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Legal Information: Know Your Meme ® is a trademark of Literally Media Ltd. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. THELASTPEPE: Is Nymz the same kind of genius as da Vinci? Da Vinci’s The Last Supper is obviously...That’s pretty good.But the argument remains……progress is great but at some point, open minded people like @JLM & I need to be able to see the light on a customer who has a task that gets easier or faster or cheaper…..b/c blockchain.Digital assets are not even close to that answer. Rare Pepe. 1 350 members, 34 online. View in Telegram. If you have Telegram, you can view and join Rare Pepe right away

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PepeCash had a unique issuance scheme, detailed here: essentially a combination of selling it and giving it away.“The message is that record players are effective and there is no use for mp3’s.” That is what you sound like right now, and you are not smart. Also stop using buzzwords like killer app. I swear once boomers die off and we fix the western world you tried to destroy, I will be happy.

Regardless of how formal and secure the Rare Pepe Economy gets, though, it wouldn’t be Pepe without a little trolling. Cryptocurrency blog Bitcoinist calls Rare Pepe Wallet “a satirical indictment of the altcoin markets,” especially the novelty digital currencies that are either jokes or shabby get-rich-quick schemes. Remember Dogecoin, the currency named after a Shiba Inu dog meme?But putting all of that aside, I find it encouraging that people are building things that are comprehensible to the average person on public blockchains. Rare Pepe may not be the killer app that public blockchains are waiting for, but something like it may well be.

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“Most of the community don’t think Pepe is an alt-right thing. Some (like me) think that we should Make Pepe Great Again and free him of that connotation,” Pepe trading enthusiast Django Bates told the Daily Dot via email. “Also, you have to be aware that Pepe as a symbol of hate and racism by alt-rights is a merely North American thing. The rest of the world does not see Pepe in that context. But our Rare Pepe trading community is global. We have people from Japan, Spain, France, the U.S., Switzerland (myself), Russia, Turkey, South Africa and many other countries.

Did you know Bitcoin.com is throwing a blockchain conference in London this year? Our premiere event, Blockchain: Money, features the biggest innovators and executives in the industry. The event will take place in the beautiful surroundings of 155 Bishopsgate, London on November 6-7, 2016. Reserve your tickets today!One Rare Pepe designer, Nymity Nymz, told Le Monde, “I think these are just the beginnings of an industry,” and said it’s even possible he could live on his Pepes someday.“When [Rare Pepes] breached mainstream media outlets, early adopters and speculators around the globe packed their bags for good, as the Pepe had, in their minds, become useless,” JeffTheDunker explains in Meme Insider.

This manual approval process means none of the 1,200 compromised Pepes from the 2015 “Peppening” is likely to show up on the site. Some of them may still be dank, but they’re no longer rare..I admit that, but I have come to love indoor flush plumbing so why am I looking for a change?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…Seems like a natural fit for a Pokemon game. But built as a P2P app it might be something Nintendo can’t keep control of.The Bank of England has predicted the worst economic crash since the Great Frost of 1709. Economists are less optimistic than the central bank about the rate of recovery for the UK economy. "Current conditions are unprecedented in our lifetime ... read more.

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Whereas the Selfie that Walks (PM Trudeau Deux) pulled the danger pay income tax break closed on CDN service people – http://www.huffingtonpost.c… . Surreal.A new bitcoin mining map by the University of Cambridge shows that China accounts for 65% of the world's hash power. About half of the country's hash rate is produced in just one place, the autonomous Xinjiang region, which makes ... read more.

Brexit trade talks timeline 'virtually impossible' - Dublin •. Op-ed. Storming of Berlin: Rare HD WW2 photos from May 1945 colorized for the first time The people trading Rare Pepes and PepeCash don’t see them as just another flash-in-the-pan alternative currency, though. Pepe modelleri, Pepe özellikleri ve markaları en uygun fiyatları ile GittiGidiyor'da Pepega refers to a Twitch emote featuring Pepe the frog with a liquid face. The expression in pepega emotes leads a comic and stupid face which makes this emote more natural humor element in twitch.. That asumes that easier, faster and cheaper are the only things that humans want and need. Currently the main appilication of blockchain technology is censorship resitance/regulatory arbitrage. In these examples easier, faster and cheaper are both thrown to the side in order to acheive an objective. On the other side of course if you want to buy coffee now the credit card or paper cash wins everytime.In the case of virtue signals via reading of historical events, well they are without price.TAG

