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The sensor stabilisation works for video too. With static shots, you can get an almost perfect result. When I used the M.Zuiko 60mm macro lens to record close-ups of butterflies, the stabilisation was less effective because of the short focus distance and magnification involved.Since file size is almost constant, you may want to select a higher setting, like Fine, for busy subjects with a lot of details and contrast, since they require larger file sizes to retain quality. Likewise, shooting flat subjects like overcast skies, you can get away with a lower setting, like Basic, since subjects with little detail require fewer JPG file-size bits to retain the same quality a more complex subjects. Olympus releases the latest PEN series camera today, the Olympus PEN-F. This new PEN-F is not Olympus PEN-F makes so much sense, it is short, sweet and hits the message home: the camera's.. I just have one problem with your reviews....Your images are so good I don't think it matters what camera you use they would look great! Katso 30 Myydään olympus pen ilmoitusta parhaalla hinnalla. Halvimmat tarjoukset alkaen Eur 3 Lisätiedot myydään vanha, mutta vähän käytetty, hyväkuntoinen olympuksen peilitön pikkujärkkäri

Read review on stevehuffphoto.com he loves new camera and us getting one. He did a nice job with B&W and chrome color Bob in Chicago Here I want to talk about certain aspects that I don’t find necessarily bad or unusable but that could definitely be improved. The video quality is the first that comes to my mind. Olympus PEN E-P5 + 14-42mm, precio oficial de 1099 euros en España. Diseño y ergonomía. La Olympus PEN E-P5 apuesta por un diseño retro inspirado en la mítica PEN F que conserva las.. Overall I find the image stabilisation very good for video considering the results you can achieve hand-held. However, it is not perfect and can produce unwanted effects in your footage that you need to be aware of:The E-P1 and pocket cameras (Nikon Coolpix, Canon Powershot, Casio Exilim, etc) have no reflex mirrors, which makes them smaller, but also means that they have to do all their viewing, focus and metering only from the delayed, digitized two-dimensional signals created only after these cameras have processed the images that hit the sensor a fraction of a second ago.

I shoot passionately with Olympus cameras and lenses. Check out my extensive list of product reviews.What camera size comparison, E-PL1 is 115 x 72 x 42 mm, E-M5 is 122 x 89 x 43 mm, and the new PEN-F is 125 x 72 x 37 mm. It may be slightly longer (few mm), but definitely slimmer than E-PL1 and also shorter than E-M1. Overall, looking at the dimensions, the three cameras are ALMOST the same size!! How can this help you to conclude that the PEN-F is actually BIGGER? I have been using E-PL1, E-M5 over the years extensively, and I shot with the PEN-F last weekend for 2 full days. If the size difference is there, don't you think I would have noticed and say something about it? It was negligible and not worth a mention. If you want to have BOTH flash and EVF, then get the E-M10 Mark II. The problem is, many people hate the "bump" on the OM-D cameras, hence the PEN flat top has a popular demand. To make it flat, either one of the flash or EVF has to go. View and Download Olympus Pen specifications online. Pen Digital Camera pdf manual... to learn more about the olympus peN e-pl2 Printed in U.S.A. PEN is a registered trademark of Olympus However I have another thought in my mind worth sharing: up until recently, Olympus had the advantage of the in-body stabilisation. While not perfect, it proves very effective in some situations when recording video.

The Olympus E-P1 gives the highest technical image quality of any digital camera that weighs this little. It's a joy to carry all day and night, and brings back clean, killer images. It also shoots in a professional 4:3 aspect ratio, not the bogus, too-short 3:2 ratio left over from 35mm film that still handicaps DSLRs.Even though the image sensor works great in low light, the E-P1's autofocus system doesn't work in dim light, and the metering system is inadequate for night photography. Indoors at night you take your chances with out-of-focus shots, and for tripod shots outdoors at night, you have to guess exposure.

Brightness, portability, and close-up performance, all at the highest level in an everyday-use telephoto zoom.The E-P1 is superb for travel, nature and landscapes, not really for weddings or portraits, and forget it for sports or action. Forget it in dim light indoors, below about LV 4 (1/30 at f/2.8 at ISO 1,600). When this happens, AF racks in and out and in and out, and never finds the subject. The camera can't see details in the noise of the live view system, sorry.

