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  1. This seems to be the case for a lot of tanks. Some high tier tanks have big 200 - 250mm plates and weight less than some other tanks with 100m all around. It doesn't follow any logic. It's partly because they do not take armor density in consideration, which mostly benefits the Russian tanks that are notoriously shoddy made during WW2 ( welded, lowly refined metal sometimes produced from scrap ). Compared to Krupp and Allied steel which was highly refined and cast into larger single sections and reinforced with bolts.
  2. Hi 🙂 Maybe you can add new illustration for North Korea’s T-34/85. According to their latest military parade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzPvhrh7gLM (skip to 36:38 for details) they modify their T-34/85 with T-54/55 drive sprockets and unknown type of tracks. Maybe my eyes are wrong, but it seems the tracks has rubber pads.
  3. North Korean (Chinese-built) Type 58, 1950. Hungarian T-34-85 during the Hungarian Revolution, 1956. North Vietnamese Type 58, 200th armoured Regiment, Têt Offensive 1968. Czech-built Syrian T-34-85 of the 44th Tank Brigade, 1956 war. Iraqi T-34-85M (modernized), Iran-Iraq war, 1982.

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  1. Download Mirukii's T-34-85E Remodel (Rudy Replacement) for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle
  2. Medium Tank T-34/85 in action. Средний Танк Т-34/85 в действии. store.steampowered.com/app/1008950/Armored_Front/ discord.gg/f9SwxdJ This is an old video of Armored Front (VR). Check out Steam (link above) or browse other videos to see the current progress
  3. But concidering this is a made in russia - game, i wouldnt be surprised if there were different rules for different players in this game.
  4. While the T-34-85 Gai is a fairly well-rounded tank, its poor armor and high speed mean that one should play it more like a light tank than a medium. The gun is very lethal but the penetration is not particularly good, so it is better to flank and go for side shots, which can instantly knock out all but the largest and most spacious opponents. During frontal engagements, Tiger Is should be shot in the flat portions of the hull (avoiding the driver's port), Panthers should be shot in the turret (in the less curved portion of the mantlet) or possibly in the lower glacis, and non-Jumbo Shermans can generally be shot anywhere. The Tiger II (P) is only vulnerable in a small portion of the turret cheeks and the Tiger II (H) is essentially frontally immune, so for these kinds of targets, circle around to get a good look at the hull sides and let the slope modifiers take care of the rest. Watch out for American tanks like the M4A3 (76) W and T25, as they have vertical stabilizers and can often shoot first if they are aware of you.

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Hi guys, Just been reading through this and the entry on the Chinese Type 58. I’m pretty sure no Type 58s served with North Korean forces during the Korean War. All tanks used by the North Koreans were Soviet built and supplied T-34/85s.Hello, i am doing this for a school assignment and this has been very helpful. However I was wondering if there was anyone who could point out how thick the frontal armor is so i could add that.

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T-34-85 tank - T-34-85 tank. #t3485. #sovietunion level 13 points · 1 year ago(Not sure what you know here, so.....)First, the crew should not be trained FOR THE 85M, but for a regular tech tree medium tank. Preferably one you are grinding. If just playing low tiers, the tier 5 t-34 is a great tank for the crew. You can then use same crew in the 85m (or any RUS premium medium) with no penalty.It's way down on the list of seal clubbers. The tanks that cause the most trouble at those tiers are T67,E25,Lef,PZ1C and then Defenders,Patriots and Skorpions shitting on tier 6.IMO it should still be as slow. The gun buffs alone were more than good enough. And tbh... they could almost get away with nerfing it. As before it was buffed, there were 5K of them. Then suddenly they had a marathon for it after they buffed it. And it spiked up to over 200K. They have also given it as a free rental to new players. So the population is even more off. I'm willing to bet that less than 5% of the current owners actually paid for it vs say the KV-5 they wanted to change. Heck, I had it before they buffed it. And I did not even pay for it. I got mine via the Tank Museum.Generally similar to the earlier T-34-85 (S-53), which itself is identical to the Soviet T-34-85, the Gai's gameplay should be very familiar to experienced players. It differentiates itself with a number of cosmetic differences, and more importantly, a roof-mounted 12.7 mm DShK heavy machine gun. For the first time, T-34 drivers can enjoy the utility offered by a heavy machine gun similar to the ubiquitous M2 Browning featured on American tanks.