Rare Pepes are unique illustrations and photoshops of the character Pepe the Frog which are ostensibly valued as if they are trading cards based on their relative saturation on the web. After a collection was posted for sale on eBay in March 2015, Rare Pepes have been frequently listed by users on other online marketplaces.Our metric for success of this bonding exercise online is seeing how well it goes viral. This correlates to upvotes, retweets, etc. It’s usually unheard of, of people creating internet memes to expect copyright and remuneration. It’s a mostly permissive, creative movement (akin to Creative Commons Zero). We don’t attempt to restrict it, because doing so, is like purposefully restricting language. The goal is to bond.

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…and so by inducing top kek with these online groups, we not only increase the feeling of bonding with this group, but also with others who find them funny. We participate altruistically in the creation of them, because it makes us feel connected. Exactly How Does Pepe Trading Job? Pepe the Frog initially came from back in 2005 as a Sending Pepe Art Work to the Rare Pepe Directory Site. Possibly you prefer to add compared to take in What makes rare pepe even more interesting (over something like Dogecoin) is that each specific iteration of a meme, now also has a tradable value. Besides upvotes and retweets, a successful rare pepe card has deeper skin-in-the-game signal for just how top kek it was. If I create a rare pepe that sells/trades for a certain value, it’s a lot clearer signal than a retweet or an upvote on how successful my contribution was. Besides it being perpetuated and shared, there’s now a direct signal to how successful my inside joke was to my in-group.

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I think it’s a fascinating collection of incentives, and it’s worth exploring this as a generic design (and try to make it less janky): mint a token to curate a set of rare/tradable content. Get the Daily Dot in your inbox

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  1. The truth is rarepepes are a bit complicated to buy and collect. First you need a Rare Pepe wallet which you can get here.  Then you need to transfer in some Bitcoin from somewhere like Coinbase. Then you need to buy some Pepe Cash (yet another crypto asset) which you can buy here, but only after transferring in some more Bitcoin. Then you transfer the Pepe Cash to your Rare Pepe wallet and then you can buy the digital trading cards. But you need to spend BTC to send these cards around because that is what powers the Counterparty system. You can also publish your Rare Pepe wallet address on Twitter and maybe someone will send you some. I did that yesterday and it worked.
  2. Sad Pepe 4Chan Dank Rare has been added to your Cart. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life
  3. PEPE is going to be the next DOGE, only bigger. DOGE was just a shitcoin clone, PEPE is a counterparty asset that can literally rarify memes
  4. Also on August 3rd, Redditor QuahogBay submitted a post asking for an explanation of the Rare Pepe phenomenon to the /r/OutOfTheLoop[7] subreddit, garnering upwards of 1,200 votes (92% upvoted) and 200 comments in five months. By April 9th, there were over 230 “rare Pepe” listings on eBay.[5] On April 12th, The Daily Dot[8] published an article about the origins of the Rare Pepe meme. On May 11th, BuzzFeed[6] published an article about Rare Pepes online. On May 18th, YouTuber ayy caramba uploaded a clip from an Israeli television show with fake subtitles discussing a Rare Pepe economic crash (shown below).
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Bitcoin Suisse Sells 20% Stake to Raise $47 Million: Crypto Valley Broker Aims To Expand Into BankingNo, regulatory arbitrage is what gives crypto value.Now we are at the “add the word blockchain and token and offer a security that is not a security via ICO” phase.You can blockchain all you want in your non prickly 3 company shared database that isnt better than sharing mysql with hashes.Rare Pepes are cards depicting the infamous frog, traded as XCP assets over the Bitcoin blockchain much like Spells of Genesis cards. Since the inception of the Rare Pepe series, the community has grown. For instance, there is a Rare Pepe Wallet where people can collect the series. The frog cards are voted on by the Rare Pepe foundation and artwork has to be extremely dank. The wallet is a browser client that can hold the entire series of Pepes collected. When initiating a Rare Pepe Wallet, users are given a seed phrase just in case they lose their precious Pepe momentos.