Use Olympus Workspace for updating the firmware of Olympus digital cameras. OLYMPUS E-SYSTEM Firmware update for OM-D series Firmware update for Pen series Firmware update for.. Snapsort compares the Olympus PEN-F vs the Olympus E-P5 to find out which is the winner. Key differences include: supports 24p, viewfinder, sensor type, focus points, built-in flash and best price

Olympus PEN E-PL8 $194.99 at Amazon See It Design Connectivity Performance and Image Quality Conclusions Pros Compact. Speedy focus and 7.3fps burst rate. In-body stabilization. Tilting touch LCD. Add-on EVF available. Wi-Fi. Cons Video tops out at 1080p. No mic input. Lacks built-in flash. Only one control dial. Slow shooting rate when tracking action. The entry-level Olympus PEN E-PL8 ($549.99, body only) was overshadowed by higher-end products when it launched last fall at the Photokina trade show. But it's essentially an E-PL7 with a slightly more retro exterior shell. Most of the underlying interior tech is the same, with a few tweaks here and there. Even though it doesn't offer a bunch of upgrades, it remains a solid performer, if not the best in its class. Our favorite entry-level mirrorless model is the Sony a6000, which sells for less and packs more resolution and a stronger autofocus system. Lenses - Olympus.. So far I would think that this is the best pro capable PEN from Olympus yet. But hey if you are more toward serious photography OM-D is the way to go.

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  1. Below it, Menu, Info, Delete, and Play buttons flank a four-way control pad. The pad itself has directional presses that change EV compensation, flash settings, the Drive mode and Self-Timer, and a button to select a focus point (though I found it easier to tap on the screen to set a focus point). At the center of the pad is an OK button.
  2. I never said the camera or the dials were ugly. I just said they were not so functional and could have been better in some ways.
  3. e the fine details, I would say the sharpness is slightly better on the PEN-F image.
  4. I also like the double function you can set to the two exposure dials. By default you use them to change the shutter speed and aperture. If you use the pre-assigned button on the arrow pad or configure a function button (in my case, Fn1) with the dedicated option, you can use the dials to change White Balance and ISO when that button is pressed. Pressing it a second time or half pressing the shutter release button will bring back the dial function to default.
  5. Hint for bright light: To help get a larger shutter angle for more natural motion, and to get more in focus, shoot in Aperture-priority at the smallest possible aperture and/or with a neutral density filter. With the small aperture, more stays in focus. Shoot in default S-AF.
  6. Tempered Glass Protector Cover for Olympus PEN E-P5 E-PL9 E-PL8 E-PL7 EPL9 EPL8 EPL7 EP5 Camera LCD Screen Protective Film Guard

What I like: Design and ease of use

The E-P1's images are a huge technical step-up from the grainy, smudgy images we accept from micro-sensored compacts like the Coolpix, Powershot and similar. Yes, I love my Canon Powershots, and I wish they had big, fat sensors like the E-P1 so their images were as clean and pure as what I get out of the E-P1. These differences aren't visible at internet sizes, and are visible if you're looking closely in print or at 100% on your monitors. These differences are obvious on close inspection especially in daylight at normal ISOs, not just at high ISOs. Wi-Fi is baked in. The PEN E-PL8 communicates with Android and iOS devices using the free Olympus O.I. Share app. There's no Wi-Fi button on the body itself; instead you launch the system by tapping the Wi-Fi icon on the rear LCD.These three lines summarize 95% of this review, and knowing Olympus, many innovative lenses are coming. Given the right lenses, I'd love to take the Olympus E-P1 on a dedicated photo trip instead of heavy SLRs like the D700. (The real winner is the LEICA M9, which offers all the benefits of the E-P1 and is part of a complete system.)I don't understand what insert shots you were referring to. But none of the photos above look soft. If it did someone else would have pointed out.

What I like: 5-axis image stabilisation

Now the competition is catching up in the sensor stabilisation department and the new Panasonic GX80/85 especially is closing that gap. ปกติความเคลื่อนไหวของตลาดกล้องระดับเริ่มต้นจะเป็นแบบเรื่อยๆ ไม่รีบเร่งเหมือนกับกา. รแข่งขันของพวกกล้องเรือธงเด่นๆทั้งหลาย แต่แบรนด์ Olympus กลับเป็นผู้ผลิตที่ขยันออกกล้องระดับ Oddly, there is almost no difference among the VIVID, NEUTRAL and saturation adjustments. Differences among them are very subtle, unless of course you select B&W, which is B&W.

What I like: useful extra features

The Exposure compensation dial has only two customizable functions: either the usual exposure compensation or the FLASH exposure compensation. The Olympus PEN produces pro-level photographs that are clear and sharp to the very edges of the image, bringing out the photographer in you.