The T34 tank was developed by the Russians both before and during World War Two. The T34 revolutionised the way tanks were designed The T34 was a very cramped tank as little consideration had been given to the comfort of the crew. The T34 was also considered to be a noisy tank and could.. View entire discussion ( 14 comments)More posts from the WorldofTanks communityContinue browsing in r/WorldofTanksr/WorldofTanksWorld of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! This is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions. We have a number of affiliated clans on the NA, EU, and ASIA servers for all levels of game experience. Come join the conversation!87.7kMembers Tamiya 35138 Russian T-34/85 Tank. Customer reviews. Add a review of: Russian T-34/85 Tank. Positive Hard to say Negative. Your opinion Awesome find, I think you’re possibly correct. Definitely looks like a different type of sprocket wheel and rubber track pads.

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  1. While going from 0% skills up to lots-of-them:1: Choose repairs on all crew until 100%, then reset commander's to get 6th sense ASAP. (Either with gold, or wait until into 2nd skill xp a bit to reset with credits.)2: with 6th sense complete, start commander's second skill as repairs. Gunner snapshot (SS). Driver offroad (smooth ride has been shown to be 'meh'). Radio either situational or camo. Loader camo or firefighting.3: you are working towards BIA now. It is a perk ( needs 100% completed ) and 100% on ALL crew. You will reset skills to select it at some point. In the meantime, select camo or firefighting skills as temporary placeholders.4: go from there.
  2. The Panther and the T-34-85 represented fundamentally different approaches to wartime production. The Panther was an all-new design that incorporated The Panther and the T-34-85 were more or less mirror images of each other when it came to mobility. On the battlefield, the Panther was formidable..
  3. Category:T-34-85 tanks. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Union (en); Radziecki czołg średni z okresu II Wojny Światowej (pl); sovětský tank (cs); советский средний танк (ru) Т-34/85, T-34-85 (ru); T-34-85 (pl); T34/85, Tank 34/85 (en)
  4. T-34-85. VI. Cost. Final modification of the T-34 tank of 1943. A new three-man gun turret allowed a more powerful 85-mm gun to be mounted
  5. g than the standard T-34-85. With all the OP tanks including the Chieftain nowadays, I wanted to make sure you don't miss this

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Turret armor for both tanks is virtually identical with 90mm for the frontal sections, 75mm on the sides, and 52mm on the rear section.  The armor holds up well against tier 6 tanks unless they hit a flater piece of armor or use premium ammunition.  The commander hatch on top is fairly large but is protected by 90mm of armor so it will give you decent protection against some tanks or poor shots.  In the armor department the T-34-85M wins by a huge margin over its counterpart and is comparable to the M4A3E2 “Jumbo Sherman”. The T-34-85M is a heavily armored version of the standard tier 6 Russian medium tank T-34-85 that is available in the tech tree. This premium tier 6 is great option for those needing a Russian crew trainer since it does have an extra crew member slot for the radio operator that lower tier Russian tanks have..

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T-34-85 is already a very good tank. Rudy is better. T-34-85M is even better than Rudy. Russian tanks just have to be the best. The T-34-85 Gai has excellent mobility for a medium tank, as expected of a T-34. It can reach high speeds both on and off road thanks to its wide tracks. The reverse speed is not exactly great, but it is significantly better than those of comparable Shermans, Panthers, and early T-34s (76 mm, 57 mm.. Under the specifications box there is a lists “Range (road/off road) 185 km (114 mi)” Is 185 km for road range or off road range?? Shouldn’t there be two numbers, one for each? Thanks

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T-34-85 T-34 bija padomju vidējā tipa tanks, kas tika ražots no 1940. līdz 1958. gadam. Pavisam, ieskaitot modifikācijas (galvenokārt T-34-85), tika saražots vairāk kā 80 000 T-34 tanku T-34-85 Tank Hero of the Soviet Union - Heroes and Generals - Russian Tanker Gameplay. This Tank Battle is from the Russian Front World War 2 Living History Re-enactment that took place in Peoria, Illinois on 2 June.

