touring motorcycles descended from Yamaha's earlier XJ series. Early Diversion models had a four-stroke air-cooled 8-valve inline-four engine. In 2009 the model name was retained for a new range with 16-valve liquid-cooled engines The XJ600N is almost identical to the XJ600S except that it is a naked bike and the instrument panel is different, as it turns with the handlebars. This model was not sold in North America. The Yam XJ600’s are good, reliable bikes and they are ideal for commuting. You probably won’t need a battery charger if your using the bike for 400 to 500 miles a week (riding the bike is the BEST way to maintain your battery!).What’s the mileage on the bike and what weight oil has it been running on (10w40 semi synth etc)?

Hi WhiteDog, I have a 95 high mileage XJ600 bike (76K) & the cam chain is making an awful noise. So I’m thinking of replacing the engine over winter. I have found another engine with 18K on the clock but it’s a newer motor with an oil cooler. So my questions are….Written on: 23/03/2007 by josa (1 review written) Hi , just been gifted an old Yamaha XJ 600 with very low mileage 5000/6000 miles it’s in very clean condition, my question is how should I proceed with a motorcycle that has sat idol for Seven or Eight years, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Ronnie.. The new Yamaha XJ 600 Diversion is adequate and novice-friendly rather than in any way inspiring or exciting. But as versatile, first-big-bike-type transport, the Divvy delivers the necessaries. The suspension is rather basic and the brakes a little soft, but it steers sweetly and the ride is good for two

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You can get aftermarket/performance end cans at a reasonable price, BUT, there always going to be fairly expensive as the Divi has 2 exhaust cans (which often means double the price!). There is a 2nd hand set on Ebay at present for around £100 (search Ebay for “Yamaha XJ 600 Seca Exhaust System”) which might be a good alternative?The Diversions were never the quickest of bikes, but if the carb slides are only going up a 1/4 of the way it could be restricted (probably to 33bhp as this is the beginners limit for younger riders).

hi there – well, still going through winter, not used any other transport since last august and clocked up around 8,000 miles, mostly long-ish haul between liverpool, leeds and oxfordshire – just getting a slight mechanical noise in the front lower part of the engine at low revs, ticking over is fine, revving in neutral is fine, and nothing over 4,000 revs; seems just to be at the lover revs in any gear…i’ve put 2l of oil since getting it, oil the chain every 500 after reading your advice…just about to put some more oil in…getting around 14 miles per litre but it’s smoking a bit on startup and some white smoke from head gasket area and union connection in 4-into-1 exhaust area…again on start up..thinking it might be moisture, unburned fuel / road wet dirt…any ideas…as done 8,000 since august maybe a service is called for, changed plugs and that stuff…any ideas on engine sounds?The Diversion favours an upright riding position more than most 600cc sport bikes, making it usable for commuting. It remained in production for quite a long time, probably due to its low price, modest fuel consumption, longevity and reliability. Well, if your having a can made the metal fabricator should be able to make the can to fit the bike? Or you can buy a cheap full 4 into 1 system on Ebay for around £250, or a top quality Motad Nexxus system for about £350. The only way you’ll get the measurements is to find someone we has a complete one you could measure (I know we don’t have any complete XJ’s or cans at the moment).

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The Yamaha XJ600 is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha. It is a relatively light motorcycle with top half fairing and around 72 bhp (54 kW). The XJ600 was built from 1984 until 1991, when it was replaced with the Yamaha Diversion/Seca II. In North America, the bike was sold as the FJ600 I am trying to find out the length of the spring for a 97 XJ600N centre stand as mine has gone slack and it keeps bouncing (not a nice feeling lol) when blatting along

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Sounds like you possibly might have a faulty starter solenoid (follow the red/positive lead back from the battery and you’ll find it). Either that or the starter motor is faulty. Check the connections are good, clean and undamaged on both. You might want to replace the starter solenoid as these can fail with age. I owned this bike being on the full throttle all the time had 130mph out of this was a very good bike apart from the weight which is unbelievably hard to take corners or hold in slow traffic but still overall good bike 4**

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I’m not sure about the restriction to be honest, if it’s in the carb you may be able to remove it (that’s IF it is restricted?).If you want to keep the 4 into 2 system its likely to be £250 upwards for just the cans and if you want the downpipes you would have to buy them separately (stainless steel replacement downpipes should be about £200 upwards). Basically, exhaust systems with 2 end cans are normally much more expensive then single can systems (due to there being 2 cans!).