High image quality standard lens that provides beautiful background defocusing effects, great for family portrait lens for mums. Once you have an image playing, press OK, click down one to the icon of the RCA 77 ribbon microphone, click it, click down to OK, and hit it. Hit it again to stop.A high specification 4.2x electronic zoom lens that can be used for a variety of scenes from landscapes to portrait

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This one in specifichttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/-rdFBf695AMM/VqZW5JkuQ9I/AAAAAAAAtDY/P5caphEBbqY/s1600/P1250327a.jpgSwitching to Raw capture certainly gets you better detail—you can see that even at ISO 200 in the crop from our studio scene that's included in the slideshow. The Raw image shows texture in the printing on a film canister, while it's absent from the JPG output. The sensor captures strong detail in Raw images through ISO 12800, although grain is quite heavy at that setting. You don't get as much fine resolution as you do out of a more modern 24MP image sensor—that's simply because of the number of pixels, and the fact that 24MP imagers are typically larger APS-C chips.

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Olympus has two lines of Micro Four Thirds compact system camera: Pen and OM-D, with the latter the more ‘serious’ of the pair. The Pen-F comes in at the top of the current Pen line-up and has a 20-million-pixel Four Thirds type sensor – that’s four million more pixels than previous Pen models.The build quality is excellent overall: there is no visible screws (even at the bottom) and the design team did a good job with the various buttons and dials. You really appreciate all the little details including the vintage On/Off switch.THanks for a well adone and quick review. How strange is it that just one frontal knob seems the biggest downside of this really good cam he?I hop so that HiRes mode is much better than it was but Mingh has already shown moreless that we shouldn't expect anything here. And if so, I am strongly leaning towards the GX8. For it has done so many things right and it does have weathersealing too. DFD for action is very nice to track focus (wonder how this cam does actuallY) and well 4K video is at least very nice to have....I was hoping for a whole lot more from Oly, but if 50 MP HiRes gets things done in 1/4s instead of 1s I'd be happy.So eagerly awaiting part II, Robin.Thx!The PEN-F is an excellent camera with bags of features, plus lots of scope for customisation of both the controls and the appearance of the images it produces. It may take you a while to work through the various options and optimise it for the way you want to shoot, but it’s worth taking the time to explore and experiment. Olympus PEN E-PL9 mang đến các tính năng chụp ảnh linh hoạt và nhiều bộ điều khiển sáng tạo tích hợp. E-PL9 sử dụng cảm biến Live MOS 16.1 triệu điểm ảnh và bộ xử lý ảnh TruePic VIII, tốc độ chụp..

I hesitated a lot about where to put the price topic. This is another contentious topic surrounding the Pen F. The main problem is that the E-M5 mark II, that has a few extra benefits like complete weather-sealing and a larger EVF, is less expensive ($200 less). However, when it was released, the E-M5 II price was a little higher ($100) so the Pen F’s price could drop later on. I agree it isn’t cheap and it’s not the best deal you can find amongst Micro Four Thirds cameras but I do not find the price excessively expensive.If you can figure out how to turn on scene modes, there is a scene mode to support shooting images for later stitching. The instruction manual implies that Olympus includes this software on the included CD, and of course there are any of a zillion other software packages, like Photoshop, that can do the same.Focus bracketing was reviewed in-depth by Heather when the E-M10 mark II came out so I advise you to look at her article if you want to find out more.Hi RobinThanks for Your excellent review! I'm an Olympus FAN also and have a nice collection of Olympus cameras. I think the PEN-F is a brillant camera and we can not expect better ISO performance from a 4/3 sensor at this time. I'am waiting when can I try this little wonder, but i'm also waiting for a new OM-D E-1 II...Best regards from SlovakiaLajosIf you find this as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone.

First, the monochrome profile: Olympus made an effort not only to render beautiful black and white images with rich grey tones but they also did a good job with the film grain simulation.You will get used to it after a while and it is a very complete menu system. But I am sure Olympus can improve it on the next generation of cameras. Here again it’s more a word of encouragement.If you're shooting landscapes, a fraction of a second doesn't matter, but if you're shooting action or moving people, the E-P1 and pocket cameras just can't cut it compared to real DSLRs like the Nikon D40 and Canon Digital Rebel T1i. The display itself is 3 inches in size and quite sharp—1,040k dots. It's sensitive to touch, but touch doesn't work everywhere. You can use it to perform some useful functions—tapping an area of the screen to set focus or focus and fire off a picture, or to swipe through photos in playback mode for example—but not to navigate through menus. The directional pad and OK button are used there.