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Note that even though the T-34-85M crew has Situational Awareness on the radio operator, you should still choose it for the commander too. It is important to have it on higher tier meds.“The T-34/85 took part in all subsequent engagements with the rarefying Panzer divisions, encountering a mix of Panzer IVs Ausf. K, H or J, Panthers, Tigers and many tank-hunters.” There has never been a Panzer IV Ausf. K.The T-34-85 has very poor survivability due to the fact that all 5 crew members are packed close to each other. A hull penetration will likely knock out all of them. However, inexperienced players that face this tank will often shoot the lower hull part of the driver hatch, which is infamous for being surprisingly resilient.

This mod adds T-34/85 to the Brick Rigs. A Soviet medium tank developed in 1943, it was an upgunned variant of the T-34 developed in response of newer German tanks, such as the Panther and Tiger making an appearance in the eastern front  For a tier 6 medium tank the T-34-85M has very good armor capable of deflecting its fair share of shells thrown its way.  The hull armor is 75mm on the upper glacis, 45mm on the small lower glacis, and 45mm on the side and rear sections.  This is vastly superior to the standard T-34-85 that only has 45mm on the frontal upper and lower glacis, 45mm on the side sections, and 40mm on the rear section.  The T-34-85M also has a 90mm and 100mm thick section of armor on the front upper glacis to further improve its armor.The Т-34-85 Gai is a rank III Chinese medium tank with a battle rating of 5.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.91 "Night Vision". As far as I've noticed no tank can move faster than a cannon projectile, but better armor can bounce more hits.  T-34-85 tanks translation russian, English - Russian dictionary, meaning, see also 'T-shirt',tug of war',top-up loan',T-square', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary. The number of T-34-85 tanks delivered to Czechoslovakia in 1945 ranges in various sources from 65-130 vehicles

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I mentioned this is like the M4A3E2 “Jumbo Sherman” and it does play like a heavy medium tank.  Keep in mind that your armor is a tad bit worse than the M4A3E2 and you will need to keep that in mind so you do not start to take a massive amount of damage.  You can bully around other tier 6 mediums and lower tier tanks with your armor/gun combo since 160 damage per shot still is above average for a medium tank.  Overall this tank is very well rounded and can fit into many different roles depending on what type of match you are in. The T-34-85M’s gun is lacking compared to the standard T-34-85’s.  The T-34-85M equips the same gun as the Rudy as of the 9.17.1 update.  The gun is decent facing most enemies but does struggle against well armored opponents.  It does 180 damage per shot, has a iffy accuracy, and a good aiming time.  Penetration wise the T-34-85 has 144mm for the AP around, 194mm for the APCR round, and 44mm for the 300 damage HE round.  The gun is leaps and bounds better with the 9.17.1 update change to its gun.  While it doesn’t hold up to the Rudy and T-35-85 it is now more competitive.Here you see UDES-03 has 300 less DPM, but in exchange for 0.5 dispersion which is A LOT. At the range you have to fight this means sometimes you miss your target entirely. UDES has much better speed, but that's the trade for having less armor, so on UDES you can't take shots as everyone overmatches you, but on a Strv S1 you can autobounce 85mm and worse guns which many players sport in that tier. Our shop retails 1/48 Russian T-34/85 Tank (Plastic model) Hobby Boss 84807 Military Model on the Web. Russian T-34/85 Tank (Plastic model). Product information. Manufacturer See more of World of Tanks on Facebook

Did the North Korean T34s receive any white wash during the Korean war? Fighting in the winter months with a Russian green livery seems like a sure way to attract unwanted attention.Fixed. Kenny, I have to mention that both the T-34 articles (76 and 85) are obsolete and potentially wrong in many places, and we are looking to replace them sooner rather than later.Copyright - World of Tanks Guru 2011-2015 | All images, videos, and content of World of Tanks is used with express written permission by Wargaming.net

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T-34-85MTier 6, Medium tank★ Premium tank. A modification of the T-34-85 tank, produced at Factory No. 183. Unlike the original vehicle, it featured enhanced front armor and reduced rear armor. Fuel tanks were transferred from the fighting compartment to the rear. When the suspension proved faulty.. This model became the standard Soviet medium tank, with an uninterrupted production run until the end of the war. This is a restored version of the Polish Rudy 102, which was made famous in a Polish TV series Overall the mobility is low compared to other tier 6 medium tanks, but it isn’t a huge negative factor in the tank.  You can still navigate maps without being hampered by your mobility and you will only struggle climbing steep hilly terrain.  I like to think of slow mediums as tanks that prevent me from getting myself into trouble to fast, and the T-34-85M fits this way of thinking perfectly.