XJ 600 S Diversion (RJ01), 1998.01 - 2003.12, Benzīns. Noņemt auto. YAMAHA My Xj600s is my first proper big bike and despite the current bhp restrictor on it it, it is the everything I could have hoped for in a bike. Very glad to find one at all, and for £800 I couldn't refuse as I was after one when i began riding. Even at 16 years old it still starts first time and delivers a smooth and comfortable ride… Read Full Review As far as I know the exhausts are different, so it’s unlikely to fit. Have you tried asking the seller?If the fuse is blowing it’s unlikely to be a gearbox problem? Check your charging system (by using a volt meter across the battery terminals) but it will more likely be a bare/crossed wire or faulty electrical part.

Fitting heated grips is fairly easy (good one’s usually come with instructions). The only thing to bear in mind is to make sure you don’t connect the grips to a permanent live wire (so don’t connect them straight off the battery, connect them to a wire that doesn’t have a charge going through it when the ignition is turned off). This way, if you forget to turn the heated grips off (and trust me, as an ex recovery driver this happens alot!) they won’t drain your battery……Re the Motad exhausts, they are exceptional quality (probably the best out there!). They also come with a long warranty (which will probably last longer then the bike!). Motad are a UK company and the exhausts are manufactured in the UK, so, in the unlikely event of a problem you can speak to someone in the UK. BUT, they are expensive (at the end of the day you get what you pay for!). Yamaha 600 Diversion par Thierry LERAUD. Vous avez passé votre permis dessus ? L'histoire de la Yamaha 600 Diversion Amusante l'histoire de la Diversion 600 ! En 1990, elle vient succéder à la XJ 600 qui était plus puissante, mieux finie, et moins chère

With the best range of second hand Yamaha XJ600 Diversion bikes across the UK, find the right bike for you. Latest second hand Yamaha XJ600 Diversion bikes for sale My second real bike after DAS (had an EN500 which was nice but too small). Bought on ebay for £900 on a T plate with 12000 miles. I'm 6'3" and 14 stone. Bike has plenty of power to haul me along and doesn't fair too badly when the good lady accompanies on the rear. Given it's mid 60s HP output Yamaha have done a good job in rounding out the power delivery across the band and even managed to get a nice little lift out of the last few thousand revs. The bike costs peanuts to insure. I ended up… Read Full Review Will I have any problems fitting the later engine – physically, carbs & wiring wise? Also I don’t have an oil cooler rad. So could I just run a hose between the rad in & out connection. Or do I need to actually buy & fit an oil cooler Rad.Just curious if you might kniw the answer but will the later seca2 complete exhausts i see on ebay fit an earlier 86 xj600? I bought a 1997 divvy in October as my first big bike good in all weather it hasn't let me down.I recommend it for fist big bike but cont compare it to anything else as its my first big bike.

Поручайте дилеру фирмы Ямахазаменять тормозную жидкостьчерез интервалы времени, ука-занные в ПРИМЕЧАНИЯХ в концетаблицы периодических техни-ческих обслуживаний и смазыва-ний. Кроме того, заменяйте уп-лотнительные манжеты главныхтормозных цилиндров и тормоз-ных скоб, а также тормозныешланги через указанные нижеинтервалы времени или при об-наружении на них признаков уте-чек или повреждений.I have the same problem. I have a fantastic 1993 s and I have a chance to buy a 1999 engine replacement with oil cooler pipes. I need to know exactly the same as you. so if anyone out there can help . please let me know. steve.

If your using the bike regularly (e.g for commuting to work etc) it’s probably worth paying the £500 for the work and service as you’ll know the bike is good.On my model I have an off, running light, normal lights (with hi low beam). but with the lights off and the ignition on my rear light is on (it goes off when bike is switched off). My first thought was brake switches but the brake lights stil flash the rear light. Is this a normal thing with the 92 model or is the rear light stealing power from somewhere? To prepare for the winter (bike wise), just keep the battery charged up (it takes more out of the battery starting in cold weather) and the biggest thing is to keep the bike clean, especially the exhaust downpipes and cans as the winter salt on the road loves eating metal parts if left on the bike! Predam motorku yamaha XJ6 diversion 2014. model RJ22. 18xxxkm Motorka pripravena na sezonu. (XJ6N XJ6S XJ6F diversion GSR600 GSR750 fazer bandit hornet CB1000 Predám yamaha xj6 diversion f 2013 37xxxkm vtp 24kw inak 65kw.(veľmi svižný 4valec). Stači vp a2. Jazdená hobby It could be a part of the carb that’s worn? Have a look at the needle for signs of pitting and check the float bowl isn’t over filling.

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