Poor Pal. One wonders why almost two centuries after the invention of photography we still have to struggle with such poor equipment. Lewis Hine, Julia Margaret Cameron and Lewis Carroll must have had a hard time shooting their children portraits without digital full frame, 12fps and ISO 102,400. If you want to capture your restless daughter indoors you better buy the new Nikon D5 or Canon 1D X Mark II. I would go for the one that will be chosen as official camera for the Olympics in Rio! There is one thing I’ve always appreciated about Olympus cameras: they rarely leave you feeling indifferent. It’s not necessarily due to a specific feature or specification but rather a balanced mix of interesting capabilities and a design that delivers a pleasant user experience without sacrificing beauty. All this helps to create a positive feeling between the photographer and the machine. Nubia. NVIDIA. Olympus. Omate. OnePlus In bright light the E-P1 uses a narrow shutter angle (too fast shutter speed), so instead of fluid motion, you get sharp chops that look more stroboscopic than natural.

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Read our detailed comparison of the Olympus PEN-F vs Olympus PEN E-PL9 to find out their strengths Olympus PEN-F vs Olympus E-PL9 Comparison Overview. Here we are comparing two.. Noise is controlled well for most of the Pen-F’s sensitivity range. As usual, in the default noise-reduction setting you can expect to see some fine details lost from JPEGs at the upper sensitivity settings. Nevertheless ISO 6,400 images (both raw and JPEG) look good at A3 size.Would I buy an E-P1? No, because there are no tiny ultrawide or tele lenses to suit it, yet. I need a flash for fill, and there is no flash in the E-P1. If I add one on top, I'm now as big as a small SLR.Note: the maximum aperture available is f/8, the max. shutter speed is 8s and the max ISO is 1600 when using the High Res Shot.

The dedicated +/- button is great, but even better, it's not needed! 99% of the time the meter is right. When you do need it, like in backlight or outdoors at night, the meter is so far off, you need so much shift that it's easier to use AE Lock or manual exposure. The E-P1 can't see in the dark. In dim light, other compacts slow down and slow the viewing frame rate to gather enough light to allow us to see the image and for the camera to meter the exposure and WB. By comparison, the E-P1 doesn't slow its frame rate, so in dim light the image is faster, but mostly black, and the E-P1 can't focus. Setting LIVE VIEW BOOST (Secret Menu System > MENU > GEARS > Gear D > LIVE VIEW BOOST) doesn't help. So, from my experience, the Pen F is not bad at all when it comes to autofocus and continuous shooting speed. However, I agree it could be better. I think that the time has come for the AF system of Olympus cameras to be taken to the next level. As I said earlier, there is a lot of competition and other brands (Sony, Fujifilm and Panasonic) are making interesting progress in that department. It’s not a real criticism but more of a word of encouragement.The level of customisation is good (9 custom buttons) and I appreciate the front button especially, which I use to re-position the focus point at the centre (Home Position).

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Since the flange focal distance is so short, loads of third-party adapters are available to adapt any 35mm or larger format lens to the Olympus PEN E-P1, but why bother? You could conceivably adapt Leica M and screw-mount lenses, too, but manual focus won't be fun, since you have to squint at a magnified image on the LCD with no other aids. There is an optional grip (ECG‑4) that can improve the ergonomics but it won’t be as effective as the grip of an OM-D E-M1 for example. Şəhərin müxtəlif yerlərində, hər büdcəyə uyğun komplekslər inşa edən Olympus Park şirkətinin növbəti layihəsi Xırdalan şəhərində yerləşir

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You can fix the first character to any value from 0~9 or A~Z instead of the default of P, and likewise for the second character normally used for the month. Get the best deals on Olympus PEN Cameras. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members

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Because the process is based on 8 consecutive shots, this mode is limited to tripod use and static subjects (still life is the best example). Moving subjects or elements will cause artefacts in the final result. For example, the image below looks fine at first glance but if we have a closer look at the water, we can notice several points and fine grids caused by the pixel shift.Personally I am very familiar with Olympus cameras because I’ve used them for work in the past so naturally I know the menu system and interface very well. However if I put myself in the position of a new customer, there can be some confusion.Robin, Thanks for the great an honest review. I have several Olympus cameras and love them, but this highly anticipated camera is a big disappointment. I do not see any new innovation here and the price is absolutely ridiculous for an EM10 II in a more retro body with worst ergonomics. It is even more expensive than the flagship EM1 and M5II, which are largely superior cameras with weather sealing. Based on images posted at various sites I do not see any significant improvements with overall image quality and low light sensitivity. Even the processing engine was not updated, which is a shame. The weight of the camera is almost the same as the weight of EM10II or M5II, which have much better handling, weather sealed and have tethering support . I hope that the update for the EM1 will be something really substantial with largely improved sensor, otherwise will lose my faith in Olympus and move to Nikon D500/D750 or Sony full frame cameras, which are in a completely different league in the image quality department

Olympus Pen E-PL8 reviews, pros and cons. Liked: Compact, Speedy focus and 7,3fps burst rate, In-body stabilization, Tilting touch LCD Disliked: Video tops out at 1080p, No mic input, Lacks built-in.. If you can find it to turn on, it really works. Just like the same systems in Nikon and Canon, it will increase noise in darker, flat areas if it has to lighten them. High grade snap lenses with metal coating developed by combining the latest optical technologies with superior craftsmanship. If you set Gradation: Auto as I do to optimize shadows and highlights, darker flat areas will pick up noise as the Olympus E-P1 automatically lightens those areas, just like all other digital cameras with this feature.