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T-34-85M - Upcoming Soviet Premium Tank. Posted on August 2, 2014 by Silentstalker. Hello everyone, if you follow FTR, you already know that the Soviet tree will be not one, but two medium premium tanks richer. One is the tier 8 T-54 Mod.1945 and the other, recently unveiled.. The State Defense Committee met on August 25, 1943, following the battle of Kursk, and decided to upgrade the T-34 with a new gun. The T-43 was dropped in order to not have to completely retool the production lines relocated at such great price to the foothills of the Ural mountains. But at the same time, this posed a real challenge to the engineers, whom had to conceive a new turret capable of housing the long barreled 52K model 39, the standard anti-aircraft gun of the Red Army at the time, without touching the lower part of the tank, chassis, transmission, suspension or engine. Choosing this gun was a bold move, clearly influenced by the heavy toll imposed by the German 88 mm (3.46 in) on every front since the beginning of the war. In the endless race between firepower and protection, it became apparent that no engine of the time could give a tank, with sufficient protection from the German 88 mm (3.46 in), the minimal mobility requirements put up by the Red Army. The original T-34/76 seemed to have the perfect balance of speed, armor and firepower at first, but since by 1943 its firepower was limited and something had to be changed, protection was sacrificed. On the other hand, keeping the T-34 virtually unchanged except the turret could provide the assurance of a quick transition, almost uninterrupted, between the two types, which was just what the Stavka required to keep the edge in terms of numbers. The T-34-85 is a modified T-34 medium tank, equipped with a better driving unit, a bigger and better armored turret and, of course, a new cannon: the While fighting against heavy tanks, you can, just like in the case of the T-34, circle them and pound at their weak points. Unfortunately, due to the poor..

Unfollow t34/85 tank to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. 100 rubles 1945 tank T-34-85***stalin**soviet union**WW2**exonumia silvered coin In RB, play this tank offensively yet carefully. Use your speed and keep up with your teammates, or alternatively play it like a light tank and go on long flanks. In RB, one will often encounter enemy flankers like the infamous M18 Hellcat or R3 T20 FA-HS; while the main gun is adequate for dispatching these soft targets, the heavy machine gun can also rip through them in a pinch, particularly from the sides. The machine gun can be especially helpful if one's tank is otherwise disabled due to a jammed turret ring, destroyed gun breech, etc. Diving aircraft expecting to strafe an innocuous T-34 can also be given a nasty surprise, though the DShK's small belt capacity makes this more difficult. The T-34-85M is a heavily armored version of the standard tier 6 Russian medium tank T-34-85 that is available in the tech tree.  This premium tier 6 is great option for those needing a Russian crew trainer since it does have an extra crew member slot for the radio operator that lower tier Russian tanks have(but high tiers do not).  However, how does the T-34-85M stack up against the regular T-34-85 and is it worth your hard earned cash?


how to clean vape tank smok The T-34/85 was rearmed with a modified 85 mm (3.35 in) AA gun, housed in a new turret. It was produced in larger numbers than the first model, until 1947. Aleksandr Vasilevsky attacked with 5556 tanks and SPG's, of which over 2500 were T-34-85's, alongside 1,680,000 men reinforced by 16,000..