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  1. Rare Pepes are unique illustrations and photoshops of the character Pepe the Frog which are ostensibly valued as if they are trading cards based on their relative saturation on the web
  2. One thing you’ll notice about the selection of Pepe cards—and the Rare Pepe trading community at large—is that they don’t carry even a whiff of Pepe’s status as an alt-right, white supremacist, pro-Donald-Trump icon.
  3. Who knows, perhaps we are still course on making a faustian bargain with the giant joint-stock pepe? ;)
  4. Meeh, don’t believe all the news say. The game is developed by me and my team, my team is composed of latinos and one or two sexual-diverse people…. if you let people ingrain an idea in your brain so easily and so deeply, you should check what’s happening with your comprehension framework. #serious
  5. I responded that rarepepes are “about the coolest thing ever” which may be a bit of an overstatement but isn’t that what Twitter is for?

Players can collect Pepes and share them with their friends, or resell them in the marketplace. The meme economy is real people, I'm lovin' it. It brings me back to the times trading cards with friends as.. В профиле PEPE the Frog в Instagram 1,404 фото и видео Unfollow rare pepe to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. MRTALPHA CounterParty Cryptoart, Virtual Trading Card In some instances, these trading cards have been sold for more than $6300. http://www.rarepepemagazine.com/news/kek-is-lord-in-the-digital-trading-card-realm.

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You can convert Rare Pepe Party to other currencies from the drop down list. Selling 1 Rare Pepe Party you get 27.817234 US Dollar at 22. November 2019 07:40 PM (GMT) Unfollow rare pepe to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive A court in Shanghai, China, has reportedly ruled that bitcoin is an asset protected by Chinese law in a case that has dragged on for years. The case involves a theft of two different cryptocurrencies, one being bitcoin, from an ... read more.The selection of Pepes for sale, as JeffTheDunker points out, is a little weird right now: Because the site was created by crytocurrency nerds, many of the Pepe trading cards for sale there are Bitcoin-themed. There’s one called “Shitcoin Pepe,” and one named after mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. The Rare Pepe community also has a very active trading group channel on Telegram where users are discussing the Pepe ecosystem. People visiting the channel can converse about the progress of Rare Pepes, and show off their artwork. At the My Rare Pepe blog, people can find out the latest news surrounding the Pepe landscape. The Rare Pepe card creators explain their mission on the website’s colorful interface:       ..rare Pepe phenomenon had backfired on itself rare Pepe trading was getting hot so hot in fact that the community devised its own cryptocurrency basically they made their own form of Bitcoin called Please only post the rarest of pepes. Any pepe that is not rare will be removed by our mods. Any spam or something not pepe related will also result in a permanent ban or a temporary ban

.In the real world, I get a steam convection microwave with a rotating platform which I pay for with a USAA Visa (get points sufficient to go to Europe on the points) and they email me the receipt together with the warranties, manuals, cut sheets.They check to make sure it isn’t fraudulent.It takes 4 minutes and I get back to my writing.That’s MY real world. Quick, slick, easy, sure, fun.Fred describes an alternative universe above which he says is tedious, complex, and slow. I like mine better.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…It does not. But unlike scotcoin or storj, it’s collectibles. You’re not supposed to buy and sell your card frequently.And you don’t need to do transaction to use it on a blockchain game (that will only check if you possess the card)

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Posted by Rare Pepe News | Jul 5, 2017 | Featured Rare Pepes All Popular Brace Yourselves, PEPEFREEZE is Coming! by Rare Pepe News | Oct 27, 2016 | News | 0 | A Pepe that is rare. A collector will always be on the look-out for new rare pepes to add to their While one might be inclined to show off their rare pepes it is adviced to do so with caution, should the.. Dogecoin, for example, was just a rebranded Bitcoin running on the same technology. PepeCash is different because of its connection to the Rare Pepe cards themselves, which are fun to collect and desirable to meme aficionados on their own terms.On October 4, YouTube show Coin Interview hosted Episode 23: “RarePepe with Theo Goodman.” Goodman is a Rare Pepe foundation member. He explains how the Rare Pepe idea got started and how cards must be certified by the Rare Pepe Foundation. When asked by the Coin Interview hosts what Rare Pepe blockchain assets were all about, Goodman explains the philosophy: PepeCash is another asset. It is used to pay to submit your cards to be verified by a “foundation” to ensure that the asset is actually rare (eg, they didn’t fool the Counterparty system and other users by not setting the asset to be locked). These are then compiled into a series and released by this foundation. The accompanied image is also then logged as being attached to the specific Counterparty asset.