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Hey Limo, I think it is still too early to judge what will come for the successor of E-M1, so let's not lose hope too soon. Ah I believe those are just speculations but, perhaps, Olympus was holding back so that they could outdo themselves in the E-M1 successor? The E-P1 is in a completely different technical class than compact cameras because of its relatively huge sensor.

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  1. The battery doesn't slam right in or pop right out as well as other cameras. It takes a little more fiddling to get it in or out.
  2. Burst shooting is available at 7.3fps with focus, with the maximum shooting duration limited to 14 Raw+JPG, 18 Raw, or 40 JPG shots. There's a continuous focus mode available as well, with or without tracking, but the E-PL8 doesn't reacquire focus when shooting at its fastest burst rate, even with tracking enabled.
  3. Thank you for your great review.I have one question. Is there the AF Target Spot Metering feature? I can't find this feature in the pen-F's manual.
  4. g the shutter speed is fast enough(>1/200) that does not factor much into the total time. Oly has been talking about upco

rest assured the 50MP high resolution shot will be the tested. I do feel that GX8 is more suitable to be compared with the E-M5 Mark II. Camera design aside, the specifications are more similar. The camera fits nicely in the hand, the rear thumb grip is comfortable and most of the dials and buttons can be reached easily.The Pen-F’s sensor has 20.3 million effective pixels, which is roughly 25% more than on any other current Olympus Pen or OM-D cameras. Our lab tests reveal that, in comparison with the Pen E-P5, this brings a significant hike in the amount of detail in images at lower sensitivity settings. However, above ISO 3,200 the level of detail in Pen-F images is a little lower than in the E-P5’s shots. Also, JPEGs viewed at 100% lack the ‘bite’ or sharpness of files from some other cameras, but they look good when sized to make prints.While using it with small and compact lenses such as the 17mm f/1.8 and the 75mm f/1.8, I admired how small this system can be and how much fun it is to carry around.You may be disappointed in the 20MP at this time, but my guess is it's like a new computer. They never feel much faster. But my guess is that in a few weeks you won't want to go back, and will really notice the difference when you 'look back'. Best of luck.

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「OLYMPUS PEN」シリーズのデザインを引き継ぎ、180度回転するタッチパネル式下開きモニターを採用したミ.. This system makes use of the Pen-F’s stabilisation system to shift the sensor between shots as it captures eight 20MP images. These files are then merged into a single high-resolution image. On the E-M5 II, High Res Shot mode delivers 40MP JPEG images or 64MP raw files; but on the Pen-F, the JPEG image size has been increased to 50MP, while the raw files are a whopping 80.6MP. However, the maximum shutter speed available is 8 sec, while the minimum aperture is f/8 and the highest available sensitivity setting is ISO 1,600.Dear Pal,I shall have to ask you to slow down, take a deep breath, and not panic for now. Yes, the new PEN-F may not be a miracle, but it is no slouch either. I understand the high side of pricing is not for every one, but when the camera is not made for you, how does that come to a conclusion of you losing faith? Olympus still gets tonnes of things right, and this PEN-F is designed to look beautiful with sturdy build quality. If you want weather sealing and tethering support, I think you already know that your answer is an OM-D, not a PEN. Any chance we'll see the ability to link our spot metering point to the AF point on the EM5II, just like we are now able to do on this camera? Also, what about the monochrome modes?

The Olympus E-P1 becomes very easy to use after you figure it out. An hour with the manual will be an hour very well spent, since Olympus hides many needed features in weird places. Once you figure it out, you can set the E-P1 to do many very handy short cuts and it becomes a joy to shoot. Looking at the last photo, I can see why you *E!S*$!@ like that front dial. It is indeed quite pretty and retro but I can imagine how disturbing to our fingers it is. I think I have to come to see you and the PEN-F asap.Currently I don't have the camera with me so I don't know if ISO is assignable but I did assign it to Flash Exposure compensation instead.The E-P1 reloads fast for the next shot, somewhat faster than other compact cameras. Compared to a Powershot, the E-P1 is al lot easier for knocking off a lot of shots at a party.