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Tanktarihi.tr.gg - T 34 Tank. Geçmişten Günümüze Tank Tarihi. T-34/85 1944 modeli. Polonya 1. Ordusu'nun Berlin Muharebesi'ni yeniden canlandıran Polonyalılar. (Modolin Kalesi,Polonya). T-34/76'ın savaş alanındaki ezici üstünlüğünü yavaş yavaş kaybetmeye başladığını gören Sovyet ordusu tankın.. This is a remix of chanson836's remix of m_bergman's T-34-85. chanson836's remix split m_bergman's original model into separate p An additional question. “The model 1944 L53/55 introduced on the model 1944 had slightly improved performances. The original D-5T barrel was 8.15 m (26.7 ft) in length and had a higher muzzle velocity, but the 85 mm ZIS-S-53 model 1944 L/51-52 was less complicated to manufacture.” Which model cannon had the L53/55? and is it Lnn/nn or L/nn-nn. Last, why the 2 numbers? Most references list Lnn. Just a little confused… 🙂 Thanks T-34-85M is a tier 6 Soviet Medium tank. Trustworthiness Good. Child Safety Excellent. Test.tanks.gg Actually, those “certain sources” are completely wrong. Only a strip along the southern and eastern border of Slovakia were ceded to Hungary after March 1939, in the rest the independent Slovakian State was established. Dukla pass leads directly to Slovakia. The last time this area belonged to Hungary was in 1918, when in fact it was a part of Austria-Hungary. On (English) Wikipedia pages for Slovak Republic there is a nice map from 1943 of German origin where the Dukla pass is clearly marked.

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Captured Finnish T-34-85, 1945, dubbed “Pitkäputkinen Sotka” (“Long-nose”, referring to the Common Goldeneye). Beute Panzerkampfwagen T-34-85(r), Frankeny area (near Furstenvalde) in March, 1945. Panzerkampfwagen T-34(r) from the Pz.Div. SS “Wiking”, Warsaw area, 1944. Russian T-34 (T34) Battle Tanks of the World War II in action. World Of Tanks, Army Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, T 34 85, Drive A Tank, Tank Armor, Military Armor T-34 Soviet medium tank. This is the tank which surprised the Germans when they tried to invade and occupy Stlaingrad (in Russia) To me, they seem like North Korean homegrown designs, probably to replace ruined parts, or to make them more reliable. Probably a combination of the two. We don’t really have much to go by for modern-use (1990s+) T-34s. Check out this Afghan T-34, for instance: http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=180586 Find Tank T 34 85 Military Transportation stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors Tank T 34 85. Military Transportation. A tank is an armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat, with heavy firepower, strong armour, and tracks providing good..

T-34-85 medium tank. Comments about T-34-85 medium tank. Rudy (2015-07-03 19:11:22) I'm interested in t34/85 eastern express. can you ship it to indonesia? and how much for total estimated cost Behind the commander cupola there were two smaller hemispheric cupolas, each pierced by five vision slits protected by bullet-proof glass. I think these were the ventilators to suck out the smoke after gun fire, thus no glass vision slits. ↑ T-34-85 extended + 85 mm D5T-85BM 最終状態。 初期砲塔と比べ見た目はほとんど差が無い In AB, you should play this tank like any other T-34. Push because you have a pretty well-rounded tank and will generally be able to adapt to whatever situation that develops. The AB meta generally favors more heavily armed and armored tanks due to the presence of markers making flanking and ambushes more difficult, so play carefully and take advantage of your high mobility. Thing is... that we had whine topcis when it came that Rudy and the T-38-85 beat it at everything before. It was half as fast and had 128 pen, and way less DPM. 

 The T34-85M is played according to how many tier 7 and tier 8 tanks are in your battle.  If you are in a match with tier 6 tanks or very few tier 7 tanks you can utilize your decent armor and play a bit more aggressively.  On the flip side if you are against several tier 7 and/or tier 8 tanks you will have to play either further back from the fighting or pick your moments to pop out of cover.  While your gun is lacking a bit in the penetration and accuracy department it does do very well against your peers when shooting at their frontal armor.  Against tier 7/8 tanks you will need to pick your battles, flank them, or chuck some HE at modules/weak armor points to do whatever damage you can. Shop T-34-85 tank tank tops designed by hierrochulo as well as other tank merchandise at TeePublic. T-34-85 Tank Top