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Tech companies can issue Rare Pepe trading cards, based on the popular internet meme of a Each Rare Pepe is linked to the value of a bitcoin, creating scarcity that's lacking in paper money Post with 14 votes and 45 views. Tagged with , , ; Shared by eraserhead2000. Rare celeb pepe trading card PROTIP: Press 'i' to view the image gallery, 'v' to view the video gallery, or 'r' to view a random entry. Starting in October 2014, users on the /r9k/ (robot9000) board on 4chan began referring to original illustrations and photoshops of Pepe the Frog as "Rare Pepes"; sharing the "rare" images of Pepe as if they were trading cards, some of which were posted with watermarks to retain their value (shown below).

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Rare Pepe Trading Cards Want to discover art related to rarepepe? Check out inspiring examples of rarepepe artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists .This is an example of fundamental tone deafness. Soldiers never miss this stuff.Early in the Obama administration, they tried to take the position that a National Guard serviceman (as opposed to a Regular or Reservist) who was wounded and had civilian insurance, was to look to the private insurance for wound treatment.They completely overlooked the provision that a wounded man cannot be separated from active duty unless healed or medically retired.They didn’t have the institutional knowledge.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca… Rare Pepe NFT Blockchain. 1 viewed per hour. Buy it now - MRTALPHA CounterParty Cryptoart, Virtual Trading Card You trade (provably) rare pepe memes that look as trading cards on the Bitcoin blockchain (using If I create a rare pepe that sells/trades for a certain value, it's a lot clearer signal than a retweet or an..

Rare Pepe Party has a current supply of 100,000 with 18,000 in circulation. The last known price of Rare Pepe Party is $14.13 USD. Rare Pepe Party ROI. Нет данных. Рыночный ранг Till date, 5 Rare Pepe cards have been released including Pepe Cash card and Rare Trump Pepe. Rare Pepe also has its own telegram channel to discuss the Foundation and the cards themselves .So, John, you’re saying???You’re saying that people are blowing smoke up our collective asses???It’s not the alt-right tech death squad???It’s “regular” people???Why would anyone make that mistake? What does that say about those who are clutching for such straws?Haha. Delicious. Good luck.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…In the coming months, additional postings selling Rare Pepes were postings on eBay,[9] with over 230 active listings as of September 2015. Additionally, ads for Rare Pepe collections were created on Craigslist.[10] On August 13th, 2015, an ad titled "Seeking Rare Pepe Trader – Third Roomate" was created on the Chicago Craigslist board.[11] On September 9th, a request to buy Rare Pepes for $50 was placed on the New York City Craigslist[10] board (shown below). The same day, The Daily Dot[12] published an article about the Craigslist listings.A February article from Reddit’s Meme Insider, a parody trade publication dedicated to serious coverage of memes, explains how the fictitious market for Rare Pepes became a booming business.

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Multi-Asset Trading. Trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, equities and derivatives all from ONE account. Welcome to Trader's Home. a one-stop trading gateway to the global exchange markets On March 31st, a post was submitted to /r9k/[3] highlighting an Imgur gallery[15] with over 1,200 pictures of Pepe. In the first week, the gallery received more than 260,000 views. In early April, the collection of Pepe images were listed on eBay, where it reached a price of $99,166 before being removed from the site (shown below).