Welcome to Pen Stock - shop for beginner and skilled Pen Spinners! You want to practice much more efficient and amaze people around you by doing awesome tricks? WIthout a pen mod your learning.. Robin:Technical question: Can you control the focus point using your thumb like a mouse on the lcd screen whilst having your eye at the EVF - i.e. using the LCD screen to 'scroll' through the focus points instead of relying on the four way directional buttons? If this is possible indeed as I read elsewhere then OLY has freed up the 4 directional buttons up to use for the set purposes (ISO, etc.)I am glad spot metering can move with the focus point.I hope C-AF sees an improvement.By "technical" image quality, I mean what you see when you're looking too darn close. This has nothing to do with image quality, which depends on your vision as a photographer to see strong compositions and use magnificent light. If you master these aspects, you can make extraordinary images with any camera. In other words, these technical issues are meaningless minutiae unless you are already an accomplished photographic master.Count me in. As I wrote in another comment: I like to use my E-M1 "rolleiflex style", often even with focusing and shooting by tapping the screen. This will be a much less joyful experience with an articulated screen.

Hello Robin.thank you for this great review part 1. I am an OMD EM-1 owner from germany. And until this review i looked very optimistic and very expectant in the future for the new OMD EM1 Mark II. But now i was a little bit disappointed about the new 20 MP sensor. I thought and i hoped for even a more pronounced increase in performance in high ISO. But it seems there is no significant higher performance……Pity!Now the hopes of a higher improvement have dropped significantly. Remains to be seen how Olympus with the EM-1 successor else so scores.Thanks for your review Robin, great work!The Olympus PEN is designed to please the eye. To be part of your ensemble.To look as sophisticated as you are.As I said at the top, technical image quality is superb, while overall speed and handing are only in the class of pocket-cameras.The E-P1 has no AF assist light as does every other pocket camera, and since the E-P1 has no more AF sensitivity than a pocket camera, the E-P1 can go blind indoors below about LV 4 (1/30 at f/2.8 at ISO 1,600). When this happens, AF racks in and out and in and out, and never finds the subject.

Product Description. Olympus PEN E-PL8 16MP Changeable Lens Camera with 14-42mm IIR Lens - White Body with Silver Lens Love being creative? The Olympus PEN gives you the power and ease.. Thanks for your nice examples Robin. There are already many more camera reviewers who tried this camera. Quite a few of them prefer to shoot at sinister locations. Some of them are shooting such boring pictures that I wonder why someone should desire a camera at all. But in your case I cannot wait to go to the photo store to try one out.Looking at the suits I thought these photos were examples for High Definition, instead of High ISO. Being more rational: I like the looks, but the camera is larger than the other Olympus Pen models. Even slightly bigger than the OM5. The design seems more aimed at lifestyle than at functional photography. The wart at the front seems a mistake. Wrong position, and personally I am not interested to switch colors all the time. The swivel makes the camera bigger in use (I love to be invisible when I shoot).* I would have preferred a small built in flash as well. The overall impression is that Olympus is becoming too creative. But looking at your examples the sensor seems to be an improvement for the ones who want large images. With jpegs like this, who wants raw?* By the way Robin, do you know a platform where users can unite and oppose against the swivel screens that Olympus is using on the recent models. If they are continuing this policy I will switch to another brand. And reading many reactions I am sure I am not the only one. What is the difference between Olympus PEN E-PL7 and Olympus PEN E-PL1? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the camera ranking

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  1. Thanks for you VERY honest review, Robin...and of course, you great photos, (especially of the camera!). I have to say that I think the design of the camera is quite beautiful...but I have never shot a jpeg in my life..(RAW only)..so...although I was entralled with the rumors of this camera...it is just not the proper tool for this serious photographer. Alas...it could have been. It isn't often that Olympus disappoints me...but they have this time. :-(
  2. Everything is made in China: the camera, lenses, battery, charger, printed manuals and probably more.
  3. There is also a passive $100 VF-1 viewfinder you may slip on the hot shot that sees the same angle of view as the 17mm f/2.8 lens.
  4. Note that you can set the IBIS to work in all directions, horizontally or vertically only (good for panning) or automatically depending on your settings.