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An OT-34-85 of an unidentified unit, 1944. This was the standard flame-thrower variant. The hull machine-gun was replaced by an ATO-42 flame projector, capable of throwing napalm or other flammable liquids to a maximum distance of 100 m (330 ft). They saw extensive use against pillboxes and blockhouses throughout Germany. SU-100 tank destroyer: An evolution of the SU-85 based on the T-34-85 chassis, developed during the fall of 1944, and rearmed with a longer barreled, 100 mm (3.94 in) version of the D10 antitank gun, to keep pace with the new German tanks. About 2400 were built until 1945.Some extra armor (mostly meaningless) with less mobility and a little more dpm, which only matters when you can farm people. Can someone direct me to a picture of a T-34/85 being used in Yemen recently? I am sure I saw it on this site but cannot now find it!Only because those unicoms play exclusively in platoons to statpad. Playing solo a little more armor can go a long way when there is no one to cover your flanks. Whatever t 34 85 tank styles you want, can be easily bought here. 33% OFF Trumpeter 1:72 Russian T-34/85 DIY Assembled Tank Static Model Building Set 1 264 руб. 1 897 руб

Level 5: Full option tank, with up to 90% metal parts Level 4: Middle option tank: tank with metal tub, metal or steel gear and other metal parts Level 3: Basic tank with advanced options such as airbrush coating, metal gear, etc Level 2: Base tank made of plastic Level 1: Heng Long base tank, a good start The tank barn contains World War 2 and modern collection. DriveTanks.com invites you to experience something that you cannot do anywhere else in the world! Shoot this tanks main gun. Russian T-34/85 Medium Tank I find funny how to still weights less than the regular T35-85 while having more armor all around... they must be using some special type of steel!This guide will break down the T-34-85M into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to use while playing this tank.  By the end you should have a good understanding of the T-34-85M and whether or not it is a worth purchasing.

Tanks vs Aliens (2017) PC | Лицензия. Infinite Tanks (2017). 2.32 GB. Call of Duty: WWII - Digital Deluxe The number 85 means that this version of the amazing tank mounts an 85mm gun. The tank was produced in more than 84.00 pieces I'm counting all of Here it is. Maybe the most famous tank of the Second World War: the Russian T-34-85 medium tank. The number 85 means that this version of the..

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  1. Buy RC tanks from specialist dealers Top prices Fast delivery Spare parts & accessories ►Shop store Top ratings Top ratings. 1/24 Tank T34/85
  2. These ones? I’ve also seen photos of one being fired using a cord. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2015/05/05/t-34-and-su-100-being-used-in-yemeni-civil-war/
  3. Note this covers the big more important stuff. 6th sense ASAP, repairs and camo, then BiA.Loader should get safe stowage perk at some point.Gunner can eventually get designated target perk.Driver I'd pick the traverse skill over smooth ride.Let firefighting skill act as placeholders while working on completing a skill to deselect a perk, etc.

T-34-85. VI. Cost. Final modification of the T-34 tank of 1943. A new three-man gun turret allowed a more powerful 85-mm gun to be mounted Situational awareness is a radio operator skill, the commander cant have it unless he is also the radio operator. Since the T34/85M has a separate radio operator, the Commander doesn't have that skill.Now T-34-85M doesn't trade gun handling for more DPM, it's the same, and even better at aiming than the standard T-34-85.The most important skill in game is a perk (requires 100% training to be active): 6th sense on commander. This is one reason the female crew are typically saved to be commanders, 6th is ready to go first match.Hello, your T-34 appears to be a Czechoslovak-built one, judging by how the turret was cast. Further inspection shows the infantry buzzer on the left rear of the tank has a metal cover, this confirms the tank was built in Martin, in present-day Slovakia. General consensus about this tank is that it originally served in the Czechoslovak Army during the 1968 Prague Spring. I think it is wonderful you are restoring this tank to its original condition; if you need any more help, feel free to ask. All the best, Harold Biondo.