Rare Pepe Trading. A place for goyims to trade. < > Сообщения 1-0 из 0 Normies are now trading pepes. the concept of the pepe market and rare pepes is hilarious to me, i love this meme


  1. Correct. You can choose not to like Rare Pepe because you think it’s silly, but the hijacking of it in recent years by a negative toned campaign should not be the only reason to dismiss it. That would be akin to dismissing all of America because Trump 😉
  2. That’s the main problem. Let’s hope solutions like LN come fast to improve that.On the other side, collecting doesn’t need “fast transactions”, the aim is to keep those a long time
  3. Rare Pepe is based on an internet meme called Pepe The Frog that has been around since 2005 and became popular on 4chan.
  4. +1 on all your points.I still think *something* is going to *eventually* come out of all the Blockchain hype and work…but it has to go after things from a different angle if it is ever going to go mainstream…I don’t know what the right angle is, but I do know it needs to be different *and* meaningful…right now it’s mostly just different. 😉
  5. We’ve seen Rare Pepes traded on Craigslist before, where physical drawings or printouts of the frog that were offered in exchange for cold, hard cash—sometimes as much as $100. We’ve even seen them sell on eBay for nearly $100,000—probably as a joke. But JeffTheDunker also suggests there’s a real demand for unusual digital images of Pepe, even though it seems like those images should be trivial to replicate.
  6. Rocket League Trades Finder is a search tool that gives real time trading offers by pulling trades Welcome to RL Trades Finder! This page is refreshing in real time, and fetches trades posted on the..
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@Jason @aweissman about the coolest thing ever. what happens when you combine a crypto-asset with a meme and a trading card. https://t.co/6ZJLoeTZiQThis collectible game boosts the internet meme, much in the same way Dogecoin boosted the doge meme, because having a collectible makes you a clear part of that in-group.This week filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann launched the cryptocurrency-infused documentary “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet.” Cryptopia discusses the powerful economy and flourishing ideas that stemmed from Satoshi’s invention through the eyes of some of the industry’s well ... read more.We also feel vindicated, even behind a pseudonymous veil when our meme gets popular. A sense of belonging to an in-group. If it keeps going, the bonds grow deeper, since it keeps getting reciprocated. Sending doge or saltbae alternatives to friends? It’s an inside joke. But inside jokes with the world..You had day to think about it, Petie, and this is what you came up with?JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

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  1. Frog. Since 2014, Rare Pepes have been posted on the (sarcastic) meme market as if they were trading cards.[4][5][6]
  2. On March 28th, 2015, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a thread to the /r9k/[2] board, which confessed to stockpiling “rare Pepe” images in order to “flood the market” and depreciate their value (shown below).
  3. Fred, you may enjoy this interview with Theo Goodman, one of the tour de force behind the Rare Pepe phenomena: https://youtu.be/KHQLBsrk5ME. Of specific interest, note the disbelief in one of the interviewers. This interview took place very early in the life of Rare Pepes.
  4. Unlike most other digital currencies, this one is tied to the enthusiasm for an underlying product: Pepes. Even though you don’t need PepeCash to buy Pepes, Pepe enthusiasts find it nice to own for a number of reasons.
  5. Florida’s Southern District Court has been dealing with the Kleiman v. Wright case for well over two years and now the lawsuit is finally going to trial. A jury trial is set for July 6, 2020, in the Miami Division ... read more.

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In early 2015, a poster on 4chan’s /r9k/ board, incensed at the mainstream popularity Pepe was starting to enjoy, tried to kill the meme by distributing  a collection of more than 1,200 Rare Pepes, labeled “the end is nigh, hope you cash out now.” Rare Pepe Day Trader - trading Pepe's 24/7. I'm a PEPECASH Millionaire baby yeah! Been around since Series One - a Rare Pepe veteran Rare Pepe is based on an internet meme called Pepe The Frog that has been around since 2005 and became popular on 4chan. Rarepepes are digital trading cards that are traded as counterparty..

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Cool, but nobody claimed that regulatory arbitrage is scalable in a big way.The art that the artists created was physicaly created. We are using physical devices to communicate right now. This is real and physical.Im not sure what you mean by “it” because I do not think blockchain belongs in your microwave as some other people think “blockchain all things”. The concrete example of collectable trading cards and game assets is a good use case, at least it is one with the most real user traction besides using bitcoin or other crypto as currency.TAG Keywords: pepe, memes, pepe memes, emojis, emotes, emoticons, pepes, cancer, gaming, shit, worst, best pepe, pepo, green frog, frog memes, monka, monkas, nitro, discord Cool, but not scalable in a big, big way.Of course, disrupting nation states ability to collect tax would be a game changer. But, that assumes the point that @JLM is grinding you on: while wealth can become digital, it is 99% created physically, with assets that can then become hostages when their owners get cute with ownership claims……..Just don’t see it being the next internet, as much as I would to say otherwise, for Will & Fred.Guess what, collecting the rarepepe cards is just one part. A game would only need to vailidate that you hold the cards in your wallet and would not need a transfer of them in order to play using those assets.