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  1. I used Imatest to check the quality that the 16MP sensor delivers at varying ISO settings. The camera ranges from ISO 200, which it uses in bright light, to ISO 25600, a setting that comes in handy for shooting in very dim conditions without aid of a flash.
  2. Auto ISO runs from ISO 200 to your choice on the high end; ISO 1,600 is the default limit in Auto ISO unless you change it in the secret menu system.
  3. Olympus PEN-F (with 14-42mm lens, black) v204061bu000 Olympus PEN-F (body only, silver) v204060su000 Olympus' street-photography-focused PEN-F is the latest in the company's line of enthusiast..
  4. The camera takes 8 shots and moves the sensor by half a pixel between each shot to collect more details from the photosites in different positions. The 8 shots are then merged to obtain the high resolution image. Because the pixels change their position 8 times, the camera also collects more colour data: each point on the image is captured by each of the blue, red and green pixels that make up the standard Bayer sensor.
  5. Olympus PEN E-P1 (2009 - ) Quarter-frame, 3 LCD, $750-900 © 2009 KenRockwell.com. All rights reserved. Intro Lenses Specs Performance Usage Compared Recommendations
  6. The entry-level Olympus PEN E-PL8 ($549.99, body only) was overshadowed by higher-end products when it launched last fall at the Photokina trade show. But it's essentially an E-PL7 with a slightly..

Review: Olympus PEN-F Compact Micro Four Thirds Camera WIRE

  1. Once set ON and you're dialed-in, hit INFO again to select another mode to make the big bar graphs go away so you can finish composing.
  2. In my humble opinion, the Pen F produces some of the best digital black and white images seen from a mirrorless camera. I compared them to other monochrome capable cameras and the Pen F wins mainly because it offers more customisation and because the results are simply beautiful. If you like black and white, this is a serious camera to consider.
  3. Hey John, it is still too early to tell about the E-M1 successor! I still hold hope that there will be significant improvement, since E-M1 range of product for Olympus is the flagship!
  4. The ugly truth, isn't it, Robin? :Dhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/xrlphjqu4bmuolo/PEN_Mole_s.gif?dl=0

We tested the PEN-F against three of its main rivals: the Fujifilm X-E2S, Olympus OM-D E-M10 II and Panasonic GX8. In the colour error test, the Pen-F tends to produce quite saturated colours in its Natural Picture mode, although the Fujifilm X-E2S JPEGs are more vibrant.You can configure the control pad on the rear to automatically move the focus point which I did. By doing so you lose 4 custom buttons but I find it easier to move the AF point that way.You now will have a .WAV file with the same prefix as the image you had selected when you were recording. No matter what you do, you only get one setting at a time in M or S; you have to dig back into the secret menu system to change either value. If you want to, activate the secret menu system and press MENU > GEARS > GEAR G (<:: / COLOR/WB) > (scroll way down to) PIXEL COUNT where you can set each.

Images from the E-P1 are clean and real, with no smudging from noise reduction. Details and textures are rendered as they should be, without the sneaky smoothing-over that happens in the images made from digital pocket cameras, like Canons. Yes, the E-P1 runs rings around any Coolpix or Powershot, including the best like the Canon G series. On Camera Size Comparison it shows bigger than my PEN E-PL1 and my E-M5. EVF instead of a flash? Why? Do we have to choose? There are many cameras that have both, like the E-M10 II.Okay, I will wait for the PEN F II then.Imaging Resource already has 50 gallery photos and 90 studio samples. Have a look at the High Res. It gave me goose bumps.They haven’t got many reactions so maybe there are not many visitors. Small cameras aren’t big in the USA : )

15 September 2009: Version 1.1 firmware update claims to improve autofocus. This is not an easy update; Olympus says you have to install the Olympus Master software on your computer and then open it. There is no simple Internet link from which it is downloaded. Once you've installed more software on your computer, connect the camera via USB to the computer and log onto the Internet. Use the Update Camera function from the Online Service menu, and good luck. I won't update the E-P1 I tried; I won't install camera-maker software on my computer since it is often buggy. Better companies allow updates by copying a file to a memory card; but not Olympus. This review is written using v1.0 firmware. Then we have the colour profiles: they are more difficult to use and require some trial and error at the beginning. But I like them because you can create you own personal colour profile that reflects your style of shooting, or a specific genre.

I don't think the RAW can be disappointing as the adobe ACR is not supported yet. We shall wait and see how the image quality truly performs by then. Sadly, some of the settings lack the range we need. For instance, the slow flash sync speed can be set away from its default of 1/60, but only in the range of 1/30 ~ 1/180. Of course SLOW SYNC mode allows any slow speed with flash. The Pen series is a family of half-frame cameras made by Olympus from 1959 to the beginning of the 1980s. Aside from the Pen F series of half-frame SLRs (discussed in its own article), they are fixed-lens viewfinder cameras. The original Pen was introduced in 1959 The Olympus PEN E-P1 is a missing link between SLR cameras and point-and-shoot pocket cameras. It's a solid little thing that straps around your neck, a little smaller than a DSLR but too big to fit in a pocket. I find it easier to draw and fire from around my neck than to have to draw a compact from my pocket.At the lower speed setting, 3.5fps, the focus adjusted as our test target moved toward and away from the lens, but only after I changed an option deep in the AF menu, setting the camera's behavior in AF-C to prioritize getting a shot in focus rather than maximizing burst speed. If you want to shoot fast-moving subjects, you are much better served with the Sony a6000, which manages 11.1fps, or the a5100 ($399.99 at Amazon) , which has a top speed of 5.9fps but isn't as expensive and features a form factor more similar to the E-PL8.