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They didn’t mention the Russian army has one T-34/85 they parade during the Victory Day celebrations every yearQuality work as I am used to from this site. It does make mention of the Type 58 several tymes, dead link included. In your actual Type 58 article, however, it is stated that the Chinese never produced the T-34-85 or any sort of variant of the design. The article refers to the Type 58 as a Chinese upgrade package to the T-34-85 o which not much is known. Battle of Berlin (April 1945) (T-34-85, King Tiger. Hi guys! Very comprehensive article and great colour profiles. There appear to be a couple of slight errors on the profile captions; 1. The profile entitled “North Korean (Chinese-built) Type 58, 1950” could do with some clarification on the date. As far as I know North Korea didnt oporate any Chinese supplied Type 58s in 1950. All MBTs operated by the North at the start of the Korean War were Soviet built and supplied T34/85s. Should the caption read “1950s” rather than “1950” 2. The profile entitled “Czech-built Syrian T-34/85 of the 44th Tank Brigade, 1956 war” is a bit confusing. What do you mean by “1956 war”? If this is a reference to the Suez Crisis of that year then Syria was not directly involved. If its a Suez T-34/85 then surely it should be Egyptian? Hope this helps Keep up the great articles and art work!

Soviet tank T-34 with 85mm cannon. Painted in polish army colors. Model done in sketchup only. Rate + comment. Enjoy. #armored #czolg #heavy #rudy_102 #shareck #soviet #t_34 #t34 #t3485 #tank #ussr #war #ww2 The T-34 is a Soviet medium tank introduced in 1940, famously deployed during World War II against Operation Barbarossa. It had an unprecedented balance of firepower, mobility.. I don't care if premium tanks have certain strengths compared to tech tree, but as long as it trades something else. For example: https://tanks.gg/com...es-03?t=strv-s1The T-34-85 Gai has excellent mobility for a medium tank, as expected of a T-34. It can reach high speeds both on and off road thanks to its wide tracks. The reverse speed is not exactly great, but it is significantly better than those of comparable Shermans, Panthers, and early T-34s (76 mm, 57 mm variants). The Specifications Table says the crew consists of 4. The T-34/85 usually had a crew of 5 did’nt he?

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T-34 tanks take the position. The 3rd Byelorussian Front. In December 1943, the T-34-85 rumbled into action with a new turret and 85 mm gun, which saw it though to victory in 1945. The T-34-85 remained the backbone of the Soviet tank forces until the mid-50s, and also served as a training.. You can hold 60mm of ammunition which is just enough to allow you to carry a decent amount of AP/APCR with a few HE shells thrown into the mix.  Cost wise the ammunition is dirt cheap with the AP costing 109 credits, HE shells 98 credits, and the APCR of course costing a pretty penny at 2,800 credits.  This helps profit margins if you avoid using a lot of the premium APCR shells and the T-34-85M can make a decent amount of credits per battle if played properly.The T-34/85 had crew of 5 not 4. The enlarged turrent allowed additional crewman to relieve Commander of extra duties.Since this model uses our V3 electronics you can also use your own 6 channel PWM capable hobby grade transmitter and receiver with this tank. Just follow the instructions in the manual on how to setup! Most brands are compatible, (Spektrum make sure you use a 5V receiver!). TBS Crossfire, FRSky, FlySky, Futaba, JR, etc have all be reported working perfect with minimal to no setup.

The Soviet Union sold numerous T-34-85 tanks along with other vehicles to the People's Republic of China in the early 1950s since the new nation had few and often obsolete tanks in its inventory after the conclusion of the Chinese Civil War. The T-34s saw limited deployments with the People's Liberation Army during the Korean War. The history of the tank afterwards has been the subject of debate; according to some sources the PRC attempted and possibly succeeded at creating a local copy of the T-34 under a "Type 58" designation, and according to others this was never a goal, no such tanks ever existed, and only efforts to maintain and repair the T-34s were carried out. Regardless the T-34s were soon superseded by the far superior Type 59, a licensed copy of the Soviet T-54A. However, stocks of T-34s remained in the PLA inventory for a long period of time before domestic tanks were available in sufficient quantity. Mini T34 Tank. T34-85 with Mesh-Wire Shields T-34/85 with Bedspring Armor. 2006 | Rebox (Updated/New parts). Topic: T-34 » Tanks (Vehicles). Box contents. Includes: Plastic sprue, Photoetched fret, Turned metal, Rod, Decalsheet (waterslide), Metal Russian T-34-85 Medium Tank Russian T-34-85 tanks forced the invading German forces to develop the Tiger and Panther tanks to counter its strength. It was armed with a powerful 85mm gun and featured heavy armor with a large-sized cast turret. Powering this lightweight tank was a 500ps V12..