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  1. A blockchain-based platform called Counterparty lets users make anything into a unique digital token, and “anything” now includes Rare Pepes.
  2. it’s so fucking expensive to trade CP assets 🙁 how does PEPE address this? does it? https://uploads.disquscdn.c…
  3. Each Rare Pepe card is a tradable asset on the Counterparty system (on Bitcoin). The asset itself is tied to an image. Users can then buy & sell these Rare Pepe Cards. Because tradable assets on Counterparty are tied to a unique namespace, each card will have a unique identifier.

“After RAREPEPE, GOXPEPE, AND SHITCOINCARD were sold to buyers on the market, PepeCash was distributed to all of those holders. A portion of PepeCash was also donated to FoldingCoin miners. After some giveaways on Twitter and in the Telegram chat, the rest was burned. (About 300 Million).”This is primarily my own assessment, but to my mind, it’s a conversation: a language in its own right. Internet memes allows us to connect through inside jokes. There’s many theories of humour. Robin Dunbar (one of my favourite researchers), states that laughter increases our pain threshold & increases social bonding.

DJ Pepe is a crypto collectible rare Pepe meme certified by the Rare Pepe Foundation. Though Pepe began life as a web comic by artist Matt Furie, users of the online message board 4chan have long.. This is not consumer friendly at all. The taxonomy of the blockchain is still a long way off. The first step in onboarding alone would seriously confuse most people.

Overall, the Rare Pepe Art market in crypto terms has been on fire ever since Lord Trump stole the election from Hillary. I mean, the value has gone up from $73,000 to $41 fucking million Rare Pepe blockchain trading cards is all about free speech, and the freedom, and the power of the blockchain to empower everyone to get Rare Pepes. So you might have heard from the.. Great podcast episode by Reply All on Pepe: Episode 77 The Grand Tapestry of Pepe. It clears the air about the original intent of Pepe, even if it was hijacked. I think taking part in this game, not just as an experiment in blockchain, also has merits for saving Pepe from the alt-rIght.

On January 13th, 2018, the card sold for 350,000 PepeCash, valued at approximately $38,500 USD that day, at a Rare Pepe auction in New York, New York. According to an article on Motherboard,[18] the auctioneer referred to the card as the "most expensive Rare Pepe in existence."Rare Pepe blockchain trading cards is all about free speech, and the freedom, and the power of the blockchain to empower everyone to get Rare Pepes. So you might have heard from the Anti-Defamation League that Rare Pepes are hate speech. But through the power of the blockchain, they are immutable. So we are able to have our free speech as we want. Also, it shows that the blockchain and these assets have use.Only one more Rare Pepe Card left to complete Season 2, and it has been rumored to be reserved for Matt Furie, who created Pepe the frog in his comic Boys Club. Rare Pepe Card artists from around the world are all vying for the... Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Rare Pepe GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY

Read the medium post couple of times over past few days. More I read. Less I understood.Whole ecosystem remains clunky as hell.To buy non BTC/ETH/LTC with fiat from scratch using bank transfer remains a 5-7 day frustration-laden process which includes the need for multiple accounts on different services, each requiring 2FA, each requiring KYC verification, each having counter-party risk, each taking a vig.We are still so far away from convenient on-ramps, meaningful adoption remains far out on the horizon.Nonetheless. Looooong Crypto. TenX’s popular Visa debit card—which lets you spend cryptocurrency without having to manually top up—has launched in Germany and Austria. It supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), all of which can be spent anywhere that accepts Visa thanks ... read more.how can someone be this hopelessly uniformed about the internet, but simultaneously arrogant? poor b8 m8Square's Cash App reported Wednesday, that bitcoin (BTC) revenue during the first quarter of the year, soared 367% to $306 million from $65 million a year ago. Quarter-on-quarter, the figure is up 71%. The increase is thanks "to growth in ... read more.The interest in rarepepe will come mostly when it will be used for games :- a card game, Rarepepe Party is being build atm, with rarepepe as the main asset http://rarepepe.party/. The developer is https://twitter.com/rarepep…- a rpg game (much more ambitious), using SpellofGenesis and Rarepepe cards by https://twitter.com/MandelDuck, you will be able to use cards to summon Monsters https://www.youtube.com/wat…At the moment, there is also collectible japanese cards named “Memorychain” that can be traded on Book Of Orbs for pepecash http://bookoforbs.com/index…