Colour Creator was introduced with the E-M1 and allows you to change the saturation and hue of your images’ colours. I admit I never use it. The Art filters were introduced a long time ago and Olympus has developed new profiles since. Some of them are quite interesting while others are too drastic or cartoonish. Here again, I rarely use them.Olympus says that if you have a lens with IS inside the lens, to be sure to turn off at least one of the systems. Only use one at a time.

The reason I’m insisting here is because I think the new sensor is not the main factor that should influence your decision to buy the camera or not.The E-P1 is an overgrown pocket camera that has a much larger sensor (quarter-frame (micro four-thirds) 17.3 x 12mm) and interchangeable lenses for great technical quality, however the processing innards are still only those of a pocket camera. The operational speed and overall capability aren't much better than any other pocket camera, which means that the E-P1 handles crummily (slowly) compared to a DSLR, even if the technical results are extraordinary. Thank you Robin, await part 2 with interest. So the new sensor is no major leap from the now older one, thank goodness for that as I bought my first om only last december, when I decided I could wait no longer to go m4/3 and olympus. Shame though.It’s bigger than many mirrorless cameras, but this 20MP model has a tilting electronic viewfinder and a fully articulating screen, along with Panasonic’s 4K Photo feature.ISO 6,400 is awful. Don't use it: shadows are a dull noisy gray, and if I posted a shot of my kids made at ISO 6,400, my wife would make me take it down.

The LCD is hinged, so it can angle up or down. It can also face forward for selfies, but instead of flipping up above the camera, it flips underneath the lens. It's a concern if you want to shoot selfie videos or images using a tripod, but not a big deal for handheld use.Secret Menu System (SMS): To get all the menu options, you need to activate the SMS which is carefully hidden inside the regular MENU system. The E-P1 has no flipping mirror, but its metal focal plane shutter generates just a little bit of recoil as it fires and recharges for each shot.

The Olympus PEN-F For all of your camera and camcorder needs, please visit our website at WWW.PopPopexchsnge.com for great savings' Olympus PEN E-PL2 Features. The camera certainly looks smart, styled in overall black with Olympus PEN E-PL2 Review Verdict. Quality: I had great fun with this compact, manageable camera

This lens extends via a motor by about a quarter-inch (5mm) when the E-P1 turns-on. It moves in and out slightly to focus. Metering range is inferior to almost every other camera made in the past thirty years; the E-P1 is one of the few modern cameras that can't meter outdoor night-time exposures. Hey Robin - good to see a down to earth practical review again. It's a shame Olympus didn't add weather proofing to this camera.

On the whole, the Pen-F is pleasant to use, but it has some of the quirks that we’ve seen with other Olympus cameras. For example, it’s sometimes necessary to turn the camera off and on again to get the electronic level to activate when the appropriate button is pressed.Cheers gLOW-X I had thought of this but I am a shameless hussy when it comes to boys toys gLOW-X. I would have buyers itch if the EM 1 II was better.Many thanks and kind regards for your comments.Although the Pen-F has a contrast-detection system, rather than a hybrid solution that combines contrast detection with a phase system, it’s fast and accurate in many situations. It works well in quite low light, but you can expect a bit of hunting as contrast levels drop further. Provided that you keep the active AF point over the subject, it’s also pretty good at keeping moving subjects sharp in continuous AF mode, but the Tracking AF mode is more hit-and-miss. Olympus PEN E-PL8. กล้อง Olympus Olympus PEN E-PL8 Mobile Application Android App

The Olympus Pen F is the ultimate interchangeable lens camera throwback to old film cameras. Olympus Pen-F is a slick, powerful camera that caters to film nostalgics USB-A Compatible Cable for the Olympus PEN-F. Cable This camera uses a proprietary camera cable. Use the cable that came with your camera. If you need a longer cable, use a Tether Pro Active.. If you've gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you're family. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. Thanks!What you need to know is that it is good and perfectly in line with what Micro Four Thirds cameras can offer in present day, but the real strengths of the camera are what I described in the previous chapters.

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