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1:48 Scale Soviet T34/85 Medium Tank with Full Inner Structure DIY Plastic Assembling Model Toy. H+L 49cm Steel Metal Gearbox for Henglong Russia T34-85 RC Tank 3909 USA Sherman RC Tank Die-casting World War II Soviet T34 tank 72 to 85 trumpeter diorama complete high simulation jewelry.. It's a tech tree tank you can buy for gold, everyone can buy it at any time, now this tank is damn stronger than the standard T-34-85. Not only that, it also beats Rudy everywhere. click to expand document information. Description: Engineering analysis of the russian T34/85 tank - 1951. Date uploaded. Download Now. saveSave ENGINEERING ANALYSIS OF THE RUSSIAN T34/85 TANK For Later. 9K views. 66 upvotes00 downvotes The T-34/85 Metal Edition is available in either airsoft BB or infrared models and is RTR out of the box. The 13030/ 13031 tanks feature a Soviet green weathered paint scheme. This T34/85 tank comes with a metal chassis, metal turret, metal hatches, metal gun barrel, metal suspension arms, metal track tension adjusters, LED headlight, metal road wheels with bearings and rubber tires, metal idler wheels with bearings, metal drive wheels, metal caterpillar tracks, turret roller bearings, steel gearboxes (Steel, H/L, 4:1, Special Shaft) and metal tow ropes. This tank also comes with our new 360 degree turret rotation system, accessory kit, 1700mAh NIMH battery and charger, dual LED machine guns, a smoke unit, speaker, recoil, 2.4 GHz transmitter, and an easy access hull latch for accessibility.In SB, play this tank very cautiously because the optics aren't that good and most of the time you will face tanks from pretty far distances. Panthers generally have better optics than you so try to avoid encounters with Panthers or Tigers.

”The best average speed obtained in tests was 55 km/h (34.17 mph), but the usual cruise speed was around 47-50 km/h (29.2-31 mph) and the best possible off-road speed was around 30 km/h (18.64 mph).” in the specs section its written, speed 38km/h ? how about cruise 47-50/ off-road 30level 11 point · 1 year agoSixth sense, situational awareness, safe stowage, repairs, snap shot, smooth ride, and BIA, are the skills I currently have. I guess you could also train firefighting after BIA if you want to run food. After 3rd skills are trained, I'd run recon, off road driving, deadeye, and concealment, but you probably won't get that much exp unless you play a lot of russian mediums.

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USSR T-34-85 to POLISH T-34-85 RUDY. This project aims to edit WoT tank T-34-85 so it will reassemble the one used in the mighty Czterej Pancerni i Pies. It's was a long goal since this tank wasn't only skinned, but also remodeled to achieve the correct feel Needless to say, im overwhelmed with what skills I should best apply to my crew. I spent an extra 1000 gold and got 100% crew trained T-34-85MTier VI Russian Premium Medium Tank. tanks.gg is a player created website for World of Tanks. We are not an official Wargaming or World of Tanks website “However, late models 1944 also adopted the improved model 1944 D-5T, whose development never stopped. It was capable of piercing 120 mm (4.7 inches) at 91 m (100 yards) or 90 mm at 915 m (1000 yards), placed at a 30° angle.” What type of ammo? ThanskHealth points are inline with most tier 6 mediums with the T-34-85M having 720 HP.  Radio range is 525m which is the same as the top radio for the standard T-34-85 and overall shouldn’t give you many issues with keeping in touch with your teammates.  One of the main drawbacks many people bring up is that this tank does not have special matchmaking and can see tier 8 tanks.  While the gun does struggle against tier 8 tanks overall I don’t feel like it need special matchmaking.  The T-34-85M trades firepower for armor over its standard variant and isn’t inferior by a huge margin to justify not seeing tier 8s.  Does it suck facing a tier 8 tank you have no chance against? Yes, however if you play your cards right and don’t do stupid things you can still contribute when you are in a tier 8 match.

Гайд советскому премиумному среднему танку 6 уровня T-34BRILLIANT WHITE SOFT CUP NURSING BRA - European nursing
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