Since I’ve been working on curation & meme market designs, I decided to evaluate it and wanted to figure out if its model can be re-used.I love the organic surge of Rare Pepe Cards. It’s a wonderful intersection of the work I’ve been busy wrt making *all* memes tradable in some way. As I’ve previously said before, the design space is incredibly broad. Rare Pepe Cards provide a new and interesting insight.The universe of Rare Pepes is constantly expanding, too. There are already more than 500 distinct cards, and collectors can submit their own original Rare Pepes for consideration. All it takes is a payment of 4,000 PepeCash (roughly $13), a dank idea, and some design skills.

So please add me to the list so we can all hear another one of these stories of cufflinks and collectable red cars and the relationship beween them and blockchain.I have stated it plain, an’ my argument’s thus (“It’s all blockchain,” says the CEO),There’s only one database which is perfect – that’s blockchain;An’ they call us Her Majesty’s Ledger,Her Majesty’s Royal Ledger,With the rank and pay of an ICO pusher!”TAGNymz, who described himself to RarePepeNews.com as a “Rapper, Ghost writer, FinTech Guru,” also told the site that the reason he creates Rare Pepes is “for 2020.”

Hello folks, the tx time will be speedy once xcp implements their new updates and btc adds lightning. Nobody will store there valuable rares on ethereum until they show and prove their worth first. It’d be cool to see more ethereum use cases but they’re nowhere near ready to handle the rares yet. Maybe In a few years. Counterparty already has a nice ecosystem using this technology including takara, book of orbs, memorychain, augmentors, tokenly, RAREPEPE, spells of genesis, force of all and many more. Some of these tokens/cards/assets sell for thousands of dollars. Some unlock music available nowhere else like the historic DJPEPE (serie 3.) Also, this is an all organic project. No ICO. No marketing budget. All press coverage (breitbart, vice, la minded, etc) have been due to genuine interest Ina working blockchain ecosystem.Www.rarepepewallet.comWww.rarepepedirectory.comhttps://medium.com/@coin_an…https://medium.com/@Scrilla…https://soundcloud.com/arto… The underground Pepe trading business is still alive and well here is a Pepe please don't steal. 'Rare Pepe Meme Screaming Mountain Song ' T-Shirt by therealsadpanda #3dayweekendhumor..

Groceries, home essentials, and more delivered to your kitchen table. Register now and save with our Low Price Promise Rare Pepe Party - Гуарані на сьогодні. Цифрова конвертер валют - сьогоднішній обмінний курс для будь-якої криптовалюти у світі I’d be careful associating yourself with people who are indifferent (sometimes hostile) to the non-Caucasian world Fred. Dangerous for PR. Please dont bring this shit into the Ethereum space.Aesthetically and functionally very interesting though, trading memes.

In February 2017, Bitcointalk Forums[15] member American Pegasus purchased a card design titled "My Little Pepe," featuring an illustration of Wojak riding Pepe the Frog (shown below), for 1 million PepeCash (approximately $3,500 at the time of sale). Database Moderator & Karma Philanthropist & Meme Taxonomist & Fleet Admiral & Amish In December of 2013, Dogecoin took the crypto-community by storm, tethering a popular meme to an altcoin. This year, Rare Pepe assets are bringing the meme enthusiasm back, and Pepes are in high demand.It’s uncertain if this model would work for generic content. Perhaps only for internet memes? eg, would I want to own a limited edition Forbes article and trade that? Or would I want to own a limited edition song and trade that? Rare Pepe cards are useful in the sense that it represents trading cards. But trading generic content (whatever that may be), is uncertain. Worth exploring this maybe?On July 3rd, 2017, a Homer Simpson-themed Rare Pepe was placed for sale for auction, starting at 250 of the Counterparty (XCP) cyrptocurrency (shown below).[17]

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